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    Has any1 tired trenity accutane? Or accutane at all I don't hear much convo on it. Is it really that harsh to take as some say I get some good acne on my back and shoulders when I start and end a cycle wanted to try it out since I'm about to start and its pool season. I never see these YouTube body builders with acne ppl must be using it

    Edit @gunsrus he prescribed 500mg/wk? Is this a doctor or a men's health clinic? Theres a men's health clinic where I live that will do cycles and blood but way to expensive for me

    Your story smells like tuna salad
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    I'm done explaining this after this one right here.

    Read what I said (all of it) or dont comment. I never said the doctor prescribed 500mg a week. I'm not gonna hold your hand through the conversation. I've said my peace, I have gotten the information I needed from other members that pay attention and actually read/comprehend what I'm saying. Half of you are taking multiple threads and putting them together in whatever order you want.

    I stated facts, some of you got it and some of you didnt, and some of you just throw dumbass comments out. Time to move on.

    Have a great day everyone!
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    Again, if you read you will see I answered this awhile ago.
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    Don't get ur panties twisted
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    Do a MESO search for accutane. I’m taking accutane right now from a different UGL. It works but it’s not really immediate results. I started back in February at 40 mg/day. You’re supposed to take it until you reach a cumulative dose equal to 120 mg/kg of body weight. So basically it’s going to take me a year to reach that. Once you hit that cumulative dose you supposedly don’t get acne.

    The first few weeks your skin actually gets really oily on accutane as the subdermal oil is released. You’ll get chapped lips and dry eyes too. My acne was noticeably less after 2 months but I still get it. Accutane is rough on the tendons and joints too. And you’re not supposed to use any oral steroids while on accutane since it’s be too much of a load on the liver.
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    Any suggestions to make things more manageable on Accutane? I started about 3-4 weeks ago and so far it’s helped a lot but my skin and lips hurt and my knees are taking a toll also. I’m
    Running Tudca at the same dosage I run it while on a cycle that includes orals, is that overkill or should I keep dosing the Tudca fairly high? I’m only using about 20mg a day and it’s already very noticeable in a few different ways.
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    Carmex chapstick in the round container.

    Some drugs cause worse breakouts than others. Like tren for instance. Smaller more frequent doses helps stabilize levels for less acne. Once acne is controlled try running accutane at 10mg ED with acne body wash etc.
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    T/A and coms were fantastic. Product looks clean and professional. All vials filled at the same volume.
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    This is getting old. @T-Bagger already has 2 jobs, he is the site curator, and he’s busy being the realist mutha fucker
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    Thank you. Hey guy, if you want help you need to atleast be straight forward and forget about telling us a story that sounds good on. Otherwise don’t waste our time. You got a little moody when your conflicting story was brought up. Just remember. You are the one asking for help. If you have motives that you think people will frown on, who cares, you can’t please everyone, you wouldn’t be the first person to stray away from Doctor orders. you might still get some feedback you don’t like, but it’s better than this feedback. I recommend Rereading what you have posted, and maybe start a post on another thread about it.
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    Hold on guy, Ia not the only person confused here. So this is good advice for you. I would look at it. Because it one person Says something you don’t like, fuck it. But if 3 or more people are saying the same thing, that’s called collective feedback. Chances are those three people aren’t all krazy. I am, but only on Wednesday nights ts
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    No, what it means is there is a collective of people that are just misunderstanding what I'm saying. Still also means I'm done explaining it. Iys ok, so.e of you did understand and I got responses I needed.
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    I'll start a new thread and put up the full story. I will even tag you in it friend. I value everyone's opinion, unless you're just being a tool. Tools can go get bent. :)
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    Another quick T/A from Pristine. Everything looks good.
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    You're a little late, I posted that like a week ago. You just looking for stuff to say???
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    Why pristine not responding to proton
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    He’s back!
  19. He accidentally locked his secure device in the raws room and lost the key. He found the key, but then the cops came and arrested the secure device on a 4 year old warrant.
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  20. ^^THIS^^ hahahahaha
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