Fake Racism

Discussion in 'Political Discourse' started by Piney, Feb 22, 2019.

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    Is there a particular shade of brown that you think should be the cut-off for immigration?
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    All immigration should be stopped and everyone in the country illegally should be sent back to wherever they came from. I’d rather this country Balkanize then continue down the road to war. We might even be too far gone for that. If you don’t see what’s happening and the root cause I have no use in discussing this with you.
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    I loved reading The Federalist Papers from the 1700s... even back then they thought there was too much immigration. They're sitting there complaining about all these damn Germans coming over here and how they're ruining America LOL
    This is so long ago Beethoven had just been born and Prussia, Austria and Saxony signed the Treaty of Hubertusburg, ending the war and restoring the three states' prewar borders. Pre-Germany hate for German immigrants lol. Humans are fascinating.
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    I think we are just animals robbed of the struggle of survival and cursed with the knowledge of our own mortality. Instead of your average animal foraging for food and defending itself we sit relative comfort and our brain looks for something to hoard linked to survival- and it has always been money, gold, commodities, etc... we can never had enough. Whether it is feudalism or this psuedo capitalism corportocracy we have now the further removed we are from survival the more concerned with hoarding resources we are... which has always resulted in the few haves doing everything they can to keep the have nots from coalescing and rebelling. Race and class have been the easiest means of division and those flames are stoked often and since the beginning of time. If you look different than me, you must be my enemy. I have it good and you have it bad- it must be your fault. The internet- and Facebook in particular- has been a boon to the separatist propaganda machine. I have never seen so many people who ingest nothing but stories created by unknown sources fed to them by algorithms designed solely to make them click- not based on anything other than them knowing your brand of bullshit and giving you more of it... then people who eat the pellets this machine feeds them walk away feeling educated. Technology indeed.

    We are just greedy and have enough intelligence to talk ourselves out of empathy... I tend to find it more saddening than fascinating that we use our extra awareness that sets us apart from other beings to devolve ourselves as much as we can back to their level. Just the first race on earth bent on it's own destruction, which even perusing this thread is another iteration of darwinism.
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    Plenty of good in this world my friend. Maybe you're just ingesting too many of the wrong kind of stories.
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    It's more that I have fallen into the trap of letting what I have personally been exposed to influence me heavily... while there is plenty of good I cannot help but think it is just landscaping along the road to hell. My life these days is amazing but I have very little faith for the long term health of society. It doesn't make me all that upset per se... I would enjoy it if I didn't have a kid. It's more like watching a squirrel drown in a bucket of water- you pity it, yet you loathe squirrels.

    I also am new to this whole empathy thing. I spent a life leading the existence of a sociopath, and now my kid comes along and fucks everything up. You care about one person and it's like fucking cancer... you start caring about other people. I can't figure out how to stop this from spreading. Heavy sigh.
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    See? We're not so different.
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    We’re really NOT that much different, although I was sociopathic toward people in general but empathetic toward animals. To a certain degree, I still loathe humanity, but actually try to find the good in those who display it, but it’s getting harder and harder and it’s easier to just slip back into that hatred I have tried to stop for nearly 30 years now.

    This thread has actually shown that you show great empathy toward either the black race or those who are highly discriminated against, or you just like a good argument. I opt for the former becuase of your passionate responses. That seems to have come about from more than having a child. Either way, good topic of conversation which has helped me open my eyes to things I either chose not to see or legitimately didn’t see before.
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    My kid changed my outlook on life as well. Along the way I learned that caring about others is a survival trait, since it tends to be reciprocated. IRL Mad Max would be one of the first ones to die. So let it spread, and in the event of a real collapse your kid will have places and people to rely on, more than one person could ever provide.
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    It's both... and thanks for that.

    I just got a new dog after I lost mine six years ago... took me a while to get over losing my best friend. Animals are life but i sure forgot what a pain in the ass puppies are lol
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    Haha chew toys are cheap in comparison to cell phone charging cords and couch cushions. I always buy in packs of 10 lol. Dogs are the most loyal creatures on earth, I love dogs. Truly mans best friend. Women will leave you for another man with more money but a dog will never leave you for another person no matter how many bones or chew toys he has... real loyalty.
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    IMO the 'bring skills' policy still falls short
    bring TRUE geniuses and everyone else GTFO is more like it.

    ...albeit we can still issue some humanitarian visas for smoking hot (true 10/10 grade) eastern european bimbos.
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    Dude, 2 years after my dog of 15 years died I was flying out to SF and found myself tearing up thinking about her. Kids and animals definitely change your thinking, unless you’re 100% psycopathic. I’m not ready to welcome another dog into my life because of the pain it causes to lose them.
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    Haha 6826.jpeg
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    Putin on the Ritz lol. I'm still laughing over here...
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    “Four Weeks After Blackface Photo Surfaced, Ralph Northam Still In Office.”

    “Northam’s wife, Pam Northam, became embroiled in her own political debacle after she allegedly gave cotton to black students during a tour of the governor’s mansions. She allegedly asked the students “if they could imagine what it must have been like to pick cotton all day,” The Washington Post reported Friday.”

    Four Weeks After Blackface Photo Surfaced, Ralph Northam Still In Office

    And now The governor claims he’s not in the photo and his wife doesn’t seem racist to me for what she did. I don’t see any racism here.
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    Excellent post. Truly eye opening look at everything wrong with America... I'm not entirely sure why I didn't see it before!
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  20. So this whole blackface thing, does that mean soldiers can’t wear black paint cause it’s racist?