Why You Shouldn't Accept Free Samples From Sources

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    ...and a solid reliable supplier of that muscle candy ;)
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    Astro got off for so long cuz of all the nut swingers and ass kissers. Few tested and far to far apart. Mike strong was in the same boat. The astro thread was a nauseating read. Fuck Mike strong and his VIP. What a joke he played
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  3. Completely understood! That's why it's best to stick to facts and data my dude. Labs are the best you're gonna get outta me now days. Even labs are often launched as a sales platform. A guy post sound labs and the UGL sales increase. It's a slippery slope as you mentioned.
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    That's not your problem, my problem, or any other member's problem.
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    And we've seen that with Pharmacom just now :eek:
  6. Do you mean refrain from giving a review when you receive free gear but not disclose that you received free gear, or do you mean disclose that you took freebies but refrain from giving a review?

    If you mean the former, that leaves open the possibility that the member might try to favorably influence members towards the source without the members' knowledge. I have no doubt that is occurring but the lack of disclosure makes it even worse.

    If you mean the latter, that is better but still leaves open the potential for a conflict of interest.

    My position is the same as yours - no free gear.

    Excellent point.
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    Really? I rarely open the vault to the UG any more until I saw this thread by CBS and I figured it may be worth it.

    Btw these start up labs are a joke. I know I know gotta start some where right? Their always a joke. You don't even know who your dealing with. Too much risk. Did I mention these sources don't get charged to be here? Where do you think their motivation lies? Not in your best interest I'm sure
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    Well yeah I suppose you're right. Not all of us have a reliable source to go to though. I don't have a private source with consistent gear so I like to be optimistic when a new source rolls around. Granted it's probably a mistake to be optimistic in this game.
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    This is very important. For the lab testing program we've started, we're giving absolutely zero advance notice to which products will be tested, where or when they are being purchased, etc. We will tell no one until all samples are confirmed at the lab in queue for analysis.
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    Suppose you just put in a nice little order with your favorite source, a guy you hav used for years. He ships out the pack and shoots you an email that says:
    Hey, your packs on the way. We just started brewing some primo and threw in a sample for you to check out.

    What do you do? throw it away??? run to the western union and send $50 bucks to your src?
    or pin that shit and tell your src if it's decent or not?
  11. gr8whitetrukker

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    Pin it and give feedback to the source. Not openly in public. Sources some times wanna see how it works for their customers. I don't really see a problem here or am I wrong?
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    It's a huge mistake.. Listen, I don't have a consistent UGL source either.. There's been one problem or another with everyone I've used.. Granted some are better than others and those are always the ones that have been around for years..

    Now I'm not saying just because a source has been around for awhile that they won't suck.. Look at Karius, Mike Strong, Ultimate and other shitty "labs" that have been "in the game" for over a decade!! I'm just saying you have a better chance than going with someone with zero history.

    Remember, your optimism causes others to also be optimistic and that usually results in a lot of people getting fucked.. Gotta deal with the facts..
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  13. johnnyBALLZ

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    First off you won't be able to really say anything about a "sample" of primo except how the PIP is.. :)

    That's not really what's being talked about here burr and you know it.
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  14. Whoremoans

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    You makes some very good points.. I guess you guys are all right. I would never want to mislead anyone, especially my fellow members.
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  15. Burrr

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    True, that's not what this is about. Just pointing out that it's not cut and dry.
    I pinned free gear today. Whoremoans is gonna pin the free stuff he got from onyx.

    I bet lots of us have gotten a free vial in a pack once in a while.
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    Great topic for the new members, and many wise answers.As my late father taught me young. Said there's nothing free in this world..don't owe anyone anything.Be a man and earn it!
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    I meant the latter and only mentioned it bc not everyone will stop accepting free gear. It's an initial step towards harm reduction but not an end point.
  18. Docd187123

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    Sort of like a double blind study in a way.
  19. It's not cut and dry ONLY if you take the argument to absurd extremes such as if you were to pay for 10mls vials and got 11 or 12. Or if you paid for 100 dbols and got 120. Or if a source throws in a few extras for a good customer's PAID order. Come on, be reasonable.
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    Burr also "didn't see the problem" with the posting of those 'high quality" MS assays conducted by Angus.

    Well then what's the problem blind one? There is one HUGE difference between what you and others consider to be "high quality", and the proof of the latter is an unfortunate part of Meso's history!
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