Simo’s Log. Pharmastar GH and Pharmacom Gear review

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Simobbuilder, Dec 30, 2018.

  1. ironwill1951

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    did I say I still cycled?
  2. ironwill1951

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    you are a sad pathetic little boy,
    read the posts everybody is laughing at you. im out if I wanted to baby sit I would go see my grandchildren, at least they can be reasoned with.
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  3. AlwaysHungry

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    This forum is ruled from old farts who are on juice cause they didn't have the balls when they're 20 lol if your not harmonized at 20's whenever you gonna be at 50s-60s? Lol better take care of your grandchildren in this age and notbfuck with your health.

    Simo all the cyclenyoure going to use slin and igf or 4on 4off
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  4. Simobbuilder

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    All the cycle bro for months
  5. Morefyah

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    Unlike you two dumb fucks I had my balls until I was 40! That’s 20 years longer then you. You two idiots are slaves to the needle at 22. Are you sucking @Simobbuilder dick?
    Sucer la bite?
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  6. Simobbuilder

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    "That’s 20 years longer then you" LOL

    Proud of it you fool, you have just waisted 20 yo of your life for ntg, no future in bodybuilding, too much money for a miserable shape at 50 yo totally useless.. Poor and fucked up mentality
  7. Simobbuilder

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    You said in your introduction:

    " I have ran about 6 ph cycles with great success, but I am growing tired of all the support supps, to much ca$h!!

    I'm a little under 5'9 165 lbs last I checked 13% bf, not sure now but I have a partial 6 pack. "

    I think it's enough to make up shut the fuck up, i can understand why you are a fucking hater LOL
  8. Morefyah

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    I wasted 20 years of my life by not cycling and using insulin when I was 20?
    Huh, dude the gear is fucking with your undeveloped brain and you look like you need a training bra in that avi pic.
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  9. Simobbuilder

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    As you said in your garebage thread:

    I am hard gainer though I’ve never really tried to gain because I spent most of my 20’s and 30’s partying, going through loss of family members and bad relationships.

    But me i am spending now this age in bodybuilding, and i've seen your pictures lol, talking about my avi pic make you look like a joke
  10. Morefyah

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    Haha, what’s my personal life have to do with your fat tits?
  11. Simobbuilder

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    We was talking about how did you waste your 20 years before cycling your retarted
  12. Simobbuilder

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    If you spent your youth partying and sucking dick, instead of making gains, don't come and blame me for being a more mature than you
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  13. Morefyah

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    I’m out little batty bwoy.
    Have fun with those tits :p and enjoy the diabetes.
  14. Havah

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    Just keep at it
  15. Simobbuilder

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  16. ironwill1951

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    just for your information I did my first cycle in 1972 I was 21. I see you shooting your mouth about using grams of gear and orals, you will not live to be my age let alone be healthy and still lifting.
    you want to stay healthy in this game you have to use your head for some thing other than having a hole for buddys of yours like @Simobbuilderto stick their dick in. grow up..

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  17. MindlessWork

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    Well said good sir...your words should bring these wise-asses down to earth :)
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  18. Simobbuilder

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    Keep sucking dick ;)
  19. Simobbuilder

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    It's sad to cycle that long and look like that
  20. Robfromga

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    Couple of points ..... Hard gainer is a term that lazy people like to use . They're either lazy in the gym or at the table.

    You're slagging older guys for running a cycle, the irony is totally lost on you... We can do it because we're not wreckless. And again, your pics at 22 on gear are a joke. Those are good Natty gains, and horrible gains for a 22year old on just 500mg of test. Enjoy your long life of medical bills
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