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  1. Jrock83

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    So is this a bad time to ask for an updated price list? Lol
  2. rugerjitsu

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    What’s the chances of a Test PH/NPP 150/150 brew??
  3. I can give it a shot but I'm not sure how well it will hold at that concentration.
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  4. Everyone who was waiting on an order was emailed tracking info yesterday.
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  5. djewrek

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    Hey can we place orders or are you still closeted right now?
  6. rugerjitsu

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    Even 150/100 would be real nice...
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  7. Jrock83

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    It would hold in mig though right?
  8. I'll be back tomorrow night and will get an updated list together once I have a chance to go through and inventory everything.
  9. I'll make a small sample run and see if it holds. I do have a version in stock but dosed at 100/100
  10. Yes it'll definitely hold in mig even as high as 200/200 but I know some guys have trouble with mig
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  11. What do you think about this blend?

    C 3 - 600
    200 mg Test C
    200 mg Nand C
    200 mg Bold C
  12. Jrock83

    Jrock83 Member Supporter

    That's would be badass! What would be the carrier?
  13. Jrock83

    Jrock83 Member Supporter

    The blend I really want to see is TrenA200/MastP200
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  14. I'm still out of town at the moment so not taking payment for orders but you can still send the order and I will reply tomorrow.
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  15. Right now it's in MCT but want to see if it's still holding when I get back. Made it right before I left.
  16. That'll definitely have to be in mig.
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  17. Tizzousa

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    Dude this would be awesome if you can get it to hold!!
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  18. Was holding as a few days ago.
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  19. Jrock83

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    I love mig. Mig for me is like the tren of carrier oils
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  20. Mac11wildcat

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    What’s the reasoning for you guys wanting so many blends? Never made sense to me; you’re fixing your ratios and making it impossible to up or drop any individual compound alone.