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    To me it smells like raw bacon! But stronger! I hate the smell of it!
    My little woman says she can’t hardly smell anything! Her nose has to be fucked up! Lol.

    I got a few preworkout blends when he first started sourcing here along with some kits of Blacktop hgh...
    Actually I still have the PWO, both of em, half full lol. Frog juice and TRne/sdrol

    I didn’t have any issues with him while he was here. But how he left was really fuckin weird!!
    If he returns he should be vetted just like any NEW source that comes to Meso, imo!
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  2. 88GENERAL88

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    What were your thoughts on his PWO
  3. bolder

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    They weren’t bad. Knotted me up pretty good and the fuckin cough was brutal at times lol. I’d have to sit and let that shit pass!
    My experience with injectables PWOs are pretty much the same though. Good at first then not so much. There overrated lol.
    AAs knotted me up so bad it wasn’t worth it for me. I was blasting and pinning multiple times a week and only did the pwo in my glutes. Took my pinning rotation away because I couldn’t pin my glutes for a while after pinning the pwo. So for me it wasn’t worth it!
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    And for that, he won’t return - same reason he never “publicly” released his home brew line and bailed right before he released it and started his website.
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    It is weird with PWO anabolics (the no esters and water based suspensions) because I have read about guys saying they are amazing, but I have never known anyone IRL (myself included) who had that same response.

    After having tried various PWO's from various sources, I agree that they are overrated.
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    I agree as well, I've never had a positive experience with PWO AAS. Secondly, guaiacol is an extremely toxic substance that shouldn't be used at all, and it's been responsible for numerous deaths.


  7. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    That’s good info @balco I wish you would use a lot of the guaiacol. Sadly the annoying twats like you seem to live forever.

    Fuck @balco
  8. Tizzousa

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    Ok I know I e missed something over the past several months as I’ve been on sporadically.. wtf is up with everyone
    Ripping balco ?
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  9. 88GENERAL88

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    Here we go . . .
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  10. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Well, aside from never contributing anything of actual substance, he’s a reverse scammer.

    He started by being a cunt and ordered $415 worth of stuff from TGI and went Captain Stabbin on the rubber vial tops until they broke apart in pieces. He said “it happened to one after only 4 draws so it’s going to happen to all 11 vials” he got a refund. Nobody else has bitched about their stoppers falling apart so it’s not a widespread issue. He sold his reputation for $415 of gear.

    Then there was a guy that was selling vials out of his own stash. Balco received them and he didn’t like that the guy had sent them stealth w/o the labels so he damaged the crimps and was trying to get a refund. The dude didn’t go for it.

    He also has made remarks in his posts “the NPP I was running was likely underdosed” obviously fishing for support to further his own benefit.

    The guy sucks. No one likes him.
    So Fuck @balco.
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    Ahahaha... you called him a cunt. Ahahahahahahaha
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    I was wondering also, ty for clearing it up! And yeah the guy @balco sounds like a total reverse scammer! Anything for free gear. Lmao @ captain stabbing. That would be a cool handle
    Is all this true @balco? Are you really that cheap?
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  13. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    What would you call him?
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  14. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    He denies it all of course but you can see by all the “Fuck @balco” tags that there’s a bunch of dudes that don’t believe his shit.

    When he initially pointed out the pieces of rubber stopper I supported him. But reverse scammers suck monkey nutsacks because it numbs the community when a REAL issue comes up. Like the boy that cried wolf.
  15. 88GENERAL88

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    No that what fucking classic my man
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  16. Tizzousa

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    @BigBaldBeardGuy thanks for the recap man. Sometimes I need to be spoon fed haha.

    On another note fuck @balco if he did this bullshit. We are a community and no one should be scamming anyone!
  17. 88GENERAL88

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    The sad thing is, by doing the things he did, it says he thought he was a hell of a lot smarter than everyone else. Which just shows how stupid he actually is, I can only imagine how insulted @TitaniumGear (TGI) was by balco’s actions, and you too @BigBaldBeardGuy for having his back to then find out he was full of shit. For him to think he is more clever, than some of the people here is pathetic.
    I can honestly say I have had the opportunity to be apart and converse with some of the most intelligent people I have met in my entire life right here on this board. Plus to take advantage of Titter, who is my book is about as stand up as they come. Is really fucked up.
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    Absolutely not, multiple people complained about the stoppers falling apart, in fact so many people complained TGI said he was going to switch them(double check the post).

    I simply emailed TGI telling him it had happened to 2 of my vials (eventually 3) and I would like to pay for the new gear (with new stoppers) at cost, and he refused. He gave me one option and that was a full refund, I still have emails and none of that was disputed by TGI. What happened after he gave a full refund was he got butthurt(I'm assuming regretted it),manufactured a story, all the dick riders in his thread exaggerates and spread falsehoods about what actually happened.

    By the way, I actually offered to pay him back multiple times because he was so sour about it but he either ignored or refused every time.

    Again,you can fact check everything in the thread and I have screenshots to back it up.
  19. Monster053

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    Let me know how it goes, I don’t doubt this blend. I just had to switch to TGIs blend because it was knotting up my sites pretty bad and painful as all hell. Once I run out of TGIs I’ll switch back
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  20. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    There’s no dickriders because he’s a private source now.

    Notice @balco didn’t deny damaging the crimps on the two vials he bought privately from the other guy.

    Post up those screenshots bitch, you keep offering that and then never do.

    Fuck @balco
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