Why You Shouldn't Accept Free Samples From Sources

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    Yes brew guys I been saying it for a while now ...
    it's very easy and will save you a shitload of money and I've given guys raw sources they love ...
    the prop that was under investigation tested twice at 7x and was felt by many...
    I personally think it feels stronger ...
    just stay away from things that are faked a lot and your set ...

    Never thought I would say it but it's a good post CBS but even if a new guy backed some good products from a new source it shouldn't matter much because any new member is under investigation in my book ...

    Just because someone is here for 12yrs doesn't mean they won't scam but if someone is here a year with thousands of posts it's a red flag on any board .. it always was ..

    Good post though
    maybe you are trying to keep
    Sources on the straight and narrow and if so then I am all for you being here

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  2. You being the prime example of this
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    So much truth to that

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    If you did a little research like my customers have, you would see what is true and what is not but people like you want to have this all done for them and that's why you will be in the dark


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    I could ask you about this and correct everything you say but you don't like me and I see this and that's why I don't waste my time ...
    so I will keep with the funny silly posts and cross paths with you trying my best to avoid arguments ...
    I don't know you brother, I've only heard things so I will just live my life and let you live yours how you please without judging

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    I call BS on that one
  7. Quit trying to save face fool. No-one around here believes the Bullshit that comes out of your mouth. I've done my research.

    You're a fraud. I take everything you say with a grain of salt
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    Ok then just buzz off. No one really likes you anyway except the likes of Meek.

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    I've been apologised too many times and now a lot of members are taking a step back seeing the bullshit ..
    you've done no research your afraid too go against anyone ..

    I am not trying to save anything .
    I didn't even need to post a Damn thing on the fat guys thread about me because he truth always comes out and my friends have seen it long ago ..

    Its easy to follow.
    Try leading some time


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    How many boards where you booted from?
    How many did you run from?

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    No it is how many YOU got booted from ;)
  12. Blah Blah Blah you continue to spew out Bullshit. You know nothing about me, my laundry isn't out on display for all of meso to see.

    Keep convincing yourself bro, you'll never convince me
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    Don't need to convince anyone .
    People saw for themselves .. but your no one I wasted enough time with you


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    PM for being an ass when I was drunk lol
    Other than that none .. I never trolled a board
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    Lol Promuscle is another shill board
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    Excellent post CBS! So very true from start to finish. If you truly believe in a community, or a brotherhood or having one's back, etc., etc., then you agree with CBS too. I think by removing our "member status" or having no status, may help combat this issue.

    Big Mike
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  17. It should be a badge earned not freely given based off post count
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    I truly believe our board would be better without them.

    Big Mike
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  20. ya yah whore