New Source Friday (Domestic US)!!!!!!!

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    Apparently, NoahLabs has quite a few fan boys over at SST and EF. Also, his trust pilot reviews are solid.
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    Pics on the 1st day? Your on your A game!
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    Just finish compounding and oils are ready for you guys, emails have been busy, currently have a shipper, a brewer and I handle the emails and assist with compounding.
    I cannot not stress this enough, please give me an accurate address in order to protect all of our opsec.
    Also, running a promo starting at midnight. B2G3 Free in all oils with orders over $250.00

    Check your BTC before sending, and stop sending me your dick pics for your feelz report for store credit. This will not be honored. Sorry at @MisterSuperGod
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    ######## INJECTABLES (Carrier: GSO/MCT ay request)

    | Product | Concentration | Price | Stock |


    | Test E | 250mg/ml (10ml)| $30 | High |

    | Test Cyp | 250mg/ml (10ml)| $30 | Med |

    | Test Prop | 100mg/ml (10ml)| $20 | Med |

    | tren Ace | 100mg/ml (10ml)| $40 | High |

    | deca durabolin | 250mg/ml (10ml)| $35 | High |

    | Mast Prop | 100mg/ml (10ml)| $35 | Med |

    | EQ | 600mg/ml (10ml)| $45 | High |

    | Primo E | 200mg/ml (10ml)| $100 | Med |

    10mL per vial. Crimp-top vials.

    ########### ORALS ###########################

    | Product | Concentration | Price | Stock |


    | Anavar | 20mg/cap (30 caps)| $40 | High |

    | Dianabol | 25mg/cap (30 caps)| $25 | High |

    | Winstrol | 25mg/cap (30 caps)| $25 | High |

    | turinabol | 25mg/cap (30 caps)| $35 | Med |

    Capsule size: #0

    Filler: Lidocaine Powder

    ### ANCILLARIES####################################

    | Product | Concentration | Price | Stock |


    | nolvadex | 20mg/cap (30 caps) | $25 | High |

    | aromasin | 12.5mg/cap (30 caps) | $35 | Med |
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    Best way to digest his orals is snorting. It’s the preferred method. FYI
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    @Noah86 give us a count of how many new guys pm’d you about your business.
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    You would be surprised, at least everyone can find my email above with my latest inventory update/prices. Lol
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    What is that old saying? “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.” I think that’s it anyway. That is the way I feel about this situation. Even if you had in your hands real, tangible evidence; what would it change? If I was a betting man I’d say that if evidence came out that certain members were involved in backdoor dealings i.e. sourcing, receiving freebies, misleading posts about product quality or results; those same members would still be welcomed with open arms. I’ve seen it happen in the past with frank. Guys still pat him on the back when he comes threw here.

    I am Mesos whipping post. Cool. My intent here has been clear as a summers day. I thought we were all on the same team. Preventing shady shit, and trying to not be ripped of or sold garbage. Every time however I try to assist in preventing those things everyone goes on the attack. That speaks for itself really. Maybe the mission of this place once was harm reduction. However the cool guys at meso who are all allowed an opinion have turned this into a game of deception and profit. Safety be damned.
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    All packs have been shipped and emails have been caught up.

    Don’t forget the Sale has begun

    B2G3 Free on all oils with orders over $250.00

    Junior Members get 15% discount off all new orders.

    Remember only BTC accepted

    Thanks for choosing NoahLabs
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    I emailed you an hour ago about one vial of test e, did you get it yet? I’ve been a customer for years but my email got phished so I had to make a new one.
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    Haven’t received your email, please recheck address and resubmit. Min Order is 250.00 for the promo and $100.00 min for regular orders.

    Price list in above posts.
    Email is :
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    So how are your vials sterile if you just leave them out in the open like that and expose them to dust, lint, and potential bacteria?

    Also for all you noobs I was definitely joking when I said I wanted to try them out

    Where the fuck is your hplc testing on your raws? How do you even know if your raws are legit?
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  15. Noah86

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    This is my process:
    Vials/Media Bottles:

    1. Wash with antibacterial soap/tap water
    2. Rinse with demineralized water
    3. Second rinse with isopropanol alcohol
    4. Rinse with distilled water then left to air dry
    5. Bake at 350° for 30min in a professional grade dry heat sterilization unit auto clave

    Stoppers/receiver caps:

    1. Rinse in isopropanol alcohol for 30mins
    2. Rinse in distilled water then left to air dry
    3. Use for capping immediately following air dry process

    Only have 3rd party testing for the Raws from the supplier. Also I have my finished product sent out for testing and will post up once i receive the results.
    @janoshik please hurry it up, members are getting anxious
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    It would be 420$ per sample for expedited testing, please, transfer the suitable amount to BTC wallet 3HcEB6bi4TFPdvk31Pwz77DwAzfAZz2fMn and let me know after the transfer is made.

    Thank you.

    If you choose to not pay the expedited testing fee, you shall receive the result in the normal time - within 10 days, as per @LAB4TOX terminology, so you should definitely have them in about a month and a half at the latest.
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    But then why would you put them back out when your ready to fill without anything covering the tops of your vials?
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    I don’t have a full blown lab room as most UGL don’t but I do utilize a dedicated room with multiple HEPA Air Filtration systems as well as utilizing sterile technique as stated in my prior post to provide the best quality product. The tests I sent were also submitted for not only purity but for microbial analysis.
    I am certain you will be pleased with the products we have created here at Noah Labs.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    On another note, I will need to begin compounding more product tomorrow for TestC250 and will not have any more in stock. All orders that have already been placed have been accounted for with it and will not have any delay in delivery time.

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    You clearly don’t know anything about brewing... Noah lab is g2g