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    Nothing wrong with a waist down shot. Cant let people think you skip leg day. 33411.jpeg
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    What is Cbol? Pro hormone?
  3. Morefyah

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    It’s similar to tbol.
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    Nice. Good job. Thick as fuck. Nice definition. Im getting there. Legs are hard to grow. At least for me. BTW, that’s my thumb not my dick.
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    LMAO, glad you pointed out that last part!

    Legs are my hardest to grow as well while my arms and shoulders are first and easiest to grow. I’ve wondered if there is a correlation because I have a buddy who started hitting the gym and his legs exploded but his arms sucked.
  6. Thanks for the testing. Have a $100 credit with your name on it.
  7. I'm finally back in town. Im planning on reopening Monday but now with this shit with the explosive devices being sent through the mail. I'm thinking for your safety and mine it might be better to let this shit blow over. I know homeland security is inspecting post offices along the east coast. Guess we can see what develops over the weekend.

    Thoughts and opinions?
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    Tough call. I’ve been waiting 2 weeks to place a fairly large order (to me at least) for me and two bros. I’m itching to pull the trigger as my friends are getting impatient. I like everything you are doing with the sweet labels, long list, helpful attitude, offering credit for BW and even blood donations. I want to support you. I have other sources to order from, but was holding out for you.

    I’m all for safety however. I think the imitation bombs were a political stunt and I think the FBI knows that. But maybe they are treating it legit.

    I don’t want to be out a bunch of cash and be on the hook for my friends gear. That already happened once when that cocksucker RR took off with $450 of my money and my bros.
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    The likelihood of packages going to PO Boxes and/or residences of non-public, non-political figures being seized or searched is pretty nil. The nature of the suspicious mailings (with suspicious timing, no less) should be clear and I don't see that tearing into random packages addressed to normal folk is at all tenable given existing laws dealing with mail and the resources it would take to conduct such an intrusive campaign. USPS struggles enough as-is. Unless you're sending gear to MSNBC or Fox or McConnell or Pelosi, you should be fine.

    In my opinion, of course.
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  10. Sp2.0

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    I read this morning that they've narrowed it down to three states where they originated from. Those areas would most likely be the focus but it's never bad to err on the side of caution.
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    You have a pretty good reputation as of now. Just from reading the thread you seem like you got your shit together. Family issues pop up and you have had really open lines about everything. Some are gona say you’re off your shit or have been compromised by le blah blah blah. There’s a lot of paranoia with these clowns. Ultimately it’s your decision. Some of is may turn into long time customers and probably wont mind.
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  12. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Yea, mail some gear off to all those people. Maybe they wouldn’t act like butthurt little pussies and this country can get back on track.
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    That’s a tough call! I definitely wouldn’t go crazy sending a bunch of packs till all this shit blows over!
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    Sorry if this is redundant, but u were just pinning 100mg each time you injected?

    Those numbers are close to what I get running 400 a week, 200 mg each injection

    I'm using his cyp and close to being able to pull bloods, so just curious .
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  15. Uttukuxul

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    Glad you said something, I was thinking those numbers were high for 200mg/week. I am likewise close to bloods and don't want my doc having a shit fit so if that's what we're going to see (within a margin of inevitable human variance) then I need to dial back my volume in CCs a smidge for the next 3 weeks or reschedule bloods.
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  16. Uttukuxul

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    Their emotional incontinence smacks of hormonal imbalance, to be certain. :D
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    Whatever you decide please let us know soon. I have an email in with a nice sized order. Some of it I need, some can absolutely wait.

    I guess just don’t mail them to Democrats *shrug*
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    I’m also waiting to pull the trigger on a nice sized order.
  19. Gaynz39

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    Would like to see the most updated list, it’s pretty much the same still right now. Wanting to put a first time order in possibly.
  20. lifter6973

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    You sure about that thumb brah?
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