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  1. Holy hypertensive crisis, Batman. Good to hear you're getting back to normal. What were you using when this happened?
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  2. No cough fortunately. No need for a search party this time @BigNattyDaddy. I was probably doing too much @MisterSuperGod. Shit I can’t even remember what milligrams I was running but I was on Test tren Mast and NPP. Honestly it wasn’t to crazy.

    I had just had labs everything was great, bp was great, and woke up one day and it was through the roof. Got a family history of hypertension and for some stupid reason I had picked up the cigs again. So no smoking and I started long distance cycling to focus more on my cardio.
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    Seems like you never get a break. First the surgery and now this. Is your girl gonna let you do some cycles? Welcome back btw.
  4. We’re through also. :D I’m going to start sometime probably close to Spring. Going to work on maximizing strength and cardio while cruising.
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    Been a long time for me as well, hope everyone has been in good health and making gains.

    @kendallkmw what is your cruise dose and do you get it prescribed to you?
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    What’s your stats when you’re off? Do you have a history of high bp or is it in your family?
  7. No history of high bp. My bp has always been perfect on cycle. Never once had an issue. I’m sitting about 120/77 right now. I have a family history of it and guess it got me finally. I’m going to put longer gaps between blasting and probably shorter cycles with short esters. That and probably will run low Test higher tren. If I run into another problem after a long break it might be over for me and blasting. I may consider Test only or Primo instead of Tren.
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  8. Yes I’m prescribed. Current prescription is 200mg wk. Was at 210mg wk and they brought me down because my bloods came back slightly above therapeutic. I’ve actually been using less than prescribed the last 1.5 months. I’ve been using 180mg wk.
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    Order came in today, five days after payment. Good delivery speed, but was just bothered by the lack of communication.
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    They’ve never been great at communicating. But they’re gone, so no real need to post up about their operation here. They gave a solid FU to Meso after we helped make them what they are.
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    So, I ordered some Test P back in Oct from Sas. Have been running a different source from a different boards Test P up until now. But this shits going in the garbage. I have tiny little brown specks in my vials. Wtf? Should've paid better attention when I put it up.
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    I understand, but I just wanted to clarify my previous post since I can't edit it.
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    I thought they were confirmed scammers? What happened?
  14. Damn I’ve missed a lot. So the hairy fuck fucked us. I heard he went semi private.
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    Told us he was going fully private and now he’s at SST and apparently taking orders over there. He just didn’t like people holding him accountable. Here for over a year and made probably hundreds of thousands of dollars and contributed a massive $150 to AL.
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    Bp issues are so dangerous and everyone should always keep a check on that shit.
    But enough about that, lol, what do you mean “We’re through also” ???!! I remember how love struck you were and all the wonderful things you said. Thought you done went on to the happily ever after scene lol.
    Don’t tell me she’s the one that gave you high bp!? Smh! Can’t believe she’d bring that home to you. Shew, can’t trust anyone anymore. Goes to show you, these hoes ain’t loyal!
    Well at least I think how high bp is transmitted :oops:
    Haha! :D Just playing man! :p
    Glad your back, and in good health! Oh and FK cardio man, just lift faster :cool:
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    I wud like to c them also
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    Can we just see more pictures of the girl in your avitar @Romi84
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    Monami Frost, check her out on IG.
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