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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Trenity, Aug 15, 2018.

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    Pristine seems like a good one. I agree with getting a rep, @T-Bagger would be perfect!
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    Ok. I was thrown off cause you’re in a source thread so I assumed you were running UGL.

    You’d get a ton of responses if you posted this to the “Men’s Health” thread. Thats where TRT questions get the most response.

    I agree with you then. Take the blood tests and go see another doctor. The one you have isn’t familiar enough with TRT. You’ll have problem after problem with him. Sucks that a medical “professional” doesn’t know this shit. But unfortunately that’s all too common.

    You are making the correct decision in educating yourself. Good job with that. Most people just blindly go with what the doctor says.
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    Glad you said all that. I feel better about my decision now. I kept the questions here because I am officially next week starting the higher dose from @Trenity and besides you guys are very informative. :)
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    Lol, I cannot be bought
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    It's a shame there are way too many quacks out there fucking people up. I see an abundance of them, especially in south florida.
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    I think Riggs said that same thing 3 years ago!
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    That's what everyone says right before they get bought.
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    Have you not heard? I’m the realest mfer around! I can’t be bought!
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    Lol, Riggs was a sellout from the start.
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    He's a source whore
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    Anytime you increase you test, by supplementing with exogenous testosterone, your e2 will increase too. Not trying to be a dick, but Before anyone should dive into using testosterone they should first learn the responsible way of using it, harm reduction is part of that. Which means proper use of an AI. Unless you dont mind the negative effects that elevated e2 bring to the table. Some guys refuse to use an AI, but they always have it on Incase they start to get gyno symptoms. Estrogen is not all bad, it is required in order to increase muscle mass, but elevated e2 in a man can cause a hell of a lot of unwanted problem besides just gyno. The fact that you are concerned about your elevated e2 tells me that you are not one of the guys that goes thru his cycle intending on only using an aI if you become symptomatic. do yourself a favor and get your shit together, before it’s too late. Not trying to be a dick but this is a question that you shouldn’t need to ask if you would have done your homework before jumping head first into your cycle. Also the fact that you just increased your dose to 500mg/wk, I am guess the 92ng/dL e2 was based on the 300mg. So plan on your e2 growing substantially now due to you increasing your dose of test. Your situation is only going to get worse not better unless you do something, also I don’t know a trt doctor that would prescribe their patient 500mg/wk of test with no AI. That’s a recipe for malpractice so there is something you are not telling us.
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    Also not trying to be a dick BUT, I have explained this. First off I was prescribed 200mg bi weekly. I didnt like the up and down so I changed it to 100mg a week and have slowly increased to where i am right now over the course of the last 5 months. I right after last blood test jumped up to 400 last week. This next week i will be at 500 a week. When i was prescribed trt from my doctor, he mentioned nothing about E2 levels and is showing no concern for the now elevated levels. Over the last few months I've noticed symptoms that turn out to be from elevated E2 and requested the E2 test on my own. The doctor has seen the results and told me he wants to wait 6 weeks and try again.

    I like most others I assume, expected that I was being properly informed by my doctor. His lack of concern for elevated E2 levels at HIS prescribed dose, is my reason for heading to another doctor to let them look at results and give opinions.

    Apologize if I'm just droning on here BUT, I AM here doing research, asking questions, googling my ass off, and co forming said googling results by asking more questions here. 90% of things I have asked is me thinking way in the future. IF I decide to run an actual cycle of gear, what will I need, what can I expect...etc....

    I do appreciate all feedback. Really I do. Most all of you know more about this stuff than I do. Trust me, my OCD ass is reading/learning everything I can and everyone here us a source.
  13. gunsrus

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    Also, I obviously have deviated from what my doctor has prescribed. That much is obvious. But not until last week.
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    Well 400 and now 500 mg/week is a cycle. Congratulations, you’re running your first cycle. You should have your AI on hand. Oops, you don’t. Hope for the best or you can always get a job doing tranny porn with the big luscious man tits you grow.

    Don’t take anymore test than your doctor prescribed. Wtf man?
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  15. gunsrus

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    I actually do have an AI on hand. Doctor prescribed just enough to put me in the middle of the very wide normal range. I want to be higher. What is wrong with this? I made sure I had the AI on hand before I started upping the dosage. I brought up the E2 results here because the doctor just shrugged them off when that seemed strange to me, and I was curious about the thoughts here.

    I gottem ;)
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    These both can't be true... You can't say he is ignoring the E2 when he prescribed you something for the E2 which you are choosing not to take...

    He even asked if you are fucking with shit by asking if you are taking "supplements." And he ordered further tests to see why the AI he prescribed you isn't working.

    What the hell are you doing man? And you think he's the one that has this all fucked up?
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    Before you get your panties twisted more than they already are, I did not EVER say that my doctor prescribed me an AI. I stated that I in fact have one ON HAND. Meaning, I got it myself because my doctor seems to be a tool (hence looking for a second opinion). I got an AI from @Trenity PLANNING AHEAD AND THINKING AHEAD AFTER DOING LOTS OF FUCKING RESEARCH.

    We good?

  18. gunsrus

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    "Doctor prescribed me just enough" was towards the TRT NOT and AI prescription.
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    He also didn't order further tests. He said he wants to wait 6 weeks and test again. Now tell me how that makes sense.
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    Man you are confusing. To clarify when did you start free lancing and up to your dosage? If he prescribed 100 mg/week I guess he is right nor concerning with high e2. 400/500 is a whole other animal