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  1. Speaking of real estate agents...

    "This is a new listing on the market. This home is just darling, however you may want to tear up the basement and lay a new floor because the previous owner carelessly spilled an oil drum's worth of Guaiacol during a drug induced stupor."

    "It will be an out of pocket cost, but in a way, you're really breaking even because the smell drove away all the stray cats and homeless people within a 10 mile radius."
  2. balco

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    I get it that was a poor analogy
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  3. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Do you ever contribute anything that’s good?
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  4. Anthony Minerva

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  5. Anthony Minerva

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    @balco even some good humor would suffice but I don't think it's ever goona happen
  6. Monster053

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    I’m still ordering and all seems to still be good, how about anyone else?
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  7. Tizzousa

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    I haven’t for a minute. Not sure. Is he still active via email? You notice his website being updated?
  8. Yea I may or may not have been using him, and I may or may not have received something a couple weeks ago
  9. Monster053

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    Yea still updates it, replies to his emails for me. Wasn’t sure if he’s just picky and choosey with who he does business with now or not with everyone still saying he’s out of the game. But he’s still there when I hit him up
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  11. M425M

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    I am coming for you this month bby, G.O.T. ;) .....Oh yeah, AA has been great thus far IMO.
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    Lol. You dont stand a chance. I have extraordinary guessing capabilities!
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  13. Monster053

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    Have some of AA’s Test prop/tren Ace/masteron prop blend. has some bite, but don’t really care as long as its dosed with what it supposedly says it is. Anyone else try it?
  14. Weights

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    I was impressed with speed of communication
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  15. M425M

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    I have the long ester version of that blend TestE/TrenE/MastE, too early to see the full kick in as it has just been over 3 weeks, no reason to doubt it's legitimacy so far. I'll report back in 2 weeks or so when i am fully saturated.
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  16. 88GENERAL88

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    Personally I don’t know if it ruined his rep. Personally, I think there are a ton of guys that frequent these boards that have used drugs, use them regularly, and some that used so such in the past they are in recovery. Like me, it doesn’t bother me to hear that my source uses k every once in a while. It actually make me feel a little more comfortable around the guy. The fact that he feel comfortable enough with himself and everyone here to mention that tells me his is just like u and me. Although you may not use K or meth or pain pills. Reality is that those things are fucking HUGE in the bodybuilding scene whether or not you want to admit it or not.
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    In case anyone didn’t notice, @Anonymous_anabolics signed in yesterday and changed his avi. Wonder if he’s coming back.
  18. i'm patiently awaiting the "welcome back, bro" posts that we will undoubtedly see, should he make a return.

    Tell him to keep his clumsy hands off the guaiacol this time!
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  19. 88GENERAL88

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    Lmfao, or rent instead of buy.
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  20. I mean as long as they aren’t intoxicated whilst make the shit I don’t see a problem with a source wanting to have fun on occasion in their spare time. I’m sure most sources at the very least drink booze on occasion as long as it’s not during work time.
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