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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by brutus79, Jan 2, 2015.

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    We possess the tools if you are referring to our mental capabilities. Also, growing the board and making money are not all that matters. The health and safety of the members is what matters most. You obviously don't get it. Your condescension isn't "cordial" so why talk down to us common folk?
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    There is potential to make a shit load of money once you get settled into meso, that is the only reason a source would put up with some of the things that go on here.
    Most sources will leave after a few threats about sodomizing family members, but if they do stick around and survive the hazing period they will rake in the cash.

    Meso tells members that all sources are scams, and that source boards are scams, so when a member sees someone like 24k hanging tough for a while they get the impression that they must be the only domestic source that actually sends real gear.

    Truth is there are lots of good sources out there, and most would rather not put up with the rape threats and shit that come with trying to source on meso.

    There has been one exception to the rule, @pharmacist and he is only selling pharma non-steroid drugs so he escaped the initial hazing and has proven himself to be quite reliable.

    I've got a handful of domestic sources that I like and I just wait till one of them is running a promo to stock up, I rarely pay more than $25 for a vial of test e.
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    Wanting to know what the acronym SCoC means as currently not in the know.

    Having read OP can't comment on 1) as unsure of acronym. Having browsed and read posts before making any comments can see where point 2) comes from as nearly every thread read regarding sources advertising or new members asking for source checks and/or stating a purchase gets flamed. A lot. Can especially be off-putting for individuals who would otherwise have great interest in becoming involved community members. Hard to self-moderate however, strong moderators are needed with strict discipline.

    Point 4) is golden. More bloods, more labmax, can't agree more. Never discuss where to obtain sources and advertise, however discussing whether products are good and, most importantly, safe to use, is always great discussion. Before Meso did not know it was possible to self-test product whether if bunk or real and it's very promising.

    Glad to join the board.
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    it means source code of conduct

    Meso really isn't a source board so I'd rather not see any of them here hocking their gear.
    Maybe just here to answer questions, but that's about it.
    Sources and members both would be better off looking for gear/ buyers on other sites
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    Take it that means sites ASF, T-Nation, ug-bodybuilding, forums.steroid are appropriate for members to discuss and trade with sources.

    Having started this path and read around the subject decided to dive in and start contributing and being an active part of the community to further learn how to use safely.

    Assume SCoC must look down upon talk of home-brewing as well.
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    there is lots of talk about homebrewing, just dont expect guys to tell you where you get your raws. If you find a great raw source, keep it to yourself.
    I dont spend time on the sites you listed, but I do frequent a few other source boards.
    Just proceed with caution, there is lots of great gea out there but also plenty of ways to lose your money or get shitty caulk gun gear.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Understood. Don't expect anyone to share their sources, especially with a member whose only just joined. Realise this will be a case of learning and possibly doing a cycle and posting a report before becoming an established member.

    Been doing own research and reading as to sources. Google is amazing. Everyone has to keep themselves safe, and their good source safe from LE - lest they lose their trusted good source. If not mistaken all raw powders are from China anywho.

    Planned to use gear in the coming months, specifically home-brew due to costs (university full-time student) and good DIY (Engineering student). Managed to find most, if not all equipment on eBay to buy. Very exciting. Next academic year will be getting stronger alongside smarter.
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    I've been a registered member here since 2006. Don't really remember my first board but it could've been anabolex in 1998 before the board crashed.
    I'm not trying to engage you or bait you into an argument, but as gigalo stated...You DON'T get it at all. I built a rep as a scam smasher over the years by using several different approaches. When Burr refers to rape threats, etc....he's talking about some of the more far out approaches I've employed.
    To be fair, I've received my share of death threats, etc from sources as nothing is more personal of an attack in the eyes of some as an attack on their wallet is.
    When the underground reopened at meso in 2012(or whenever it was) I had a difficult time keeping up with sources logging on for the first time. As 2013 rolled in I was joined by a group of new members that picked up my slack and a more aggressive tone was set.
    My language may have been aggressive and was in response to the hyper aggressive marketing/scheming we saw from a seemingly never ending parade of greedy drug dealers fighting for position in what was a steadily growing number of members willing to dig into their deep pockets and stockpile gear from as many sources as possible. It was a wild fucking scene.
    You are under the impression that the loud mouths or well known/awesome members are role playing and are not the type of people they portray here online? You couldn't be more wrong.
    I know a gang of these motherfuckers outside of this board. We are, in most instances, a mirrored image of what you get here in our posts. I'm referring to the gang of guys I know. They are the members a daily visitor would expect me to list as my friends. Meso is truly a unique and ever evolving place to hang your hat.
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    Good point, Brutus. Being part of the different forums and threads for a while has showed me that the younger guys who flock to anyone popping in and announcing they're a new and exciting ugl source and throw their money at them end up being too embarrassed to admit outright in the forum that they had a premature ejaculation and threw their money away at a scammer. I think it's important, especially for the next new guys, for them to hear from the last new guys' shitty luck and maybe they'll calm their fingers on their wallets.
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    Hey this was a really good thread. OP Being a new member here actually got a lot out of this I think sending new guys to this thread and having them read it wood teach them a lot from what all of you discussed all in all good job guys
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    Good idea. ..Go to the New Member Intro forum an post this link on each an everyone's threads;) Now hurry up cuz this might take a while:D:p
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    I may be new here but after many years in the Corps I'm a little past doing grunt work nowadays gotta get some young buck to do that shit buddy.
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    Thank you for your service but that means jack shit on Meso! Now get to work rookie! :D haha
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    Sorry I just got done with a new build and I'm fucking beat as shit

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    Lmfao Nah I did enough of that shit. I custom build for $$$$ now
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  17. Very good read now some shit makes a little more sence to me . I have been on a hand full of board but now only frequent 2 due to all the scammers and people riding their tails . I'm not use to this method of removal weeding out
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    Just saw this forum when actually trying to contact a source from last year who's on meso but he went private... Yes it shows I'm new but damn sorry I didnt remember my user name and created a new one. I dont have the time to be on my computer much in my line of work.
    Anyway, I was on another forum for years off and on and recently saw an old source I know was gtg now on eroids thinking wtf happened to this forum. Seems like its impossible to find a decent source without having hours to shift through the shit. Are there descent non private sources here? Maybe I'm misposting here if so sorry I'm sure I'll read about it. Thanks
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    No- this is definitely the best thread to publicly ask for a private source for gear. That's what I meant to name it.
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    Will do. I've been trolling through as many posts as possible in the limited time I have. Think I found a good source and the on another forum it's totally trashed. They didnt except btc pmt anyhow. I mean a nudge in the right direction would be nice although I know not to ask or help will come down on me. Anyway I'm just cautious and dont want to pin something unless I knows legit. Is there a forum for domestic source check? Or against rules and practices in meso?