Who is our biggest, most shredded member at Meso?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Nitrust, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. MindlessWork

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    Lean mean fighting machine!
  2. Sworder

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    Nice body! Calves really stick out.

    No!! You probably shouldn't be walking even! Let them babies rest.
  3. MindlessWork

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    Hey be fair to those guys...they work harder than you ;)
  4. Sworder

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    :D :D :D
  5. MaxVolume

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    Decided to do a little 2-month comparison (1-month progress update) for shits and giggles.

    After tearing (partially) my left patellar tendon on June 1st, my right (also partially) patellar tendon and right meniscus on June 28th, and having a septioplasty on July 1st to repair a shattered septum and fractured cheek bone (suffered May 12th), I was out of the gym for 4 months. I started back up on October 6th, when I signed up at EōS fitness and decided it was time to get back to work. My tendons (especially my right) and meniscus still aren’t healed (as confirmed by an MRI on 11/1), so I can’t do any exercises, sports or lifts involving pressure/strain on my knees, but I couldn’t stand being out of the gym any longer and continuing to atrophy and lose muscle/mass/size. I have no clue how to pose and realized I suppose I should have flexed in these pics for maximum effect, but oh well. Too late for that now.

    9/6, at probably my smallest / worst shape during this process and in quite some time.

    10/8, 2 days back in the gym

    11/9, yesterday, after essentially 1 month of working out (and on cycle)

    My quads are severely lacking, but happy with the progress otherwise, especially being able to lean out/stay lean while putting back on some mass/size.
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  6. B Ware

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    I’m sure it’s been mentioned but what are your stats as far as age, height and weight? If you don’t mind answering.
  7. MaxVolume

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    Not at all.

    42, 5’ 10 3/4” (Dr’s measurement from my MRI appt 10 days ago, but I shrank about an inch in the last few years after the lumbar microdiscectomy and 2 lumbar spinal fusions), 186 lbs as of 2 minutes ago...typically in the 180-185 range depending on the day or time of day.
  8. johntt44

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    Amazing difference between 1st and last photo. You've had some bad luck with injuries. Looking like that post back surgeries is something to take pride in!
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  9. MindlessWork

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    I still feel small these days and my avatar shows how far I came along after I just finished a cycle.
  10. MaxVolume

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    Don’t fret, you are still small!

    J/K. As they say, the mind is a powerful thing, both good and bad. Sometimes the worst or scariest place to be is inside your head.
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  11. Sworder

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    Whenever I feel small I start walking into people in the grocery store. They fly!!! Especially older people.

    Makes me feel like a BIG MAN :)
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  12. MaxVolume

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  13. Neewbiest guy

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    Your mind can be your own worst enemy. At least for me its has in the past.
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  14. SaneDog

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    Damn you look really good man. Keep the gains up!
  15. MindlessWork

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    My best recent ones:

    20191109_150658_2.jpg 20191109_150742_2.jpg 20191109_150758_2.jpg
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  16. B Ware

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  17. MindlessWork

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    Thanks as I have rather long arms for my 5'8 height. Still going to be pushing on!
  18. size26s

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    As one girl I know says red hulk

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  19. size26s

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    [QUOTE="size26s, post: 2535897, member: 64298"

    Last 6 weeks of blast. Upping calories. Around 4000 now going to try and get to 4500. I realized I’m low on my fats so had to up those this week and also took Macs advice and started taking MRE now from redcon.
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  20. tonedproned

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    Great shape, amazing muscularity and vascular conditioning.