Where's Mindless work at?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CAswole, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. jacked44

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    He's at Muscle and Science board.
  2. Deisel26

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    @MindlessWork I kno u got like 5 computer monitors for every forum u on, and they always pulled up and active. I kno u see the alerts bruh!!!
  3. CAswole

    CAswole Member

    Well I'm satisfied. Just thought the dude might have up and died on us.
  4. Kinetic

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    Mindless Creeper in the Machine? Harvey Weinstein would get him 's contract with no questions asked.
  5. Seven

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    The post that finally (maybe) pushed him away.

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  6. Just Fish

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    And a screen licker
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  7. Just Fish

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    I think I stepped up the pedo bashing too in that thread lol
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  8. ickyrica

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    His last post was literally directly before that. You get the gold star for the day!! I'd say youre spot on. How much shit can one person take?

    It's so frigging strange how he has spent so much time immersed in the AAS community without ever sniffing at at 10ml vial until recent. Not how I would spend my life if I were him...
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  9. Perrin Aybara

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  10. bigpoppachump

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    I'm done with the MW bashing these days cause at the end of the day we just don't know what he's done.

    As sure as the day is long he'll be back in a week or so. Hes just burying his head in the sand for a few until the heat blows over.
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  11. Kinetic

    Kinetic Member

    That's the whole point, though... why? It'll start over again in another month or two then the cycle repeats itself.

    He's either a masochist or just not right in the head.
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  12. gr8whitetrukker

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    I could go on and on. But i think the picture is pretty clear. Much like hes treated on here is probably his everyday RL dealings.
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  13. Mem1guy

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    Maybe I should get some type of flair by my name.Lol

    The Mindless Exterminator!!
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  14. 23inch

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    Conclusion: Don't trust guys with pixelated faces to take care of your kids.
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  16. Skull

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    Lmfao that dude is fuckin everywhere. Every board I go to, their he fuckin is with at least 1000 or more posts on each one. I don't think he has a social life at all. I'm starting to think that these steriod forums is all he's got going for him....Now that's sad smh
  17. Skull

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    Yeah that's alot of the reason why I've laid off of him. I'm sure he gets enough bashings irl. I got bigger plans than to set an bash on him constantly
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  18. CdnGuy

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    Mindlessworks Halloween costume ? :eek:

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  19. ickyrica

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    Glad you're back. That shit right there is a grand fucking slam my friend.
  20. AntJB1017

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    Lmfao. I love all the bash Mindless threads lol
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