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  1. Look at it from my point of view. Let's just say i don't sell narcotics, I'm not in cahoots with the good ole boys and i didn't want tgi run off. Now seeing all these accusations about myself, how confused should i be? There's supposed to be hard evidence of me doing things that i know for a fact i didn't do. What does that say about those making the accusations?
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    That shit was fuckin weird as hell.
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    TGI faced the exact same. It’s an insult to the community, given that until each of these issues neither of you had a problem here. But to think there’s any certainty to be had on the motives of those behind (assuming neither you nor Tgi did anything wrong) this nonsense is naive. Easy to fabricate a story over anonymous forums.
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  5. And I'm sure he expected proof of said claims. Where's the proof against me?
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    As I said in a prior post...this isn’t going anywhere.

    The parties involved and accusations made against you and others over this ordeal are an absolute cluster fuck. You deal drugs. X, y, and z made this all up. A exposed information that was never going to go public as a means to earn brownie points with our moderator. It doesn’t end.
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  7. Sorry, i don't mean to sound like I'm busting your chops, lol. I'm just throwing out food for thought.
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    Good point. I’ll delete that post. It’s in bad form and adds nothing. I’d appreciate if you’d delete your post where mine was quoted.

    86 the whole thing
  9. Wait, who's side did you take? LoL.
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    It’s no surprise there are two “sides” to this after a couple months ago. If there was scheming on the “TGI side” in response to the scheming on the “protectors of Meso” side...well...that sucks.

    The individuals named as being involved are 3 I’ve interactted with heavily and I’d be upset if they fabricated this shit and dragged us down this rabbit hole again. I don’t know shit about the old timers that stirred up trouble or why Stanford is dragged in. I don’t care to either.

    Everyone should be equally outraged at the blatant fabrication of accusations and threats made against myself and some of the more active “TGI side.” But very few were. So here we are. With another big old fucking question mark.

    Unverifiable here-say or blatant lying.

    @StanfordPharma i hope this doesn’t impact your bottomline. Whether you are or aren’t doing what you’re accused of isn’t my business. Either way, everyone here could be drama-free if we chose. Half of us are drug dealers and the other half are drug users. Some both. No need for this bullshit if Millard isn’t the one doing the snooping.
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  11. Yea I hear that, I have no knowledge or insight into the “behind the scenes” shit. Kinda interested in what happened or what people think happened but I don’t wanna get involved.
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    See? It never ends (from TGI thread)
    Everyone’s a shill. Or a racist. Or a drug dealer. Or a neonazi. Or stole money from their moms purse. But nobody’s got proof.
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    Ok millennial faggot
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    All I know is this community is supposed to be about harm reduction, and we are worse off for @TitaniumGear (TGI) not being here.
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  16. In the end it comes down to security, sterility and honesty. A source should be judged by his performance. All the side drama is background noise. If a source was doing his job and doing it well then he shouldn't have been run off. If there are good domestic sources on meso then the members are the ones that win. I can see the reason for the initial vetting, but once a source has proven himself and has been at it a while then he should be good to go unless he f's up. But when a good source is run off then it's the members that lose. not saying anyone has been run off. Just a blanket statement.
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    Just curious. Didn’t this all start with some Alleged email that some Kai guy had?(I think that was his name) Accusing @StanfordPharma saying he wasn't who he says he is? (I believe those were his words) that was never posted? @ickyrica did he ever produce said proof? I know you asked him at one point to provide this. Conspiracy theorists did this imo.
    Like I always say my opinion is worth what you paid for it. So
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    All that seems to be missing is calling everyone buoy boys or whatever he was calling people. You know the one. The racist, culture appropriating white guy that thought he was black because he sucked some dicks in Jamaica. o_O <-- that's my tinfoil hate emoji. Lmao.
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    The smart thing to do now is forget everything related and leave, or continue your usual business on this website. Ignorance is bliss they say, butting your nose in business that’s not yours will only put you in a situation you wish weren’t.
  20. In that dudes voice, “WORD”