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    Is that what you got from his reply?
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  2. You sound like an accident waiting to happen. Firstly, asking for a source is setting yourself up to be scammed. They're all going to sound legit when they hit you up with a PM that offers to give you a hassle free hookup for that A1, fire gear.

    Secondly, if you don't have time to do proper research, you're taking a risk with your money and your health, and frankly, you should hold off until you have that time to commit.

    i know that not everyone has the time to read a thread that's 500 pages, even if they do have the time, they probably still won't read it, but for the sake of your health, you owe it to yourself to put in the legwork.

    That could mean reading a few pages a day while you're on the can or a few posts while you wait for your coffee to brew and your toast to pop up.

    Everyone has time. Very few are running from the moment they get out of bed till the moment they go back to bed, without a little downtime in between.

    If you're somehow that rare exception, then how are you going to fit training, eating and adequate rest into such a hectic life that is devoid of any time to yourself?
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    Im chico 007 and i approve this message.
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    Thanks chico
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    no problem brooooo