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    No, I just haven’t been active like I usually em. You must have the wrong gUy, lol, unlike your dumbass, most of the time I have important things to say. Next time try and change your tampon and take a deep breath before your make a stupid fucking comment like you just did. Then you could have seen that my reply was not about insulting you in any way it was meant to be funny, and directed toward Tbag.
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    Being the realest mfer is the hardest job of them all. I’m going to need you two knobs to entertain @MisterSuperGod and go kiss and make up. @Tiredandhot & @88GENERAL88 lol
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    Imagine trashing the fuck out of this source and then crying because no ones replying to you. Whata fuckin retard. I knew u were stupid as shit
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    Kiss kiss bang bang
  5. I tried it in high school. Had horrible face acne, puss was literally dripping from my face....fucking nasty. 2 months on pharm grade acutane and that shit cleared up completely minus the scars. Dried me the fuck out but it did do it’s job. I’m 31 now and my face finally decided to produce grease again. That shit shut the grease off for 15 years lol
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    Sorry, per t-bagger we need to make up. So I'm giving you a bro hug...
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    You don’t follow instructions very well. I said kiss and make up. @MisterSuperGod only has so much patience.

    And by “kiss and make up” I literally mean he wants to see you both in makeup, kissing one another.
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    Tongue kiss, and by tongue he means dicks... No HOMO... lol
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    So TA was a day or 2 slower than usual on several orders over the last week and a half. I've been dealing with some transportation issues. That was fixed as of yesterday so things should get back to normal starting tomorrow. Just wanted to make guys who have orders out there aware.
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    Sent 2 new order emails via proton with no response what's up with that?
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    Is there an updated list somewhere? I know my man has DHB and I am sure there are more orals.
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    T/A quick no complaints
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    I see our thread in my email and I can confirm that I have responded to your last 2 messages. Sent you a PM.

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    Still waiting on an domestic order from over 7 days ago (outside of the TA). Supposed to be getting tracking info.
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    Update: just spoke with Trenity, looks like there was a mix up and it possibly did not go out, will update you guys when the pack lands.
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    t400:800wk.png t400 about 6 weeks in 800mg a week, about 42 hrs after pin. Also on Anadrol-from this source, accutane, and nolva from another.
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    T/A Quick, no issues, 5 days
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    Appreciate you pulling bloods but you might wanna grab yourself some AI your estro is crazy high.
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    Depends on the person, I pulled bloods with 3700 and 145 with no AI. No real side effects, mood changes or sexual issues.
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    I think most people are scared to death of gyno.... Me included, so I am sure I keep my E2 lower than necessary but low enough to keep me sane.
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