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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by brutus79, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Melly Mel from hell

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    Due to some sources, lately, that believe because they start a thread on meso that it belongs to them. No no no mother fuckers...all threads belong to us. Doesn't matter if you started it or not. There is a code of conduct. Even though the parameters may be fuzzy, we must demand they follow it.
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  2. MindlessWork

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    So much this. We have been overrun with sources who did nothing but give glowing praise for their products yet when the bloodwork comes back showing crap gear they get all defensive and blaming the users???

    We the members always have to take these so-called sources with a huge boulder of salt!
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  3. Sniff-sniff , that was beautiful Mel , so much truth in those words ....;)
  4. MindlessWork

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    Sources that change their handles often will be found out and exposed ;)
  5. brutus79

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    Figured I would climb on the soapbox for a quick second... what the fuck is up with everyone flaming newbies? If they are asking for a source at least they didn't just hand their cash over to the first scammer they saw, right? I know I didn't ask at first... just got burned eventually. How are we supposed to continue to grow the community if we chase everyone off being dick heads because they asked the same fucking questions every one of us had when we got here? I didn't come to meso to make friends. I have plenty of friends. I came here for a source and stuck around because people were cool and I could get away with being an asshole without being banned. If I had my shit jumped on I would have split and you wouldn't have had the immense pleasure of my company these last couple years! (Bad example. That would have been a gift)

    Just chill the fuck out and have a little patience guys. We were all new. There have been an influx of schills but they are pretty easy to spot- and schills don't ask where to buy, do they? Let's grow meso- and if we need more donation money for the testing program we need more members. We need more people spreading the world on other boards. Let's get it together.

    Oh yea- for those of you saying "brutus, I see you blasting people all the time" or "you just blasted me the other day" you probably aren't new and I am just sick of your shit... or maybe, just maybe I am guilty of the same shit. Nobody is perfect and I need to work on it too.
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    I hate newbs making stupid repetitive threads that are already in existence. I wish they would find what they thought to be the correct answer and then cross reference wity some one. If there is all ready a thread about the topic why make a new one. Please stop with usless threads about your pack landed nobody gives a fuck.
    Now for the positives I see the newbs doing the testing is by far light years ahead of what it was when I joined, I believe most of it needs to be laid at the loyal newbs feet. Thank you, a handful gets what were trying to do here and I love shooting the shit with like minded people.
    So to wrap it up I cant stand most of the newbs.
  7. I noticed that too. The other day some new guy asked if anyone had heard of some ugl and the first reply he got was someone telling him to fuck off. WTF was that?! I'm all for flaming shills and fanboys but not not someone asking the kind of questions for which the underground was designed.
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    So start a newbie orientation class on when to make threads and when not to. Maybe give out coffee mugs too.
  9. brutus79

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    Edit- without new people there will eventually be no board.
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  10. Mr.Bravo

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    I love you man you always put a smile on my face, I just cant stand when they say they have studied knowing damn well they haven't. Surely you feel the same way.
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  11. brutus79

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    I do, but people don't know what they don't know unfortunately. You are good people bravo- now be nice!
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. brutus79

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    I want one cbs! On the back it can say "there are no stupid questions- just stupid people".
  14. Is Meso copyrighted (I dont see it) ? Can I make Meso T-shirts/tanks/coffee mugs without infringing ?
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    I see a lot of members telling new guys to read fist - but in all fairness to the new members, expecting them to 'use the search function to find their answers' isn't exactly as simple as it sounds. As a member who has been around for a few minutes now, I can't find a lot of the info that I know for a fact exists when using the search function.
  16. emcomfu

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    I was just thinking the same thing when I read a post earlier. I feel like someone would have better luck using Google for searching and typing meso or think behind it. I tried to search t3 the other day it wouldn't let me.
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  17. jaymaximus

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    You are right on the mark with this. Meso is one of the best sites out there, but we push some people out really quick. There's some other sites out there that suck and only exist to take newbs money with bullshit products, but they stay there and buy them because when they first show up people are inviting and supportive. Then those same people come here and we wonder why theyre running BS cycles with SARMS and NTBM products...but that's why.
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    I find the bashing of new members completely counterproductive to building a community. I’ve read so much here and have come to love the idea of MESO and the Underground. MESO should be a place where like-minded people look out for one another. Protecting ourselves and each other from shit sources, scammers, gyno, running bad cycles and proper pct. Teaching each other what we know whether it’s about cycles, lifting, TRT or how to safely buy our supplements.

    The best threads here are where everybody is supporting and encouraging each other like Nitrust’s “Who is our biggest, most shredded member at MESO?” and OGH’s food thread.

    Most of the new member bashing seems to be coming from other new members. I almost didn’t register here because of all the bashing until Millard posted about the lab testing and I felt that was a cause worth supporting. I think many of the new members see a shitty source or shill get bashed to no end (rightfully) but they apply that to everyone. A few stupid posts getting on some new members ass gets more likes than many of the helpful posts. Having a bunch of people masturbating to their own internet wittiness only hurts MESO in the long run.

    Some of the new members roll with the punches but many don’t and it makes me wonder how many people needed help and were turned away. They are probably on some board now getting scammed and misinformed.
  19. FuriousWO

    FuriousWO Member

    I think the newbies that come here and get kicked in the groin are these
    1. ones who clearly know nothing but have a HUGE chip on their shoulder when corrected.
    2. the new members who bring misinformation and are spewing it as gospel.
    3. are clearly shilling
    4. bringing their retarded "communication and delivery was great, this lab is GtG!" lab reviews
    5. "I'm X years old and Y lbs what should my first cycle be.. Tell me what to do"
    6. "I want a source"

    There are a ton of new members who ask legitimate questions, have done some of their homework and get help. We were all those guys at one time and guess what we stuck around, grew, learned and now contribute back to community.
    Perhaps you haven't been around long enough to see and experience the above, I assure you it's frustrating and rampant.
    Sorry if this isn't Romper Room for you but that's just the way it is. Maybe it's this tough love that makes Meso the best forum?

    You signed up as did 1000's of others.

    Edit: if legitimate people are signing up and getting treated like shit that don't fall into one of the above categories then say something then, but I don't think that's very often.
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    lol, ha ha ha. Dat der is funny chit!