Why You Shouldn't Accept Free Samples From Sources

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    @Whoremoans You have a point but then again a review from someone who accepted freebies is irrelevant here. So either way it's kind of taking a chance. What's funny though is that the best cycle I have ever ran came from a lab who is hated and bad mouthed here with terrible reviews. I wish a lab would just be fucking consistent for one damn time.
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    sadly you're probably right.
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    Amen to that. We need consistency at the raw sources..
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  4. Whether its an honest review or not it wont matter. Its still the UGLs private stock you're getting and not necessarily what the other members will receive. If a source is handing out freebies for bloods of course its going to be at or above the expected mg/ml.

    This was being said here -->

    It doesn't matter if its disclosed in the review or not. Its still free gear of the top shelf and as soon as the junior members and lurker see the G2G they jump on the boat and start ordering. The only exception to this I see is how @Burrr goes about it. If im understanding correctly he receives free gear for feedback directly to the source not for feedback to the members of the board.

    I still feel that excepting any form of free gear leads to a downward spiral. Its how you tell the veterans from the WKM.
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    Putting up a log or review would be a good way to provide feedback to the community not just the source. Honesty is very important in that aspect
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    No gear whore zone?

    Everyone is free to do as they wish but I personally could never accept freebies. I will not have my name, credibility, or integrity questioned bc of a source's possible duplicitous nature.

    Maybe a middle ground would be if you got the gear for free or discounted for a reason not applicable to everyone else you should refrain from writing a review. I still would opt not to take the gear but not everyone will choose the same.

    CBS, maybe another thing to touch upon in regards to this topic:

    Maybe we shouldn't announce in public who will be testing what. By that I mean you have members who freely announce they're going to order from XYZ source and going to do bloods and labmax etc. This gives the source a heads up on who potentially might be testing and allows them to sneak the good stuff to them without flying under the freebie radar. It should be assumed everyone or no one is testing...make your decision in private and keep it that way until after testing is complete. That way the source cannot slip better gear to the testers.
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    If I get a product that tests low I damn sure better get "free" gear to compensate for what should of been complete. That's the only instance I deem free gear fair play
  8. And I agree 100%, BUT it should be purchased gear. This way you as a WKM can guarantee that you're giving an honest review on what any other member would receive from that same source.
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    Good point and thanks for looking out. Honest logs and reviews go a LONG way in helping the community and helps the legit source get business while the bad ones are avoided.
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    I don't understand the fascination with unknown new startup labs. Why should anyone be willing to be the first to try them out? The answer is they shouldn't.

    As far as I can tell the biggest reason people follow new startup labs because those are the most likely sources to give freebies.

    And CBS already made a compelling case for everything that's wrong with that.
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    Well said Millard

    New labs need to be vetted first...if the lab in question comes from other boards it is a good thing to check feedback on those other forums the lab has a presence on.

    All these new labs that pop up seem to be some of the bad old ones just under new names and marketing strategy. It pays for everyone to THINK before dealing with a lab that just pops onto the scene.
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    I see the bait and switch as a very likely possibility and a lot of the time that may be the case but not always. I just don't really see any other way for a lab that just started to get products out to the masses for testing. I damn sure won't spend money on a source until I know they've had some success. If a source chooses to use a free sample as a way to scam others that is truly unfortunate but good labs go bad all the time and start scamming with or without giving out freebies.
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  13. Yeah ... That's more like a replacement for the Low dose gear
  14. Start up labs can be the quickest way to get a possible infection or safety violation. Too much risk IMO to jump on the a start up lab.
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    That's how I feel. But in the end its free. Even tho the circumstances are different.

    Ya know when that spetz guy was around I gave a review on his adex and didn't realize it then but he used my name to push his other products. Now I'm kinda pissed about it. Goes to show you some thing unbiased and honest can lead down to unintended consequences. To be honest I'm not super comfortable giving reviews on anything any more openly. It can be twisted and played to counterract honest intentions
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    I was probably a little quick to tell CBS to fuck off, sorry about that.

    getting free gear from a new src that is trying to get you to leave a review with the added clout that comes from a vet is bad for all involved. Vets should have no need to try out startup srcs, and getting freebies for a review is a clear conflict of interest.
    Getting a few free vials from time to time from a src that you've used for years is just the perks of being a regular customer.

    My steroid dealer kicks me a freebie from time to time, and my pot dealer does the same thing. just got a free nugget of some awesome kushage.
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    The issue isn't the reviews themselves but the full disclosure behind them as well. Reviews do help when done right. Have blood work or soemthing to back you up, disclose the circumstances around the deal (don't mention specifics just that you didn't get free gear, orders such and such time frame, etc).
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    Good post

    lol then share that kush with me and CBS then he'll forgive you :p
  19. This issue I see is that even veteran labs that have been around for awhile tend to selective scam or send out under dosed gear. Really the only option is to get on with a trusted private source or keep taking shots in the dark with start ups. Astro was a start up source and dished out a lot of good gear to a lot of people but ended up taking a dive off the deep end. Biologic, Pep, Herc. These were all start ups trusted at one point.

    In reality this board should be used for assisting other and making connections to find yourself a reliable private source that always pulls through. Fuck start ups they all go downhill at some point
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    Gotta love a good pot dealer..
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