More Extortionist Threats Made Against Panda

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by purplepandalabs, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. Cityofgrit

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    That looks like something else.... :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
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    Whoops, wrong pic! Lol
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  3. Grandpa Gainz

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    @purplepandalabs did the extortionist ask for payments in pizzas? I have an idea......
  4. ickyrica

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    Fucking love it
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  5. ickyrica

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    Can't even make shit like that up...
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  6. UpNorth

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    So, did he upload your dick pics?
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  7. Kim

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    What’s the latest on this?
  8. waterbottle

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    If u pay me half that I’ll beat the hackers ass for u
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  9. Kim

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    I tried to pm you. Can you message me?
  10. waterbottle

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    I just pm’d u
  11. Rockclimber

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    You an MMA guy or just talking shit lol
    Kung Fu doesn't count either brother haha
  12. waterbottle

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    I’m just a bad ass tbh
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  13. llawerif

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    These are his suppliers. This is the latest. Next goes a thousand addresses.

    [PERSONALLY-IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION DELETED. Posting personally-identifiable information about members is strictly prohibited.]

    Or you can tell him to pay 0.5BTC here:


    But he is so cheap that he rather get you all exposed and hacked than pay 5000$. He lied to all of you after all.
  14. Kim

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    I posted on BOP warning about the tntline and I got banned. Maybe the hackers are running their new site
  15. Hey, I tagged Millard on DO's source thread but you may be able to get a hold of someone easier. Someone posted a pastebin in DO's thread with addresses and names.
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  16. B Ware

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    @Millard Baker seems this guy is the hacker and is threatening to share personal info like he just did in another thread.
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  17. puckhog

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  18. Millard Baker

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    I've removed the personally-identifiable information about possible members and have banned the offending user who posted it. Please notify me if this happens again.

    Thank you to everyone who sent me PMs and reported it using the MESO reporting system.
  19. Kim

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    Something interesting. I went on the new steroid forum that BOP is using, but I didn't have to log in. It said it had been 334 days since I posted. I was automatically transferred to the new site from BOP.
  20. Iron Vett

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    He can explain to you why you don't have an email account now. But this should not happen since he wasn't never hacked. I don't have your address and name either. This are all lies.