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    Very well put.
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    Good way to raise money for @Millard Baker testing and for the site! "Make it so number one!"
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    So lets me get this straight all the people who bitch and whine that we are too harsh on people also are members here. You all say Meso is also the best. But you want us to change our ways to be gentler like the other sites that you all say suck and aren't as good?

    Where does this logic come from? This reminds me of the everyone gets a trophy crap in kids sports now. This is the attitude I believe is the cause of the general decline of America. Pandering to the groups that cry "wear helmets", "wear your seat belt", "you can't smoke cigarettes"... Etc...

    If you don't like it then it's not the best for YOU. Stop trying to control the world around you, spend more time worrying about yourself, your own reactions and your interactions with people.

    So the solution is clear, leave and find a better home for yourself. Here is a small list of other sites you can join that are kind and gentle on people. Maybe you can all find a good home.
    For the record I'm not in favor of bashing new members with real questions. That's horse shit
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    Furious --> coming out swinging, my boy. I am just confused - who are you going after here? I ask this sincerely. Are you just speaking to the "be nicer to new members" crowd in general?
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    Furious and zombie are both kinda right. I haven't been on much lately but I've noticed the new guy bashing seems to be way over the top lately. Yes, some of it is new guys with real questions.

    I can't think of any names off the top of my head but it seems to be new guys beating up newer guys!!

    I'll point it out the next time I see it.
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    Yes sir I am. To fully understand it you need to read both my posts. I stand firmly by my 6 types of new people that get beat up, they all deserve it.

    I don't really see it as coming out swinging, I see it as calling it for what I think it is. I also don't understand the logic of wanting something one wants to be a part of, because one says it's the best, to change to be more like something that is inferior. There are a ton of other PUBLIC forums out there that are moderated and play nice nice with new people. Those same sites are the ones that newcomers get hurt, ripped off and generally taken advantage of on.

    I personally haven't seen the pure beat the hell out of the new guy that asks real intelligent questions lately but maybe. I do tend to avoid a ton of threads these days and just hangout in certain places. Maybe I'm blind to it now or desensitized.
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    Well if it's mostly newer guys doing this, then we all need to pay more attention to the post history (ie, general behavior) of the new guy(s) doing the bashing, since it is possible that it is just a couple of knuckleheads, with an agenda, purposely making Meso look bad by creating a hostile environment for new members.
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    To be very clear again, I don't stand for the beating on a new guy for the sake of it. So on that front Zombie is 100% correct, but it's not a black and white issue as I feel its being presented.
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    One of them was probably me in the basicstero thread.

    If someone asks a question that has been answered several times in the same thread they're posting in, but they are either too lazy/aren't willing to read a few pages or use the search function, why shouldn't they be called out?

    Spoon feeding someone when we've spent time and energy reading through tons of threads here doing research and learning is bullshit.

    In fact, after I called that kid out, he went and found the answer a few minutes later because he had to go read...and probably learned a lot more in the process.
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    The issue with threads like the basicstero thread is that you have maybe 10pgs of good info and 90 pages of bickering. I don't mind reading, I on,y watch tv when football season is on so I read instead of watching tv or whatever but I'll be damned if I want to sift through 90pages of bulkshit to find the one page that has the info I'm looking for.
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    I skimmed through that. I don't think it was just you though, a bunch of guys jumped him. You're right it should be called out, everyone doesn't need to attack though. I mean we're talking new members here not some new bathtub brewing source.
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    I agree with a lot of what you are saying Furious. And when I said coming out swinging, I was messing with you.

    I always say the same thing when it comes to new members -- If you come here with good intentions, you show common sense, and you approach the board in a respectable manner, you'll enjoy it here, and you'll receive more help and more friendship than you expected when you joined.

    On the other hand, come on like a hard ass know it all, or ask for help that is already readily available here without trying to read anything at all first, etc, and you'll not be well received.

    It's just like going over to someone's home for the first time - use the same manners and etiquette when entering Meso as you would entering their home.
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    I see it different. Don't you think your wife/gf, family, kids, friends are the best yet don't you still make suggestions to them about how to change certain things for the better? It's the same here. Just bc ppl like this forum and come here doesn't mean you can't make it better or more hospitable. It's not a black and white issue, ie either accept it as is or go to a moderated site, bc there's a huge grey area in between. Just bc ppl want others to be considerate and whatnot doesn't mean the newcomers will get hurt or ripped off. The strength if the message you want to present someone is not diluted simply bc one tones down the aggressiveness or hostility. I'm one of those ppl who doesn't appreciate the hostility some ppl have, not saying you in particular, and I've voiced my opinions on the matter but that doesn't mean you must listen to me. The great thing about being uncensored is we both can express ourselves how we want to without fear of reprisal but the true beauty if it lies in us finding a common ground amicably and without having to be at each other's throats all the time :)
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    I think as we get soft it makes it easier for shills, scammers etc to come in and infiltrate the ranks. But again this a a public forum, I feel very differently on private boards. Maybe I'm wrong it's happened before and will definitely happen again.

    Honestly I care less and less these days, I've tried for numerous hours to point out shills and scammers just to be berated by newbs who know it all. Hell I consider myself a newb to AAS but not to spotting when something isn't right or is too good to be true.
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    I'm not so sure. My home board is a but more toned down than this forum and I've yet to see shills and scammers make it far. We've had the occasional one here and there that slips by but by and large we do a great job at ferreting them out without going apeshit in everybody.

    The message isn't lost bc you present a softer tone IMO. Again I'm not trying to force you to change bc I've come to think highly of you and your contributions here but creating some dialogue so maybe we can both see things in a different light. A prime example of this is Millard. His posts are toned down compared to many here yet I don't think his message gets lost upon anybody. I think ppl tend to respect him more for it, at least I do.

    And I'm not Jusging either. Lord knows I've lost my cool on plenty of occasions but I'm trying to control it better lol
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    Well said doc, very well said. You have a point.
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    So enough with this nice shit....let's go berate some shills and idiots!!!!!!! :D
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    FuriousWO I’m in complete agreement with your list. I’m not talking about the bashing of new members that are rightfully being called out. To me fanboys and shills are not members. They do more harm than anybody else. Maybe it’s just my perception because I’ve been reading so many threads going back months and months and there are incidents of it spread throughout. Since I’ve decided to become a member I feel it’s my responsibility to learn the history here. It seems to be newer member wanting to get on some other new member for asking something. I’m not calling out any one incident; it’s definitely not a black and white issue. I actually believe its new members trying to emulate respected member, gone about wrongly. When most of the long standing members jump on somebody it’s a shill or source. Some of the newer guys don’t make that distinction.

    I am definitely not a everybody gets a trophy person. I’ve spent most of my adult life in the penitentiary. That’s the first time I ever hit a weight pile and have loved it since. It has taken me 19 years to get my shit together (well at least legally). Just this past year, I completed parole for the first time and am actually able to be my own person again. I actually came here because of the way I’ve seen respected members treat each other. Many of the long standing members have a bunch of shit in their past but they all support each other.

    When bathtub brewers, shills or fanboys show up, i kind of think of them like sex offenders in the joint, they get what they deserve.
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    When i first found meso, I read up, and learned quickly not to ask stupid questions. The thing that lured me into this site was the honest reviews, and people staying real. Most of the other sites had a bunch of ass kissers, and you couldn't tell wtf was going on anywhere. Happy New Year, and good to be back on!
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