Why there almost certainly is No God!!

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    Sounds like a cross between existentialism and antinatalism.

    I to assign a negative value to birth, that there is far more suffering than pleasure. That there is a cruelty baked into existence that most people never seem to recognize and if you point it out you are told to be thankful, as morons try to spew some propaganda bullshit, that we live in Gods country and you should stfu.

    Lots of problems that need to be fixed, too many mentally lazy fucks that lack impulse and drive to at least point out the obvious.

    I do believe we have the power to get rid of much of our problems by just letting go of competition, ego, fucking with each other, learning to tolerate. Most importantly to back off and let people just be who they are without trying to get them to fit the factory farm way of life.

    However I know it's not gonna get fixed and those that are conscience of just how fucked up it is are gonna have to grind out long torturous years until they fall over and croak finally turning the brain off.
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