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    I hope you die in a orphanage fire that I started from hate fucking your sister in the ass.

    I also impregnated her, then pushed her down the stairs. If you have a dog, I hope he runs away. It deserves better.
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    Really Bro, come on let get honest here. If you really believe that a source would want to refund your money over switching you out gear then you really do have issues. Not wanting to refund you your money, what that says to me is he wanted to wipe his hand clean of you, Be done with you. So he said, “FUCK NO” to giving you the opportunity to using more good gear of his and sent you on your way. Like he banished you from his city, ” be gone my son.” never having to deal with you again.
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    Damn bro the dog thing was fucked up!! Lol
  4. iceman440

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    Thank you

    I am sure his dog actually killed its self. Probably decided it would rather eat oldroy with mange with Michael Vic than be around an @balco
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    Even if that was the case (it wasnt) that isn't scamming, I still have the whole cycle unused minus 2 bottles. I can post a dates picture when I get home, that proves it wasn't a scam .
  6. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Offering to post pictures again.... and again... and again. But you never do. Just like you offered to post a video of you destroying the vials. Which you never did. You sure make a lot of empty offers.

    You sold your reputation here for $415 worth of gear. That was your price. Whore.
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    Bro I never said anything about scamming. Those are someone else words. I merely pointed out what you seem to either not understand or not admit to yourself is truths and that is exactly what I wrote. That is also why I bet tgi verbalized his feeling about you, after the fact. Hey paid you to go bye bye. And the mere fact that you tried to run game on other members says a lot about you as a person. The fact you still deny the shit is fucking pathetic, I feel sorry for you. Instead of attempting to give something back to the community, you did the worst thing, you went out of your way to TAKE. Relationships are give and take. when someone is always taking that means someone else is constantly giving, which then causes resentment. I think it would be safe to say that you struggle with every relationship in your life, because you are selfish and self centered. Grow up homeboy. Stop taking. I promise once you start giving just to give, you will be rewarded. Until then everyone in your life Is going to continue to tell you to get fucked

    Ps not saying this will change anything, you ever thought about apologizing to the people you have wronged.
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    Not that I wanted to rub salt in the wounds, but I told you his dog ran away
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    Does aa usually not say anything after you give payment and shipping info?
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    He may have slipped into a K hole.
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    He will send tracking once he gets it. That’s your order confirmation. Atleast from what I remember. My experience is if you have questions hit him on Wickr.
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  13. Weights

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    Everything turned out ok
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  14. BCG111

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    Thanks, torro for the positive words...yes we are doing great alive and well..We are no longer part of BOP..what a fucking joke those guys are. the blends we have are spectacular,, really all of our products are...we are going to be here on MESO and we will gladly help all..
  15. little

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    Opening up shop here?
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    Lol, this was a review from September 2018 before your scam went down at BoP
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    ^^^ oof
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    Look how he snuck in here and cherry picked that review to enter he waited since Sunday to post this
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    Start your own thread asshole, or better yet don't, log out and fuck off!
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