***Coronavirus: Gyms closing across States***

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Noah86, Mar 16, 2020.

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    Lol that would be me in 2 weeks as my gym just closed till 3/31. :eek:
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    What do you mean when you say “most movements pair weight with band redistance”?
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    You will rarely see someone using a band without another type of resistance. Accommodating resistance (bands, chains, etc) without a static load get nearly useless at the bottom of a movement and need static loads to keep it relevant; see the discussion about band tension on the negative
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    So if you do a band exercise for biceps using the handles for bicep curls, putting the bands under your feet and curling, keeping tension, thats not the same as doing cable curls? There is tension up and down.

    i guess i am to dumb to understand, or we are talking about 2 different things...
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    Like these.

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    Add a DB to your hand and then do them with appropriate band resistance and you’ll feel how different it is.

    Bicep curls are a pretty shitty example though due to how heavy the drop off is at the bottom of the ROM. To really use the band correctly, you’d want it anchored behind you with the DB in your hand.
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    Ok well i only have bands. I was hoping that would be good enough until this passes. They do have less weight at the bottom of the movement, and using then for chest press or something on a incline bench, I will have to make it work.

    All the dumbells are sold out everywhere. Dam. They will just have to do.
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    Now i get it. Dammit, its like attaching the bands to the barbell bench and having the plates on also, or a chain.

    I will just think positive and think its a way to “shock the muscles” lol.
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    Ahh ha found a pair of 40 lbs dumbells, so will try that with the bands
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    Bands alone will work fine; you can keep the tension on the negative portion of the movement by just making sure you are really stretching the bands even before you start the movement. That way they don’t stop giving tension near the end of the movement.

    Also, combining bands with body exercises is killer.
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    Wish the Purge would just commence already....we'll get plenty of work out time then.
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    I'm gonna be doing calisthenics workout at the park
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    This really is bullshit. So many people are losing money because of this shut down, they are going to lose so much, and i feel its going to take longer to keep the economy going then if they keep everything closed then re-opening and letting people get sick. Many more people are going to suffer if everything stays closed. The government can already not keep up with unemployment. This is a shit show.
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    If you're located in a state/city with a lockdown policy, then you're in a LEFTIST SHITHOLE.

    Move out of it ASAP!
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    My gym is still open (operating under a state mandate of a max 10 persons at a time), but my fucking bank just closed its doors except for a handful of drive through windows. Are they protecting people from the virus, or preparing for a bank run?
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    Same here. My gym says they're staying open until they're forced to close and they also have the limitation on number of people. My girlfriend works at a bank and that's what all banks seem to be doing. No inside business and only drive throughs open. There was a meeting Monday and I guess that's what the national banks were doing and the local one she works at was following suit.
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