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    Fuck man, literally took the words out of my mouth!!
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    I've been doing 75mg and then 125mg. Tuesday, friday. In the past I have gotten 7-8x. The bloods are off the 125mg. Why do I do this you ask? Anybody's guess really.
  3. Xragexx

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    Did AA decide whether he’s taking on orders this weekend or still waiting to see what happens?
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    Monday earliest I word on further waiting for the bomb thing

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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  5. Monday

    Have like 10 boxes of pharm gear to inventory and update list plus restock a few things on ugl line
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    well hurry up. I got money burning a hole in my pocket :D
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    Let me give you my wallet link
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    You can send it to my wallet for now if that helps keep your anxiety down :cool:
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    Back off pal. I’ve got dibs on this!
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    Whats the deal with this Inj. Winstrol? I recall @Anonymous_anabolics stating it would be oil based, correct? What oil Anybody use it? hows the pip?
  11. Guac in the winny. Pip isnt bac as long as you can handle guac injections
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    Guiac**.......Please don't inject avacados you will die
  13. tengtren

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    I was about to link my ogh food thread post from yesterday , I had guac on my sandwich, no winstrol in it though I wasn't aware it was a carrier (vegetable ?)
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    Avocado oil as a carrier LOL
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    It’s actually an oral, just pull some up in a syringe, unscrew the needle and squirt In back or throat, just kidding
  16. T-Bagger

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    I actually wondered about that
  17. picholas

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    I was high and wondered about CBD or actual hash/cannabis oil as a carrier too...
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    Well shit, AA uses hemp oil along with GSO or MCT, right?
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  20. tengtren

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    Bubble hash tren 420mg/ml
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