Sending AAS samples to independent, accredited laboratory in Europe

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Millard Baker, Jul 31, 2014.

Would you be willing to submit an unopened sample to an independent accredited laboratory in Europe?

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  1. No. I could never bear to part with gear.

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  2. No. I would only send it to a US-based laboratory.

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  3. Yes. But only if I didn't have to pay for the cost of analysis.

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  4. Yes. But I would not be willing to pay more than USD $50 for analysis.

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  5. Yes. I would pay up to USD $100 for analysis.

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  6. Yes. I would pay up to USD $150 for analysis.

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  7. Yes. I would pay up to USD $200 for analysis.

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  1. roastdawg

    roastdawg Member

    Wow, are those results listed in the testing section? If so I missed em... The plot thickens I guess.
  2. Sampei

    Sampei Member Supporter

    Test Must be wrong. can't understand how that would be possible : /
  3. WMSuperSport

    WMSuperSport Member

    Yes, the CaptForest MS thread, 2nd batch.
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  4. wsw16

    wsw16 Member

    Some people with secret vested interests or something to gain can use "testing" to bring down or promote labs, that can be the problem sometimes.
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  5. bickel29

    bickel29 Member Supporter

    You are right wsw, this is a possibility if and when we put too much faith in one members review - one members bloods - one members labmax results.

    But... none of us, not one single member here, should be given SO MUCH RANK that they, and they alone, can influence the entire (or majority of the) community with their review and/or results from a lab.

    Which is why @Millard Baker started the steroid lab testing section! One of the main objectives (maybe THE objective?) of that section was to bring as many testing results from as many members as possible, together in one place. The more data/results, the better!
  6. WMSuperSport

    WMSuperSport Member

    as long as theyre accurate

    MANWHORE Member

    That's a big problem and always will be ...

    10x blood work test would give obvious results so anyone testing it at 10% purity should be brought out to the open just like I would be ...

    I've had tren come back low dosed test with obvious and very strong tren results
    from many guys using it so this is why I get so defensive about testing ...

    Blood work IMO doesn't lie . .
    there may be variables that change one persons from the other but I think blood work is pretty solid ..

  8. WMSuperSport

    WMSuperSport Member

    At this point, I'm trusting my bloodwork over the test results. IMO, if the test Ive been using is only 10%, then I would have nearly no results.

    The thread is out there MW, 2nd batch.
  9. Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    Within a matter of weeks, or even days, we plan to officially announce the launch of an independent analytical lab testing program. The testing will be conducted by an internationally-recognized and fully-accredited and licensed lab in Western Europe. The lab will publicly stand accountable for the validity of all lab testing.

    The first batch will involve basic quantitative dosage analysis of 4 different (underground) steroid products produced by 5 different steroid manufacturers and underground labs. All samples were covertly acquired from online steroid sources and submitted to the lab without the knowledge of any source or manufacturer.

    The steroid manufacturers and UGLs were only notified once the samples had arrived in the lab for testing. We have not yet informed anyone of the specific products that are being tested. We have not received any results yet.

    More to come...
  10. brutus79

    brutus79 Member

    Bad ass Mr. Baker.
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  11. ruckin

    ruckin Member

    Hell yeah Millard that's awesome! Thank you for doing all this!
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  12. Very impressive work, Millard!

    The fact that you already knew going into this how unscrupulous UGL's and sources are when it comes to discrediting tests and the shady tactics they use to silence test results yet still decided to pursue this shows just how resilient Meso is.
  13. bickel29

    bickel29 Member Supporter

    Millard, if these results were all held and announced at one time, you could make it a Pay Per View and rake in the $$$.;)

    Seriously though, this is awesome and it is 'must see' results for every member here, no matter whose gear they run.

    Great, great work!

    Thank you!
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  14. Voltrader

    Voltrader Member

    Damn Millard you said you make it happen one day. Hats off to you this is huge.
  15. bickel29

    bickel29 Member Supporter

    One more thought...

    Perhaps in future rounds of testing, when procuring the gear to test, we could get enough of each item, at the same time (ie, same batch) and send half of it off to the lab in Western Europe, and the other half off to someone we trust to run Labmax tests on the same item, so that we can compare the Labmax results to the analytical testing from the lab, to test the accuracy of Labmax, since so many members are skeptical of Labmax.

    It would be nice to see what kind of variances there are between the lab tests and Labmax!
  16. Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    It's something that I've wanted to be involved with for a very long time. I first tried something similar in 2004 but it was quickly abandoned after SRCS had its DEA-license revoked/restricted. I was highly inspired by and a big supporter of William Llewellyn's comprehensive lab testing for his Underground Anabolics book. But my enthusiasm waned after all the bad stuff happened to Bill and to some extent me after the results were published.

    Now I am fully committed again especially after witnessing all the support for and the efforts made to obtain objective analytical testing. I'm prepared to weather the fallout from the publication of the lab results because I believe the community will have my back on this.
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  17. brutus79

    brutus79 Member

    Excellent idea. And we could have people run bloods while running the test.
  18. Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    It is a very expensive project. The HPLC-UV quantitative dosge testing costs over $200. Microbiological testing? Another $100. Heavy metal testing? Roughly another $100. So, the project will definitely need to take in some $$$ to keep it funded.

    If we can find 500 members (or 500 people anywhere on the Internet for that matter) who are willing to donate $10 per month, then that will be enough to ensure to continued viability of the program.

    I've concluded donations are the only way to keep it going.
  19. Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    I am only sorry it has taken this long.

    MESO has committed to funding the costs of testing the first batch this month and the second batch in late June. It will have at least two months to gain visibility and community support. I think this gives it an excellent chance to get off the ground.
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  20. Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    That is a very interesting suggestion. The big concern would be the legal risks involved for Labmax testers receiving product under the direction of the program. The Swiss lab is fully licensed to receive and analyze anabolic steroids and controlled substances. So there is no legal risk there.
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