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  1. Selling fake gear or intentionally getting infected?
  2. Xragexx

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    Faking an infection in a country that would be hard to determine his legitimacy. Trying to scam people by posting said infection bankrupted him.

    I have trouble believing it.

    HIGHRISK Member

    If it’s true he has to be the dumbest fuck I’ve ever seen. Anyone in there right mind would be on a plane back to the US so fast. Like I stated before even without insurance he can walk in to any ER in the country and get it fixed. I smell bullshit.

    HIGHRISK Member

    Weird because 8 days before he posted that he posted this? So he got injected something got a bad infection and then after a few days it was so bad he decided to go to the hospital and find out what. So immediately they decided no meds would help and Then had not 1 but 2 10k surgeries all in 8 days? 3DC7FCC7-8301-49FA-85E2-14F039A68A4F.png
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  5. Xragexx

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    People will do anything to gain a dollar without having to work for it.
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  6. Harmswhey

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    Seriously? No man saying they got fucked up and photoshopping pictures and what not..... Start a GoFundMe and get people to donate...... that's a pretty common thing.
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  7. Soloshino

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    Made a purchase on Sunday. Sasquatch hasn't responded to any of my emails since then. Scammer confirmed.
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  8. Morefyah

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    Lol, it’s Wednesday..
  9. What the hell have I missed? Its been a minute.
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  10. T-Bagger

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    Welcome back bro!
  11. Glad to be back. Had to take an extended break. Had a serious bout with blood pressure. Hit 223/186 pulse 118 and landed in the hospital. Still laying off for awhile. Don’t know when or if I’ll jump back on. Just cruising for an extended period now.
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    Holy effing sheeeeeet! Damn bro!
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  13. Took over a month of bp meds twice a day to get it to slightly elevated. At almost two months I’m just now back to normal.
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  14. T-Bagger

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    What’d they put you on? How was your hematocrit?
  15. Lisinopril 40mg. Bloods were all good.
  16. T-Bagger

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    Did you get that damn cough from the Lisinopril? Good to hear bro. BP and hematocrit get bad for me on cycle.
  17. Soloshino

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    They were replying promptly before. Suddenly they stopped after the purchase. If they do follow through, I'll post an update.
  18. Ambiguous

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    This is pretty typical. If you spent anytime ready this forum you’d know that
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    We were about to send a search party :D
  20. Kpaxi

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    Can we comment on how shit he looks