***Coronavirus: Gyms closing across States***

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Noah86, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. Cityofgrit

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    Even the benches are fucking "Hoist" lol
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  2. ickyrica

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    I'm concentrating on my cock pushups.

    Seriously though, we're all getting quarantined tomorrow. Two weeks. You guys with a home gym or a way to hit real weights, enjoy it. We'll live vicariously through you.
  3. Bundy55

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    I guess I have to cut my cycle short. I see no reason to keep pinning if I don’t even know how long the gyms will be closing. 2-3 weeks I’d get by but any longer than that I’m just wasting gear. This fuckin sucks. I’ll just keep the GH going 2IUs.
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  4. juicy122

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    Who would have knew it would come to this. Crazy times we are witnessing the whole world just went nuts in the snap of a finger over a flu my god lol

    Edit : I just noticed in my avi subzero is well equipped for the corona lmao
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  5. juicy122

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    Yah that's what worries me they say 2 weeks for now but if it's more then that the yeah cycle should just be halted at that point.
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  6. MindlessWork

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    Yeah I feel your pain too.
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  7. chileandawg

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    @Michael Scally MD Good aftenoon Doctor.

    So, what´s the big deal now? Seems to be the mainstream is super heavy- marty macfly logics I know- or some objective about this shit is real.

    What are your advice? I´m some test/deca/winstrol to getting asepsia to prevent any shit. I´m not a Doctor, but you know, you are the Expert, would be nice to know your opinion, ideas,etc.

    Thanks, have a great day!
  8. I'm protesting the closing of my gym by not showering or shaving till they open back up. That will show them who the real boss is .............(fyi it isn't me and the real boss won't want to be near me which is fine because along with looking and smelling disgusting I will feel disgusting because I won't be able to workout and won't want to touch her anyway...)
  9. little

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    Soon no gym will mater. You will only think of how to Barrikade your belongings and loved ones. Those who have never experienced war will experience it like no other.

    Theres no significant threat from covid-19 the threat is the fools who WILL become irrational (GENERATION NOTHINGNESS) and try to stab you in your delicate guts and tinder neck meat for a square of ASS FUCKING CLEANER. Now is the time to sack up and mentally prepare for a war, a every man for themselves kind of war
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  10. That's a ridiculous attitude.

    China, where the outbreak was the worst is now on a downward trend of new infections.

    Human trials the world over have began on vaccines. (Some saying as early as April)

    This is all a preventative measure to prevent spreading like what happens in Wuhan.
    Once vaccines are pumped out shortly, it will be a thing of the past.
    Many get minimal symptoms and have said that the common flu is worse.

    Doesnt mean I wont stay strapped at home if shit starts to get nasty lol
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  11. little

    little Member

    You miss read my post

    the CORONA is NOT the threat

    Typical China hillbilly have no AR-15 and atv like an American hillbilly generation nothinger does. Some are chomping at the fucking bit and would love a mad max situation

    Remember, this only what, the 3rd or 4th week into the bioengineered flu called COVID-19.

    let’s give it more even still nothing in term of time but let’s do it SIX MONTHS OF COVID-19 AND AAAAMMMMERRRICAAAA IS STARTING to SHUUUUUTTTY DOOOWNNNNN

    I repeat, A.M.E.RICA!!!!!!!

    it’s the predisposition that was intentional that set the stage for what I speak about to happen


    strap up x 100
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  12. Btcowboy

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    So far in my city in Canada only the box gyms have closed so far. My fingers are crossed.
  13. Demondosage

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    Use this time to hit outdoor cardio, lots of bodyweight work and reps. You can use pillow cases filled with books to make dumbbells.

    Fuck it, use this as motivation to get even better!! Don't play their games
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  14. Mac11wildcat

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    Lol. What? You’re always good for a laugh or two.

    For everyone that isn’t Chiledawg, find ways to stay active. This doesn’t have to be completely lost time. The extreme change to training may even force some adaptation and do good, never mind the rebound when normal training resumes.
  15. flenser

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    If it's as bad as they say it is, you can get a good workout loading bodies onto the dead cart...

    My gym isn't closing without a mandate which hasn't (yet) happened. I'm trying to get the owner to give me a key if it does. I promised I would workout in the dark, so no one would know.
  16. Villain

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    You think it’s only two weeks?
  17. Mac11wildcat

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    Strict quarantine would be to immediately stop spreaders. The virus won’t be gone in two but might be well controlled if people aren’t completely dumb.
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  18. We need to adopt measures like the U.K.

    Hiding until it all "blows over" is not a realistic approach
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  19. Mac11wildcat

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    What’s UK doing?

    SK is the gold standard right now.
  20. Basically, Push forward.

    The government has pretty much used war measures act.
    Hand out masks.
    They've taken control of some private sector areas to increase production of virus control items.

    But also, they arent taking it as seriously as we are... which is important.

    The death toll is low.
    MANY people barely show symptoms,
    Certainly we need to be responsible with our elderly.. and I hate to sound like an asshole.. but we cant dhit down the economy and have people suffer and lose jobs/houses and their lives... to safeguard a population that will die if they get the flu (Which is STILL currently MORR dangerous and statistically more significant than Corona Virus.

    Yes, their response is much like SK.. but SK is better at it than anyone