Progress/training log part 3: Operation retard strengthstrength

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    Well well well, the moment I have been waiting on for quite some time, the strength phase!

    After 2 years or so of cutting i finally reached my goal and dropped down to 220lbs, having lost a total of 130lbs and becoming depressingly weak.

    However, it was well worth it, i feel much better and im sure it built character or something like that lol.

    So as promised in the last log here are the most recent progress pictures from the beginning to the most recent...

    Starting off at a hideous tree hunnit n fiddy pounds..
    8087a32afd38c2652d4f33c5b2e6cb0f.jpg downloadfile-1.jpeg 168bd2cebdef3113d59717fcf9bbfd89.jpg

    Down to my most recent 220lbs at last..
    94655e2d066361d692ca52ebd168e525.jpg 8160c652a3cf96bc234954bbd9916f05.jpg 29fc161da5995f6b59fed7ea7c492c0e.jpg aa2e4d7fcad1217dc82257adabd53027.jpg

    Still far from a great physique, but much improved i would say.

    So now with the help of my good friend, and highly esteemed coach @RodgerThat
    I think it is finally time to pack on a little muscle and start seeing just how strong i can get.

    This will be the log from now and leading up into early 2018 when i figure out a meet for me to compete in for the first time.

    Yall know the deal, daily workouts logged, progress pictures from time to time, maybe a video here and there, and tons (and i mean tons) of bullshitting because meso is the only social interaction i get haha.

    So gonna tag all of the people that i like that i can think of off the top of my head, if i miss any of youse guys dont feel bad, it's just so many of you guys.

    @Kakarot @Ickyrica @jaymaximus @Eman @franchise24 @Perrin Aybara @Leancuisine @MisterSuperGod @Sk8man101 @Johnny442 @Gobuckeyes0122 @Seven Dog @bhog

    Annnddd i think that just about covers all the regulars.

    Thanks to all y'all for the continued support, yall are the real mvp's.

    So, without further ado, let operation retard strength commence.
  2. insaiyan93

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    Alright first workout tonight

    1.front squats 4x3 8rpe worked up to a top set of 245lb which is a good 40lb pr on front squats so helluva way to kick off the new program
    2.TNG bench 4x10 7rpe 165lb
    3.leg press 2x20 however much 3 plates a side is pulldown 4x16 110lb
    5.kbell swings with the biggest one we have, not sure how much it ways as it is unmarked.

    Really stoked to come back and smash that front squat pr, felt good to feel strong again. Feeling much better with added carbs, energy levels are much higher and for the first time in a while i was actually excited to get to the gym tonight, so fuck yeah!
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    Fuck bro. That is extreme determination. I love it. I love progress and change. To do what you did requires determination, discipline, motivation and dedication. You checked all the blocks. I'm super excited for. That transformation could land you some endorsements. Now you will gain some wicked strength in time. I'm stoked for you. And excited to see this strength phase log.
  4. insaiyan93

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    Thank you sir.

    Yeah maybe endorsements if i gave some gimmicky regimen and claimed they could do it in 8 weeks lmao nobody wants to hear "it's going to take two miserable years to get what you want" hahaha

    Glad to have you on board chevy silverabro.
  5. Johnny442

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    That's awesome progress my brother! I realize the sacrifice and how hard it was to achieve! Fuck yea! Good luck on this phase, I will def be following!
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  6. ickyrica

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    :mad::mad: time to fuck that weight up!! Good coach and good student equal success. You did an amazing job bro!! Time to go eat some fucking plates for breakfast!!:mad::mad::mad::mad:
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  7. insaiyan93

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    Thanks brotha!

    Breakfast, lunch, and dinner!! Hahaha
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  8. RodgerThat

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    Couldn't be prouder of you big man, you put in the work every single day and when I told you something even if it was unconventional or from your norm you didn't say anything but "fuck ya" and went above and beyond. I think it's worth noting even though you said you lost a shit ton of strength your deadlift went from 475-445 if I'm correct your squat form an incredibly sketchy 405 that didn't hit depth to 365 with ATG and your bench from an all time best of 275 to 235 so 30-40lb off of your lifts but 130lb of your frame and a character that's going to surpass those weights in no time. Plus all your new maxes are off gear and all the old ones you were juicy

    Can't express enough how awesome it is to help you my man you're the picture boy of work ethic not only in the gym but with your diet and in your job and making it work with your lady many miles away from you. Ain't that 20y/o slamming brews and doing drugs no more that's for god damn sure
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  9. ickyrica

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    ^^^^ truth. One of, if not the most consistent dudes here. Hats off!!
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    Well when you put it like that it ended pretty well haha. Yeah no doubt i'll be right back up to speed in no time.

