Simo’s Log. Pharmastar GH and Pharmacom Gear review

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Simobbuilder, Dec 30, 2018.

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    I am not condoning his use at a young age, as It's not something I would do or recommend....
    But some things to consider.
    I see he is posing in the video, maybe he wants to be a competitor and live a competitive bodybuilding lifestyle, his personal choice.
    He seems to have done more research than many younger ones.
    He may just be starting, and bodies take time to build. Years of day in and day out, to achieve mature muscle. So saying he should look far better with what he is going to take seems a little shaky. I don't know how long he has been running all this stuff, or if he is just now kicking it up a notch. So I wouldn't expect a mass monster starting out.
    I know with AAS, experience earns alot of respect compared to book knowledge, but I still never look at someone who is younger and, because of their age, assume they know little. For all I know he is studying to be an endo, and has alot of knowledge. I meet sharp young people all the time.

    I never get in pissing matches on forums. I have a thick skin. If someone just straight up says some vile corny trollish shit, I pretty much don't get involved.

    If someone in here posts some misleading, bro science, it will be corrected by a knowledgeable member. If you find out your wrong, embrace it, learn from it, own it.

    I don't have the balls to use most of the shit pro's use.
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    I totally agree with you bro

    And for those who say i could achieve this with much less, first i've just started my cycle this week, so i haven't got the results of this cycle yet, the previous cycle (second cycle) was only test 750 deca 500 eq 600 and some slin.

    And i've been training for 1 year and half (started bodybuilding the 1st september 2017), so i don't know how most of people here will look after this 1 year and 1/2 of training, waiting for pictures guys ;)
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    That's a hefty second cycle tbh, havent came near those doses and I've Been using for 2 years.

    But anyway, I hope you reach your goals while staying healthy.

    I'll follow if you're continuing this log
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    Thank you bro, i will keep posting new in my log, even if i am more actif in the french meso rx, maybe some pictures in few weeks once i start seeing results
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    No, what we're saying is you look like a normal 22 year old that has worked out for 4-5 years Natty . If that's you after even just one test 500 cycle, you either don't know how to train, eat or recover. You post all the words you want, spin your head around and spit blood like a typical 20 year old. But the proof is in that pic.
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    Looks very soft and watery for a 22 year old. Sorry dude just saying!!
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    @Robfromga @Morefyah oh really? i hope you have a before after pics after your very first cycle ;)
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    I was 40 and yes I looked much better than you at 22. When I was your age I didn’t even know what a cycle was.
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    Lol i've just saw your log, you are a joke, after many cycles (5 years of aas) you look like this..

    Morefyah : Low Dosing The Kitchen Sink Log

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    Yeah ok, I’m not 18% bf chunky. I’ll be 50 in a couple years. o_O
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    So we really are going to compare pictures

    What a fucking garbage thread

    Ps @Morefyah if i can look like this at your age sign me up :D
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    Typical reply.
    I'm pushing 50
    You are literally why we all tell kids not to jump on gear . But you're a product or symptom of your culture, chicken or egg? I digress...

    When challenged you attempt to lash out. Typical reply. You're looking for any easy way out. As time and nature you won't keep what you have. You'll have to work harder to keep it and gain, a skill set you clearly don't possess. Better make friends with a good Endo. You'll need him at 30 .
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    If i don't know you from Meso fr i was going to answer you, but i prefer not to do it, because i am going to hurt you ;)

    No get fuck off from this garbage thread :)
  14. Simobbuilder

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    you need to do some reading to understand how it works in bodybuilding ;) Bf lol
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    Ok 22 year kid on insulin, lmfao!!
    It looks like you lathered yourself in estrogen. Very sloppy looking!!
  16. Simobbuilder

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    The problem is that you don't try to understand this. Gh is hyperglycaemic and i need to eat my breakfast that contains carbs and assimilate what i eat, and without feeling like shit after the gh pin, and with no need to wait 45 min to take it.
    So i wake up, gh pin, then i wait 20 min so gh converts into igf1 then 6 ui of Slin + 50 mcg of igf Lr3 then 10 min later breakfast.
    It's not that complicated, but when you are just scared of the word Slin you react like that, it's normal ;)
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  17. Simobbuilder

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    Day 7
    Weight: 98 kg (216 lbs)

    Height: 1,79 m (5'9")
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    my pic on my avi is me at 66
    so at 22 you look bad..

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    What a stupid comment !

    How should i look at 22 yo LOL?
  20. Simobbuilder

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    It's a bit sad to cycle at this ages 50-60-70 for no goals or reasons, at that age you better take care of your health and kids instead of pining tren and eating disgusting rice and brocoli. And the funniest and dumbest part in this comments, is when you think you are an example and blaming young people with real goals in this extreme sport for cycling at that age.. :rolleyes:
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