***Coronavirus: Gyms closing across States***

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Noah86, Mar 16, 2020.

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    Resistance bands, bodyweight, some gallon jugs, dumbbells, fill a wheelbarrow with dirty to
    Do shrugs, squats, etc.

    Go to playground, pushups, pullups, rows, dips, bicep rows.

    going to get real creative but honestly the resistance bands go from 10lbs to 100 lbs for cheap you can do alot with them.
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    I just started a cycle and had been on a roll with great workouts, now the gym is closed indefinitely. I'm lucky though. I have a jungle gym like setup on my apartment patio with pull up bars, rock climbing holds, heavy anchors for my bands, an oly bar and 300lbs of plates, adjustable dumbells up to 50 pounds, 2 20 pound slam balls, and a few kettlebells.
    Now with nothing to do and nowhere to go most of the time, I will be lifting a lot more than I would have otherwise.
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    I went to the gym this morning closed until further notice. Lucky for me my neighbor has a little home gym setup. He gave me a remote to his garage as he is going out of town.
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    I usually take a few weeks off at a time a couple times a year. I wasn’t really due to take time off again for another four or five weeks but it’s kind of looking like no time like the present since the gyms are going to be shut down anyway
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    Phew I just got very lucky this girl I follow on social ,renting her gym out it's an hour drive but at these desperate times I will mission it 3 times a week to keep the gains rolling!
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    Maybe you’ll get something off of her too ;)
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    What is your guys best bench? For home gym.

    Something 300$ or less!
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    Something I haven’t seen mentioned are floor presses. You don’t need a bench if you are cool with floor presses, which a lot of people swear by.
    If this shutdown is only for 2 months then $200-$300 sounds like a big investment if you’re going straight back to a public gym.
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    If you do wind up getting just a simple adjustable bench to lay on, consider buying bands as opposed to a bunch of expensive weights.

    I have these and 150lbs should be enough for bicep curls and some high rep peck flys.


    The x Bands Long Resistance Bands - Squat Bands - Booty Band - Pull Up Bands - Loop Bands - Fitness Bands Resistance Long - Rubber Resistance Bands - Extra Strong Resistance Bands - Set of 5

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    Basically, it’s like getting swole in prison.
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    Not sure why but mindless’s like on this comment legit made me lol :D:D

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    Yes i got bands and a bench. Bands have different straps and will be used my whole family will. And my other family doesnt have gym memberships they are just starting out. So with the 350$ for 2 months yes....
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    Plus i am mid cycle so worth it. I have been doing so well in the gym, the bands can do litteraly anything amd with an incline bench every exercise possible, has a barbell attatchment, tricep rope attatchment, single arm cable attatchment, and leg attachment. All for 150$ 10-70 lbs per arm. Am getting doubted that it can work well. I know it will.

    any cable exercise a band can do. But just need manipulate TUT.

    then bkdy weight and other movments to
    Finish the workout off. Acatually think aome exercises I will be doing may become a permenant in my repitour and good to change it up.
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  15. Villain

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    Don’t the bands act the same way as the Bowflex, meaning they only give resistance one way?
  16. Bluewhistle

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    Ive slowly amasssed some things over the years. I got 85lb dbs, olympic bar with 2x45 2x25 2x10, various bands, and my girl just bought ezcurl bar with 105lbs of metal.
    Borrowed a bench from my friend, so incline decline normal and also has a plate loaded leg curl/leg extension on it. I might get bored or have to get creative, but im gonna grow in the next however many weeks.
  17. jJjburton

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    The slack at the bottom a little but i believe offer both ways.
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    I’ve played around on a Bowflex before and it offered zero resistance on the return and I’m trying to picture how bands would be any different since it’s the same concept.
  19. Gbro

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    If you're just crashing down to the bottom as fast as possible, sure. Go slow. TUT. You'll feel those bands.
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  20. Mac11wildcat

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    There’s still tension in the band during the negative. Most movements pair weight with band resistance for this reason; provides tension at the bottom and helps keep the load heavy at the top where the moment is less/you’re the strongest.