    I do try and give it my all, no matter what facet of life it is.

    I've said it before, but once again, thabk you for all the help man. Wouldn't be the same without having a guide because outting in the work is no problem, but you just straight up know your stuff and i have no doubt that it would have been a much rougher path without ya. You ever need anything just say it and i got ya,fam.

    You're all far too kind, i might spout a tear or two lmao
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  11. insaiyan93

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    Decent sesh tonight

    1.deadlift 4x3 365lb 8rpe
    2.clean n jerk 4x2 135lb 9rpe
    3.seated row 4x12 130lb
    4.OHP 3x8 2 sets at 115lb 1 set 95lb 7rpe

    Felt decent tonight, deadlift wasn't feeling super strong but it's better than it has been plus i had a long day today and went pretty hard on my legs last night.
  12. Glad you finally hit your goal weight my man!
    very impressive when you actually break it down and think about it.

    350lbs-220lbs= 130lbs

    130lbs divided by 2 years = 65lbs a year

    65lbs divided by 12 months = 5.416666 lbs a month

    amazing dude!

  13. insaiyan93

    insaiyan93 Member

    Thank you brotha, im pretty glad to. I was getting pretty grumpy there towards the end lol.

    Good to have you on board, sir!
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    Good workout tonight

    1.squats 5x5 275lb 9rpe
    2.comp bench 4x3 185lb 8rpe
    3.front squat 4x4 8rpe did 2 sets with 185lb and called it, was cramping up really fucking bad. Been having a heat spell the last few days and i think i might be a bit dehydrated even though i have been pounding water just from sweating so much.
    4.cable low to high 3x12 60lb

    All in all pretty good, squats felt decent tonight so happy there, bench was moving well so no complaints.
  15. Throw a Gatorade or Powerade in at some point during the day. if it has too much sugar in it for your diet get the Gatorade G2 or Powerade Zero. you could also grab a Coconut water. could be that youre not necessarily dehydrated, but your sweating out all of your electrolytes. Since summer, (its get hot and HUMId here, like 80-90% humidity somedays) ill have a gatorade or two a day.

    Coconut water really helps too. my girlfriend drinks one almost daily so ill steal hers sometime. My guess by the cramping is its potassium/sodium. if youre drinking a shit ton of water, you flush out all of these electrolytes which are crucial. when you decide to do a PL Meet, these two, along with carbs will be your best friends

    also, if you have some BCAA's, throw those in a drink and sip on them during the day
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  16. insaiyan93

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    I didn't even consider that, im gonna pick up a couple of those low cal Gatorades or something on my way into work.

    Just with my calories getting so low towards the end of the cut i just got away from drinking anything other than water because i didn't want to drink any of my carbs just cuz I was so hungry, butninreckon i can swing it now that i hsve a little more cushion.

    Need to pick up some bcaas, didnt really bother with any supplements while cutting, but now that I'm training to grow be worth looking into.

    Thanks bro
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  17. i feel it. i got away from supplements ie. protein powders, bcaa's, preworkouts. but have added them back in and am seeing a difference.

    Coconut water has less calories/carbs. is a bit more expensive unless you find some at a discount/bulk store like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, Costco etc.
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    Yeah now that I'm on the mend, and have a better paying job,i really have no excuse to do anything I can to optomize my gains.

    Ya know a friend of mine that is a cyclist gets this electrolyte drink mix that i use sometime when i work for him and his wife, figure if anyone knows about cramping it's probably long distance cyclist so i may look into getting some of that.
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  19. Keep me updated on what he uses. i really have seen a difference in the short time ive been drinking sports drinks and using BCAA's. it was recommended to me a while back and i decided to give it a try and its been working for sure.
  20. insaiyan93

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    This is their website Exercise Hydration Mix

    Apparently it's some pretty good stuff.

    Got a preffered brand of bcaas, or are they more or less the same from brand to brand?
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