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  1. Sorry to break the bad news but he's more than likely Cuban or at the very least Hispanic descent
    Caesar Sayoc

    However this could be used to help.spin trump's agenda of using military force to stop those 1000s of immigrants headed toward the US Mexico border.
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    I’m quite shocked
  3. Roger rabbit

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    Na he was raised by white cristian folks who got him angry. Not shocking. These white Christian people all Republicans nd evil. No winder this guy turned out bad.

    Impeach trump now. This is his fault obviously.
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    All I want to know is how he got 15 packages mailed on 3 different carriers on the same day to arrive without a single one being late, lost, or damaged beyond recognition...
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    Always a Florida man.
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  6. Clostebol Acetate aka 4-chlorotestosterone acetate
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  7. If he wasn't about to be locked up I could have hired him as my shipper. Just ignore the bombs in your packs.
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    What does this source sell? Just hgh? Haven't seen a list going back pages
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    That’s good police-work catching this guy.
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    It's so over the top, absolutely a set-up.
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    Lol. Yeah, my dick isn’t that big.
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    Free range chicken eggs on the weekends. Sometimes fresh produce from his garden during the week.
  13. JackSmooth

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    Sounds too good to be true. Why is it never mentioned, doesn’t seem very popular
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    His commute van

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  15. enigma34

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    I can't afford fresh produce :(
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    You can’t” beet “his prices on produce

    See what I did there? no shame lmao
  17. picholas

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    Some dad somewhere just got his wings.
  18. Horimono

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    G4pay. Just an idea. That’s what some of the pros do when they can’t afford fresh produce.
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  20. Pharm to table freshness