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    Numbers are high but could be because of your protocol. If you can pin once a week, best to take bloods 7 days after last pin. With that protocol, 200 mg/week should have you around 1000 to 1100.
    I think I am going to run bloods on testE, one pin a week for 4 weeks, 400 mg/pin and get bloods either 5 or 7 days after last pin.
    PS- I never hear many complaints about higher than expected test on blood results so it seems AA has some potent stuff.
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    Better safe than sorry. Wait a week or two and it will have blown over by then.
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    Not sure what protocol @Burn bright uses and why his numbers were so high (could be many things tbh) but I personally pin twice weekly and my perscription is 250mg/week - doc wants me in proximity to 1100ngdl. If the Cyp is a little on the hot side it would be good to know, but we certainly can't make that assertion based on his bloods, there's too many factors we don't know about. I may dial back a bit and space my last pin before bloods out for 5-7 days just to be on the safe side.
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    it's almost impossible to overdose cyp, it won't hold. not to mention, there is no hard and fast rule for blood levels on test, everyone responds differently
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    Waited over a week for my first crypto to clear. Now this bomb nonsense.

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    I can’t find anything online for it. Keep getting dbol stuff.
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    There was a pro hormone named pmag that was the pro hormone to methylclostebol.
    Methylclostebol is also known as 4-chloro-17α-methyl-androst-4-en-17β-ol-3-one and sometimes referred to as mechabol.

    Then they released MECHABOL which is in sense straight methylclostebol no conversion necessary. These were designer steroids not pro hormones. There is a big difference. It was quite popular until the last big steroid ban 2014. I loved this shit it and have used it many times. It’s like Tbol/Hdrol but kicked in faster and gave more size. Nasty vascularity and and nasty Bp spikes and back pumps.
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    Update the got the bomb maker!!! Or at least they arrested the suspect
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    And I’m 99% positive the truth will be twisted to say it was someone from the Proud Boys or a right winger, possibly even a Christian. And definitely someone with ties to the NRA.
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    “Bombs” in a loose definition lol.
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    Bunch of excess wires sticking out of batteries
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  12. Hopefully it sticks and we can get back to business as usual. We'll see what happens over the weekend. I've got a lot of shit to catch up on and go through over the weekend so as it stands now we're looking at Monday for the reopen.
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    No doubt. I’m just surprised they apprehended him. These usually end in a shootout where the suspect is pronounced dead. Easier to fit the story they’re currently selling.
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    Hopefully the new list. Hint hint
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    I forgot to throw in one more piece - a white guy so the “white privilege” narrative can be propagated and spur on more racial tension. So it’ll be a:
    White supremacist who is part of the NRA, an evangelical Christian, a registered republican who is part of the Proud Boys. Did I miss anything? Oh yeah - a homophobe, but that’s part of being all of the above :rolleyes:
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    I bet you he don’t kneel during the god damn national anthem! o_O
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    Probably all a hoax
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    I want your doc- Mine doesnt give two shits and the endo thinks levels hovering around 300 whether just under or over are fine. Bullshit. If you got a doc that wants you in the 1100 range, you got a good thing going.
    PS- sorry I misread the initial post- I thought those were your bloods- I should have said 'his' protocol, not 'yours'. I think you will be fine 5 days from last pin if you are pinning 2X per week. It will just throw off your pinning schedule slightly for one week. That is assuming you are the only one seeing the bloods. If your doc is going to see them, you might want to go with 7 days from last pin.
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    Recently divorced or a former stalker. You gotta work in something that also appeals to the pink pussyhat #MeToo supporters.
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    It's an old one, I've never hear anyone use it since I've been around. But I'd try it
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