temptation and striving for more.... but health should be the main goal in life

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    Forever, was reading through this entire post and found this. I think you have described me here. You wrote this a few years ago, but it's very insightful. I was a damn horndog sex addict in my 20's-30's. I could go all day, most any day on the drop of a hat. That "itch" was always there and feeding it became an addiction. I mastered the art of picking up women and sexing them. Many remain friends to this day. I remained this way until about the age of 40 and noticed a slight slowing, but figured it was just a lifestyle change back then. (not working out, not really taking care of myself) but I could still have regular sex, with the occasional ED issue, lower performance, etc. From 40-42, my libido died, erection were sporadic, I began using viagra, Levitra and cialis, often times all of them at once. Worked sometimes, not always. Was having sex for the girls, not myself. Having sex out of, "this is what I do, it's my habit" not really enjoying it. And that is what has lead me here today at 46. All labs normal, (you read my other post here) T at 500-ish, E at 15-ish, etc etc. Very low sex drive.

    I really would like to know what is out there that can bump T besides clomid or hcg, that will not kill sex drive and might even increase it. I long for the days of wanting sex and with a boner that came with just thinking about it.
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    I know the answer to your question.
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    Nah not jaded just been through the ringer enough times to learn from my mistakes.

    Any dude who has enough experience with women knows they are bitches at the core.

    Sorry this is off-topic back to your thread now.
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    What made you drop the tren in the first place? I saw you suspected it was losing effectiveness for body recomping. If you plan to use it forever, it might be best to cycle it anyway. With tren, we really have no data on the health effects of long term use in humans.
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    sometimes worrying about the unknowns. mysterious sexual dysfunction that might not even be the fault of the tren. body composition was the big thing recently, I'm not sure if the tren causes changes in progesterone and estrogen pathways or maybe thyroid or cortisol or? but it seems like i am having trouble keeping dry and lean on it now compared to a year ago, almost like my insides want to take on the dreaded gh gut look too even. i really don't know what is happening but my gut feeling tells me that the tren is making estrogen management difficult now after being on it for so long. since dropping tren my girl even commented that my abs were looking better recently. I even dropped the ai because it seemed like things were getting worse and i wasn't leaning up either so felt like i was getting all the bad without much of the good. now back on an old protocol that has worked somewhat ok for me in the past... low dose test and low dose masteron, still adjusting . would love to be able to have consistent sex without having to od on viagra... will see if i can get back toward that goal, right at the moment now i think I'm feeling better mentally and healthwise
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    feeling a lot better. this has been a protocol I've had luck with in the past. tinkering with AIs is always a hassle, hopefully i can find the right dosing of test to be able to avoid the AIs and still feel OK. I'll thinking the tren made estrogen management a more difficult moving target but unsure. Anyways, I'm going to stock with the low-ish dose of test (maybe 175mg but prorated at 4 day intervals) with a little masteron thrown in. Had really good sex last night with 100mg viagra and woke up feeling pretty good after only 5 hours sleep too. My body and head feel pretty good right now, I'm liking the feeling.
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    been feeling great but erection ease and desire not very high, laid in bed last night with a very horny girlfriend and didnt do anything, and i was on 100mg of viagra, of course as all women do when faced with a guy with ED or not aggressive sexually they put it back on themselves and think they are not attractive to you, even if they look like a model with a great body. so this morning, at the risk of screwing up this nice feeling of well being, i injected 25mg of tren acetate, hoping to feel a bit stronger libido by tonight and in the future
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    was very limp all evening but then woke up at 4 am bouncing and very erect
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    It's a neverending chase dude. Youre chasing the dragon. I hope you can find consistency.
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    Also the reason im coming off TRT is the main thing i wanted it to help with libido was elusive on TRT. Sometimes it was amazing but sometimes it sucked. I got tired of the lack of consistency. I just want to feel CONSISTENT day to day. I hate the inconsistency in how im feeling. One week great ,the next shit. I got tired of it. Its a form of hell on earth.
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    got a bit of a headache and feeling hot and sweaty this morning and overly hungry
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    i do feel stronger and more alpha at the moment, feel a little better now that I'm out and working. will see if erections are better this evening, not sure if they will be
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    Tyler I agree with you on the consistency thing. when natural even with low natural test (before ever touching test gels or injections in the first place) there was a consistency... a rise and fall, libido if i went a day or two or three would increase in urgency.
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    Yeah dont get me wrong there are some benefits to TRT. But i could never achieve consistency on it. I tried for 5 years. The best was on the gels but they stopped working on their own -- absorption went down a TON. I tried varying doses of injections for a year + and i finally settled into a protocol where i was injecting 25mg per week and then tacking gel ontop (for the DHT boost)

    But still ups and down as the injection wore off and my doctor wouldnt prescribe both.

    It seems like you are doing decently. Hope you find some consistency.
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    one thing that worries me is long term health, especially the unknowns. my girlfriend is half my age so i need to live a long time and hope to last to 100 years old (I had a friend die at 99 years old and he was active to the end, he had a 50 something year old girl friend too which i think helped him stay young, so it isn't impossible) heart health and cancers are the scary ones that one doesn't have a lot of control over if they want to hit, we can think positive though and hope for the best .

    hopefully tren doesn't shorten my life., but who knows for sure, maybe through some unknown mechanism it might actually increase my lifespan
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    Forever, after reading many of your posts here, you and I seem to have a very similar situation. Perhaps we can share ideas from time to time. I don't know how old you are, but I am 46 and my girlfriend is 23. She is a sexual goddess. Shy, sweet, perfect 9.9 body, flawless skin, high cheek bones, an innocent, school girl look, big beautiful eyes. She is loyal to me, she wants a full life with me, she wants children, she wants to marry me. Sexually she literally is always on. She orgasms literally endlessly. And that is not be bragging, just how she is wired. She is into all things sexual, she wants my body, she wants my cum, she wants everything me.

