New Source Friday (Domestic US)!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Noah86, Feb 14, 2020.

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    @Elroy Jetson
    Don’t pollute my Thread, it’s as bad as getting a ‘Like’ from Balco.
    You’re still always going to be the 30 yr old Rookie want to be ATF Government Agent pinning 3cc of Test Prop in his calves telling us all about USPS stopping deliveries in 2021.
    @BigBaldBeardGuy Come get your mans bro. lol
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  2. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    What meds does the doctor have you on? Tell him it’s time to switch them up because your delusions are appearing again.

    You aren’t an ATF agent. Enough of that crap.

    You have zero idea what goes on at MESO, there is no “behind the scenes”. Dudes have been saying that for years with zero proof, ever.

    What’s going to come bite us, Elroy? Stop with the “I know more than you do” shit. You speak in only generalities, give us a specific for once. Last time you tried you had the labs being totally wrong because you don’t know shit.
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  4. Okay-Waka-Flocka-Meme-04.gif
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    I would like to test your products sir noha labs ... Thank you .... Lol IMG_20200209_134521.jpg
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    Dang @Noah86, you got more orders than Big Bear. Must gtg then!
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    hey i just sent a pm but it's been 5 minutes and I haven't heard back yet.

    I want to give this lab a try and ill let you guys know if I'm alive after 4 weeks.
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  8. Elroy Jetson

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    On a serious note though. Do you think connecting a drug dealer with a new supplier implicates you in a crime? It does. Also do you think facilitating drug transactions is a crime? It is. These are both felony category charges. Both earning a first time offender at least SOME prison time. It pains me to see what appears to be a ton of intelligent people either not understanding or turning a blind eye to what’s really happening here. Ask yourself. Why would someone with no skin and n this game take such risks? Answer is pretty simple. They would not.

    @BigBaldBeardGuy its tough to speak openly when the evidence has to come from somewhere. If only a few have said knowledge they are left looking at one another. Guys I’ve seen you defend and chum around with have said some awful things about you when the old TGI discord was up. Awful things. But what do I know you all seem to be friends again.
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  10. TNotch347

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    DEA ATF all the above
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    Nice. I'd like to post bail for @BigBaldBeardGuy in advance.
    Homies 4 life.
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    I'd like to get this thread back on track. NL cockbombs are potent and have me ready to handle business on V-day...order with confidence, gentlemen. FB_IMG_15794514083219106.jpg
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    He's a dick.
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  15. Quick
    yoooo hahaha. This shit
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  16. Gbro

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    Just so you know, every time you laugh at a joke you are facilitating felonious humor. @Elroy Jetson and his boys are keeping track of all the funny men.
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    D68B6B19-7B4C-4C66-96A2-4BB42B595F62.jpeg 266ADD83-0838-4D1A-8AF6-61A47A9CCC01.jpeg Just finish compounding and oils are ready for you guys, emails have been busy, currently have a shipper, a brewer and I handle the emails and assist with compounding.
    I cannot not stress this enough, please give me an accurate address in order to protect all of our opsec.
    Also, running a promo starting at midnight. B2G3 Free in all oils with orders over $250.00

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    You double-talk that first part without providing anything. If you really got something man, MESO would love you if you tossed some real stuff out there. Instead, you’re the most recent whipping boy because you kinda lack credibility.

    I wouldn’t know what was said about me. I left the TGI discord because TGI was pissed off at me. He thought I was involved with the MESO alt handle that popped up in September(?) that was going to expose the TGI group as some big conspiracy. TGI was a master at working the crowd and demanded “loyalty”. Imagine that? So I knew what was coming and I wasn’t going to be a part of that so I left his discord.

    I would hope they didn’t. I’m sure you’re right though and some did. If guys said awful shit about me what am I going to do? This is an anonymous forum so it’s not gonna hurt my feelzzz none. If they chose to listen to a guy that’s locked up now and believed what he said, there’s not much I can do about it. I’m still here.
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    Post of the year 2020 so far. I nominate you for Meso’s most prestigious award, the golden syringe. Well done.
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  20. Grab Bag

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    Ok guys I hate to do this but I need to expose thus source for selling recs. He keeps offering me poppers, whip it’s, and vcr headcleaner. For those of you in the know this is serious stuff, and puts the buttholes of this entire board in jeopardy. Stay away from this source.
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