More Extortionist Threats Made Against Panda

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by purplepandalabs, Aug 7, 2019.

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    That was a very odd link Jano. When it took me there, it didn’t recognize my account and I wasn’t signed in and the way the screen was setup, it wouldn’t allow me to sign in.
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    Archive Dude, it's basically just a screen shot.
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    Lmao, I wondered why it said archived. It behaved like a webpage though.
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    As LeoTC mentioned.

    It's pretty much just screenshot of a website, in case it got deleted later.
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    If Im not mistaken Tank was known for calling out the bullshit. Makes sense he would get banned eventually. Wasnt he the one who called out riggs when PL got busted?
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    I think Tank was gone long before then, wasn’t he? Someone called Mr. Bash called Riggs out.
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    So the websites were never actually hacked,
    just the private messages (with customers info) at BoP?
    Is that what you're saying?
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    Yeah, they were getting emails. I think the Wickr messages are something new.
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    More Panda drama, go figure
  10. I believe that was pharmacon that you are referring to. They said an ex employee stolen thier data and posted names and addresses on the net. Came out and said he was gonna post more etc. Wasn't ppl. I remember pharmacon was kind of like "so what" about it.
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  11. Napsgear I believe
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    Naps was the one who had a guy supposedly die from their gear so the dude’s brother hacked their site and published the names and *I think* addresses of their users.
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  13. That's right. Napsgear. I remember he was an ass about it.
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    Did naps gear really kill the guy ya think?
  15. i don't think so... That black tren though... :eek::D
    Millard said something about it being a rival source, unless i'm misunderstanding his quote below? i never heard anything about that and would like to know more.

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    Lol,! I’ve actually got some injectable winny on the real dark side. IMG_1382.jpg
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    Nah, I don’t really believe it for a second, although aren’t they the ones who were selling motor oil as gear? Maybe I have my UGL’s mixed up.
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    I was on that list - twice. Burned two perfectly good addresses. It had name, address, order and amount. Considering the source, it was likely a text file attached to an unencrypted email and sent to a re-mailer. I'm just guessing, but it wasn't the kind of data one needs to keep for advertisement purposes. I doubt the site itself was hacked at all.
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    What. The. ACTUAL. Fuck?

    Motor oil?
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    I think people were just calling it motor oil. Their tren was black as motor oil.