Fake Racism

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    It's even worse than that. The Attorney General, Herring, also wore blackface in college as part of a costume - Michael Jackson I think. And the next in line for Northam's position, Fairfax, is battling a sexual assault accusation. The local media in my area is so stunned they've stopped discussing it at all.

    The Dems REALLY want Northam out, so Fairfax can move up and appoint another Dem for Lt Gov. before a Republican takes Gov. I'm pretty surprised he's still there.
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    I prefered her with black hair and sparks flying from her tits
  5. This shit is getting out of hand, on the radio around Halloween they were talking about costumes you can’t wear; apparently you’re not allowed to dress up as that black marvel comics character, I believe he’s called the panther, unless you’re black. I wonder if regular people, especially if black people give a damn about this stuff or not.
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    White dude can't be Black Panther, but Will Smith could play Deadshot?

    Weren't they pushing a black Superman a couple years ago too?

    Some backwards shit.
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    Now they want a black James Bond. Even though the author described him as a white man. It’s called appropriation. A Mexican restaurant closed down because SJW’s said the white owners were appropriating the Mexican culture. What a complete crock of BS.
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    Don’t forget Nick Fury.
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    Fury's no big, could have easily been a black character. They just weren't all over the page at the time.

    Black Panther was actually a response to the lack of black characters in comics at the time. I can understand some people clinging to a sense of racial ownership of some sort. But they also probably didn't give a fuck because they didn't know the character existed two years ago.

    But at the end of the day, the modern iteration of the character is a man in a mask. It's no different than telling a black kid that he can't go out as Superman, because he's a character for little white boys.

    Which would fly in the face of everything the character is about and nullify the opinion of the person(s) making that assertion anyway.

    All so fucking stupid.

    Also...when are they shutting down Taco Bell and Chipotle? Taco John's?

    People need to die.
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    Fury was an iconic Middle aged white guy with grey hair. Yea I was a comic nerd when I was a kid and it’s a little Ironic I ended up looking like him. So no he shouldn’t have been turned into a black guy for the sake of delusion.
    Black panther was pure pandering and racist at its core, More delusional bullshit from Hollywood. Wakanda is an internet joke and a hilarious one at that.
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    Can't say much about the movie, slept through most of it.

    The character's creation wasn't a matter of pandering.

    Fury, unless you were a pretty hardcore nerd was pretty far from being iconic. He was a master spy and former commando. But being a middle aged white guy wasn't something that I'd consider an essential part of the character by any means.

    Could have just as easily been any ethnicity and it wouldn't have mattered a bit.

    The only challenge at the time was that most minorities couldn't have been as seamlessly inserted into high society and such when the story called for it.
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    Changing Nick Fury to a black dude for the movies was absolutely pandering.
    Yes I was a hardcore comic nerd lol and a Commando(Ranger). So yea it pissed me off and no I wasn’t a spy.

    I don’t like revisionist history and staight lies to placate a particular race. I love my people and what my ancestors have accomplished and I’ll never be ashamed of them. I associate with whom I choose not what leftist shits dictate.
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    Was it pandering though?

    Being a white guy wasn't part of the Fury's make-up as a character. He was a just a bad motherfucker.

    Sam Jackson is a BAD MOTHERFUCKER.

    Marvel is definitely guilty of pandering. While some great characters have come about despite this - Miles Morales / X-23 (Arguable)/ Amadeus Cho - I really don't know that casting Jackson as Fury fits the bill here.
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  15. No idea who that is, but I imagine if they made a new Shaft movie with a white guy people would go crazy, I wouldn’t blame them either. It’s the crazy appropriation that is annoying, I mean personally I don’t give a damn if a black guy wants to dress up as a white guy for Halloween or vice versa, just keep it tasteful I guess. But if the new rule is you can’t do this then it should apply to all ethnicities/colors, but again it’s dumb.

    And I absolutely hate when movies try to make huge political messages like pc stuff. Disney has done it with Star Wars, the new Disney version stinks as it is but they made it a huge point to make the girl almost invincible, and an expert at everything with no training. I even heard in the new Han Solo movie which I didn’t even bother to watch, that they kinda turned Lando into a pansexual. I mean really, they ruined the story and now they ruin individual characters, he’s supposed to be a womanizer.

    George Lucus had political messages in Star Wars, but they were subtle, and mostly about what happens when you give up freedom for security or something similar. Disney Star Wars ain’t real, episode I-XI and the pre Disney EU are what I consider Star Wars. Heard marvel is doing similar crap but I haven’t seen anything since the last wolverine movie.
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    18723201_170436936822554_5353561891333472256_n.jpg Dude.

    Lucas' Star Wars flicks were all about white power and keeping the black man down.

    Difference between casting a white guy as Shaft is that he wasn't just a character that happened to be black. Being a black man was a huge part of his identity as a character.

    It'd be like casting Tom Hardy as Luke Cage or Oroku Saki. Their cultural identity is integral.

    Where a Luke Skywalker, for example, could easily be another ethnicity. It's not an essential part of the character's DNA.

    Apples to oranges.

    As far as cosplaying a character of another ethnicity? Throw on the costume and get on with your bad self.

    I won't even tell you not to rock black face or any other. That's your choice.

    But understand that going that route makes it about something other than just wanting to be X for Halloween.
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  17. Um ok idk where the idea of Star Wars being all about keeping the black man down came from. Sure there were only 2 black guys with any lines in the original movies, but Lando was basically running a planet in Episode V and destroyed the Death Star in the next. Basically the hero of the battle. They had Samuel L as Mace Windu in the prequels, the 2nd most powerful Jedi, basically took 2 sith to kill him. Not sure how this equals white power/keeping the black man down but OK lol.

    Idk know who Nick Fury is, and I’d understand people being pissed if they made a white Shaft, but fine let’s say they recast Steve Urkel as a white guy. Was being black essential to his identity? He wasn’t related to that family so he didn’t necessarily have to be black.

    Oh and if you ever heard the dude that wore the Vader costume speak you’d know why they had to find someone else to dub over him. Who do you think people associate Vader with, the guy that wore the suit 99% of the time David Prowse, the unmasked Vader Sebastian Shaw or the iconic voice of James Earl Jones..I suppose picking James Earl Jones must of been another example of white power since he was white/black mix..
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    I skipped a lot of this so if it has been brought up I apologize but wasnt there a remake of the movie Annie? The red headed orphan girl was cast by a black girl iirc.
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    Yes and then they remade The Karate Kid with an equally loathesome main character.
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    I was taking the piss with the SW bit, it's a bit from Chasing Amy.

    Urkel could have been a white kid actually. It really wouldn't have made a bit if difference in the grand scheme of things. He wasn't even supposed to be a recurring character...