Why You Shouldn't Accept Free Samples From Sources

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  1. Whoremoans

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    And for the record guys the free stuff from onyx was just a replacement for bunk test E that I paid for.
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  3. Dr JIM

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    So are you saying they exchanged bunk for bunk, seems fair IMO :)
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  4. Whoremoans

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    This is most likely the case lol. But like I said earlier I like to be optimistic. That being said I wouldn't order from them again if it was the last source on earth.
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    Very good point about testers remaining anonymous. Same goes for why members shouldnt accept free gear for reviews. The source will have the advantage of sending their very best and can skew true results.
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    WOW!! How did I forget to mention ManWhore on this list?! :confused:

    I gotta get some sleep.. haha
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    Random testing is the only way that we get the goods on a source, but I don't know of 1 ugl that is consistent and most vanish in 6 months.

    I have never wanted to use an unknown source. After a few months, if none of our official testers gets sick, I would feel better about the source in question. There isn't any other way, but I'd rather someone else gets his ass cut open.
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    MANWHORE Member

    members who except free gear from sources will most likely receive good quality gear since the new UGL is trying to prove themselves which results in the member not having to pay for quality gear ..

    Wait a minute
    Why is it not good to except free gear again o_O:)

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    Exactly this
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    You're a cancer to this board. Why don't you leave. Scumbag.
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    That's what they always do, which is why I never accept replace replacements. What's the point
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    By the way, I'm older than most people here, and one of the major lessons I've learned in life is that there is no such thing as a free lunch
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  13. big boi

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    I believe after the tests come back n dreams r shattered more of us will learn to brew.
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  14. We might HAVE to! I guess it's a gamble either way...either on the raws, or the finished product.
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  15. Brewings not that hard. It still boils down to being able to find a quality raw source that's consistent.
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    He and Meek would make a great pair hahahaha
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    Your not allowed to quote me anymore
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    CBS excellent thread. Since day one I've read, listened, and learned, n that's why I still haven't jumped st anything on this board.
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    no do
    no doubt but when n if u do u can dose it accordingly.