The Basics of Ordering Bloodwork

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  1. I found the prolactin panel addition

    Ignore me
  2. G2Ready

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    Save ur beans man:)

    Shouldn’t need the extra test if ya control e2:)
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    Is it just me, or is the LabsMD site broken? Nothing gets added to the shopping basket.
  4. G2Ready

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    sometimes that happens to me on the phone..... I have to go to the pc and keyboard it the old fashioned way:)
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  5. rocco-x

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    What a great site!
    They have a section for bodybuilders. I'm completely free of any AAS as it's been 6yrs since I've cycled. Will be going back on soin, by Apr hopefully. Would this test be the best option?
    It even checks for PSA levels, which I like.
  6. rickbarbosi

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    @Burrr in my cycle I use 500mg trenbolone enanthate long time after my last injection I can do e2 labcorp to know real e2?
  7. Burrr

    Burrr Member Supporter

    hard to say how long that tren e would linger.
    is just pay a little more and get a lc/ms test to get an accurate number.
    labcorp has one, it's just not the cheap pne
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  9. ScruffMcBuff

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    I’m currently on a TRT dose of 200mg weekly on mondays. Next week will be week 4. When should i start to get my bloods and what day during the week would I have it taken? your feedback is greatly appreciated.
  10. Burrr

    Burrr Member Supporter

    I would suggest blood work around 8 weeks. If you want to see the peak level get your blood work done about 24 hours after injection. If you want to see the lowest level get your blood work done right before your next injection. Some people prefer the low point others the high point. Pick one and stick with it so you can track your results over time
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  11. Gbro

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    That panel only has test up to 1500. That may be fine for a cruise dose, but it's worthless for a blast.
  12. ScruffMcBuff

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    Thank you sir! what happens since i pin on monday’s and labcorp is closed on sundays?
  13. Burrr

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    Go to LabCorp on Monday before you pin.
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  14. Tizzousa

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    So I’m 2 hrs from boat labcorp and quest. Looks like only option would be to see a dr?
  15. Sdryx

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    I would drive. I hate doctors when I know exactly what I need.
  16. stevonov

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    do you have any other labs nearby? Call them and ask what other options they might have
  17. Tizzousa

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    Yeah we have like nordx and another one thats here. Just not one the recommended websites here use. I’ll have to figure out ASAP. Thanks for the input!
  18. Logan44551

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    What test are you guys using for igf-1 levels? I see it is included in the male hormone panel, but was hoping for something cheaper than 179
  19. stevonov

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    acromegaly screen does Glucose, serum;
    Insulin-Like Growth Factor I(igf-1);
    Thyroxine Free, Direct (FT4);
    Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH).

    86 plus 10percent code
  20. stevonov

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    or just igf 1 for 72 minus discount
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