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  1. Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, it’s a protein that binds to sex hormones like T and E
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    i didnt test that this time anyways from few months ago
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    Can u screenshot the actual lab test you buy for Test levels un-capped? I am curious if I have the same options as you.
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    087D3602-53EB-43B8-9C5E-A87A631A3366.png This is what I am looking at....
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    I got that jst curious about sex hormone nice break down to give you Globulin reading.
  6. tony27

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    thanks Terminator I,m going to go with this test as well i like the break down
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    Yeah! Talk nasty to me bitch!
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    Curious if anyone has ran his test prop/mast prop/tren Ace blend thinking about grabbing a few to save some room in the pins with ED injections
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    Personally that’s why, depending on how much gear I am pulling out of the vial, I make sure that prior to that I am pushing that same amount of air into the vial. It allows for the continuous vacuum effect. Just my 2cents
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    I just read this thread and the posts from a few months back... Some of these people are retarded. Talking shit on a.a for using k? You do realize the steroids your doing are doing more harm then special k could ever do. So I'm just wondering why people would start talking shit on him for it? Some people need to stop judging people for what they do because for every asshole on this thread there are thousands of other assholes just like yourselfs telling the world how bad steroids are and that's why we buy drugs from underground labs in the first place. Dumb fucks....
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    I second that.
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  12. bolder

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    Read it again. There’s multiple stated reasons why.
    If someone is BREWING STEROIDS that I’m Injecting into my body I’d feel a lot more comfortable in doing so knowing they’re not impaired in any way!

    I mean if you want to get in the passenger seat of an impaired driver and risk yourself then go for it. Others would rather walk and not take the risk.
    To each their own....
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    Puck, the main thing you want to look for regarding uncapped test numbers when ordering blood work is that the measuring method is "LC/MS - MS". This will give uncapped test level numbers.

    Also, the majority of the blood work ordering sites now basically cater to the folks in our AAS community, offering bundled tests that cover uncapped testosterone levels, estradiol, lipid panels.

    I hope I understood what you were asking correctly, and more importantly I hope this helps.
  14. balco

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    I agree with you to an extent, but if someone is using special k (any narcotic) that doesn't mean they are using that while brewing or even taking it on a regular basis. Even if you are a chemist for a pharma company you could be using narcotics
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  15. bolder

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    That’s very possible. If it doesn’t affect me then I don’t care what people in their spare time. This is an instance where some things might have be better off unsaid.

    Nobody knows what others do behind closed doors in the privacy of their own home. We just go by what we read to make our own assessment. AA put it out there for everyone to see. He put out information that was tied to his name and brand. If he hadn’t put that out there then it would have never been an issue. Since he did though it’s an issue to some.
    All we can do is use all the information available to us. To make the best decision we can when researching a source we’re interested in doing business with.
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  16. balco

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    That's my point exactly, you don't know what 99.9% of what sources are doing behind closed doors and because AA mentioned that he used narcotics (obviously lacked professionalism) and it ruined his rep.

    Now that I've heard your perspective, it made me realize that it's similar to your real estate agent telling you he did coke that weekend even though he is great at his job, and I understand that.
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    There were more issues then him using K. Even though you cant compare a real estate agent to a brewer. Last I checked buying a house isnt detrimental to your health or wont kill you like contaminated gear. But, the bigger problem was his lies and erratic behavior. Him stating he spilled his guiacol and had to move the lab from his house because his neighbor smelt it. Also, other bullshit stories when he went Mia. More then just K. Some strange erratic behavior and stories.

    Also, my real estate agent wont get me in federal prison for drug trafficking crimes.
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  18. puckhog

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    Thanks brother. The main thing I am running into is this....the guy I tagged had his blood drawn through and his testosterone levels were un-capped. I wanted to give the lab my business too but when I called them to order the correct tests they told me ALL of their tests were capped. I was hoping to get a pic of the exact test he ordered so I could investigate the reason the labs told me all their tests were capped. I appreciate the info Bickel!
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    Just order online the tests arent capped clearly mine isnt but Im located in AZ and use sonoran quest labs. you just buy the test you want thru ulta labs print out the order and go to son quest or whatever lab you use in ya state. none of the bloodwork ive seen thru ulta labs has been capped.
  20. Anthony Minerva

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    It's not the same because ur real estate agent isn't building your house...
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