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    Not gonna lie I didn't read this whole thread but skimmed thru a few of the first pages. I feel this thread needs to be put back out in the active timeline. I for one have very little knowledge of AAS or TRT and most of what I've learned has been from here or enough info here for me to google the rest. I read awhile here before joining, so I knew to not come in asking for info and the like but to read and study. I always try to research any big purchases and if it's going in my body then definitely. That's what drew me here.

    The fact that saying "IT'S FIRE" holds no water here and testing & bloods are asked for and held as the standard is so productive. It not only lets the community see quality of a product and to an extent the source but it pushes noobs to get in sync with their bodies as they progress and use these substances.

    I wasn't even contemplating that low testosterone could be an issues for me until I started reading here and decided to have my DR test me, low and behold.... I'm rambling I know but I guess the point is like stated in the quote guide the uninformed, ignorant, and newbies here instead of to so many of them other forums where everything is FIRE just because the rep says so and don't question that. Let the testing continue to be passed on to the users to come.
  2. Is there a blood work discussion topic. I feel like i skimmed and didnt see any that broke it down to a 101 level.
  3. Sorry, I'm ignorant.. what does SCOC stand for?
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    I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "broke it down to a 101 level" but maybe these 2 stickies can help.

    The Basics of Ordering Bloodwork

    ***MESO Blood Work Testing Protocol***
    I believe it means "Source Code of Conduct" I could be wrong and if so I hope someone corrects me.
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  5. Thanks man. Acronyms aren't my strong suit unless its during a game of Balderdash, then I'm gold
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    Good thread. Never thought about all of this before
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    I would never sell AAS online so maybe I just don't get it.

    I don't get why sources answer any of your questions at all. Meso has no mods therefore no one's behaviour is accountable to anyone neither is a sources or wannabe sources.

    Why doesn't said source just say. ..if you're rude I will not respond. If you're rude i will not sell to you. No matter how much time has passed. The end.

    As I say....maybe I just don't understand.
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    Actually we have done well. jmo
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    I guess you guys wouldn't be so rude if it didn't work. I just don't get why they put up with Sit there and take it and try to act cordial instead of just /ignore...

    Buuuutttt there's a lot if money to be made here...that's the only reason I can think of....why anyone would.
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    Sources answer questions in an attempt to build rapport and trust amongst a new audience unfamiliar with the source (the Meso community).

    Sources answer questions when they have nothing to hide, or want to create the impression that they have nothing to hide.

    Sources answer questions because they find that like most things in life, it's easier to catch flies with honey, than with vinegar.

    Sources answer questions because they have seen the resulting struggles of past sources that were combative and didn't answer questions.

    Sources answer questions because the last time that they set up shop here at Meso under a different name, and didn't pacify Meso members by doing so, they had a very rough go at it, and they are now returning with a new brand name and trying to gain acceptance.

    Just some of the reasons a source would answer questions.
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    Brother I haven't seen rude for some time. When rude breaks out, It's something you will not soon forget.
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    I read almost the whole 24k pharma 300 was rude.

    I don't know if it's cause of anonymous nature if the Internet or little man syndrome or they were picked on in school and feel big now that they're really just little kids in a gorilla suit.

    Or maybe they're just all trolls who are trying to get a rise out if people.

    1 thing though. If that's how they speak to people in their lives it's not hard to see why they need to hide out on the Internet everyday. No real

    Obviously the above is satire but you know....things that make you go hmmmm mm. ....
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    Yeah. I get that but sources owe you exactly nothing. You have no power. There's no mods. Plus a source isn't really after the vets who already have their own sources he's after the kids and their friends who happen to mediocre at JV football. The newbies.

    I get what you're saying. I do. The source wants to fit in. But it's like he's being led to the execution pole smoking a cigarette

    It's about money though. It's always about money. Who has it. Who wants it and who's getting it.
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    You just joined here and you make comments like this not knowing how things are done here and why. What appears harsh or trolling to you is necessary for the safety of members here. There is a reason to the grilling and so called rudeness here. You won't understand it simply because you don't have the history here to understand the point of it. Like it or not it serves a valuable purpose.
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    Since the board is free to setup shop at and is uncensored that is more of a reason to be hard on new sources that come here. As you said most vets have their source and new sources are after the newer guys. Those are the ones that need protected the most.
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    Read Karius. That's rude.
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    I was around pre SSB days but I forgot my Pw it was so long ago. I left online boards in 2007 then again in 2012 cause of the drama and the busts. Just came back recently. Been online bb forums since about 2003. That's besides the point.

    So acting like an elitist asshole is good for the board? Does it encourage new members to join and grow the board or does it act as insulation for the perceived privileged few so they can finally be somewhere and act like a bully?

    Wouldn't it be better to be cordial and kind. Embrace a more open system if dialogue instead of putting a source on the defensive from the get go?

    I know why you do it. Because you don't posess the tools necessary to do it any other way. I get that. Sometimes it's good to take stock. That's all.

    But if it works and the board is growing and making money I guess that's all that matters.
  18. Crazy-Canuck

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    Yeah. I guess. I'm not trying to fight with you. Just have a conversation. I hope you don't take it the wrong way. Sincerely.
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    Completely wrong. Theres no mods, so we have no power? When there are mods THEY have the power. No modd means the members have ALL the power. Sometimes thats good. Sometimes not.
    If a source wants to sell on mod board all they have to do is pay, or give freebies, or suck a little mod dick. Here you have to go through the people. How are you going to sell to people if you cant deal with these people, if you cant answer simple questions, and if you cant deal with a little rudeness? Any business has rude customers, McDonalds and steroid dealers. You can either deal with them, or run off.
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    Odd to me that your only interest appears to be the treatment sources receive here. Members come first, second, and third here followed by the sources in a distant fourth. You come here and proceed to take offense for sources on how they are treated? You belong on a source board where negative comments are removed. Hopefully, for your sake, then you won't be emotionally triggered to take offense on behalf of sources.

    Members are the most important piece of this forum, not the sources. Your pompous condescending remarks towards members won't make you any friends here. I would say more but you won't be here long enough to warrant anymore of my time.