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    I said “people”. Not admitting guilt though. But it is kinda
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    No shit. “ I’m a psychopath and I’m gonna run you over with my Honda ricer” Lmao. Remember Suge Knight? It didnt end that well for him
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  4. Ease up, big fella. Threat's, even in this context could still get you banned. MB don't mess around.

    Hey! i'm 5'5". No short guy complex though. i like the idea of looking big at a weight that would make a taller guy look thin.
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    Nothing wrong with the height ❤️ Just the attitude that it unfortunately gives some people lol
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    Guys are you aware the supra gets released again soon? Can we talk about that instead?
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    I bought some Supra workout shoes. Does that count? Sorry I’m an old school American muscle guy (and late 70’s ford trucks)
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    I love American muscle cars! I've just always had a thing for the supra and the skyline.
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    I can’t lie they are nice. Haven’t seen the new ones though. Can’t remember which years, but both models there is a 90’s mode that I love
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    The 93 ish supra was awesome. If I had to guess, I'd say you probably leaned more towards the skyline r34?

    When I was younger and I saw the video on YouTube "supra from hell" and "Nissan skyline r32 from hell" I was in awe. If you get a minute, search those. The supra is white and the skyline is red and low video quality
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    What the fuck happened in here now? :D
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    I think balco took some tren (liquid form straight into his rectum), created a new handle and decided to RAGE LIKE THE MACHINE
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    nah. no one rages like me
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    You scary scary boy. Please don’t beat me up or scream at me.
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    Haha, every time someone either has an issue with you or agrees with me you say I created a new handle
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    It’s much more fun this way
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    i knw aa not here but have the 1st batch way before he vanish.. cleaned up (9months) before starting the cycle..these are prebloods well is 1 week into cycle (@625mg before bloods) wondering someone could break this down i got the total test serum but not sure on free test and % free test...if free test is high how can %free test be normal?

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    Not much to break down here... you got a capped blood test. What’s the question...? Because it appears you’re confusing a magnitude with a percentage.

    Free test is showing high (3x normal!). Get an uncapped test with free test 6 weeks in and that’s a valid judge of the gear.
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    Percent free testosterone is a calculation not an analysis. Free Test divided by total test. It’s meaningless here since your actual testosterone level is something above 1,500 and your free test is something above 59.85. The lab program automatically calculated it as 59.85/1,500 = 3.99%. Again, meaningless.