    My point? I think our ages are playing a role here. My GF does not understand things slow down as men age and perhaps I do not either. She thinks it's her after a cum three times in three hours and cannot get it right back up. Ten years ago, no problem, today? A big problem. She also wants sex every day. At my age I need to recharge. I am a point I might just have to have a real conversation with her. But I have my pride. Same as you I'm sure. Would she accept all out sex three times weekly and be content? What about ten years from now when I am even slowed down more?

    The harsh reality, is I have met the love of my life. A dream girl, when I am in decline. If there is a God, I want to scream at him, because I've wanted this girl all my life. Well here she is and I am slowing down. It sucks!!! I will do anything to get it back.
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    Lol well at least it's a high quality problem. A problem none-the-less.

    I dont see why you guys cant just get your gfs off in other ways first and then bang them. Like get them off with your hands, mouth, teasing, etc and then by the time youre banging shes already cum a bunch.

    I guess i understand tho. The reason i went on TRT in the first place is im a YOUNG GUY and i wanted a YOUNG MANS LIBIDO. Unfortunately i found its not so simple. Like yeah my libido went up a bit but it didnt really change my refractory time like i still needed time to recharge and i still could only go x2 max a night like i didnt want to go more than that.

    So TRT can help with stuff like errections maybe, maybe desire. But i found it was still hit and miss.

    The irony for you both is that younger women like older men because young dudes are idiots. But at the same time you guys have to keep UP.... no pun intended.

    I would say dont worry so much. She isnt gonna leave you if you fuck her x2 instead of x3 times.
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    Tyler: I am skilled at oral too and can give her orgasms that way, but she doesn't want that, she wants my penis, she says the orgasm feels different and is much better. I love her and want to give her everything, I don't want to disappoint her on this either. 25 year old girls have strong libidos (just like normal guys too for that matter), they want to have sex often and want you to desire them just as strongly, so it is up to us to figure that out, it would be a shame to tell a young woman that she has to settle for less.

    I'm a bit older than you Dale and my girlfriend is two years older than your girlfriend also.

    got back on the tren protocol and it has fixed what has been failing me lately, so I think I am stuck with tren, just have to figure out the healthiest overall protocol around it that will hopefully give me that consistency I want so badly
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    Hmm that's odd to me. I think A LOT of men have the same problem btw. Women expect us to perform like energizer bunnys just like fuck them right away after. And its like i think as men we have to educate them like, no babe. My body doesnt work like that. Maybe at 18-19 but past 30 not a lot of men can fuck over and over again.

    The problem with drugs like viagara and cialis they create unrealistic expectations in women because a man can have sex and then be good to go right away after if hes taken viagara. And that must be EXHAUSTING to keep that up.

    You could mix it up in the bedroom and buy a vibrator, and do some S&M stuff, where you blindfold her /handcuffs etc and tease her go down on her etc like it doesnt have to be straight f'ing all the time. Gives you a break and gives her something different.

    It's just NOT realistic for a girl to think a guy can just fuck like a sex robot for hours on end.

    You might want to look into TANTRIC SEX where you prolong finishing. That might help you out.

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    Tyler, this and your other post, sound advise, but not really applicable to my current GF. She is not the usual young woman. She has the sex drive of a 18 year old man. But in a very feminine and female way. She likes to be dominated and "taken" and is into bondage and having sex "forced" on her. We use every kind of toy there is. I am more than skilled at oral and using my fingers. All any of that does, is just make her want to fuck more. She loves fucking.

    A typical average session with her is me grabbing her pinning her down, telling her dirty things I want to do to her, she starts getting turned on. Sometimes I'm hard about this time. I go down on her and she cums 3,4 times right away, clitoral orgasms. (she had different kinds) Then I slide two fingers in her, alternating my arms as they tire. I vigorously finger her G spot until she starts gushing and cuming even more, maybe 3 to 4 more times. By now, from the hard arm stimulation I get a little tired. It's a workout, trust me and I am built. lol. So now she is screaming "fuck me, I want your cock inside me, fuck me" my erection is gone, total limp dick. I feel like shit and sometimes we stop sex right there. I can get it right up if she goes down on me, but the intense moment is now lost. She thinks I don't want her, or she puts it, "I am going to have to work for it" she wants me to go from getting her off to just fucking her.

    So then she starts sucking me, gets me hard, during this time, I'll use toys on her and she cums over and over. Sometimes a vibrator on her clit and a Gspot vibrator inside her. Two at the same time.Other times she will rub her own clit as she sucks me. From there we will fuck, she cums all over me. I fucker her missionary, then doggy. Sometimes after 5 minutes of this, I start losing my erection. The frustration sets in again. It's often mental related. We get more intense and the fucking gets harder and she keeps cuming, then I might finally cum. I'm sucking air hard, just fucking her with all my might for maybe 10-15 minutes, its like running wind sprints. She wants to be fucked hard and I mean hard... She's probably at 15 plus orgasms by now.

    I grab her, kiss her and way lay in each others arms making out hard dripping sweat. Ten minutes later, she wants it all over again. If I can't perform, I go to toys on her. She will go like this all night if I am there.

    This is not the typical wham bam girl, get it over already. She is crazy about sex. I do not fully keep up with her. That is my dilemma.