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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by shangkhang, Dec 10, 2015.

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    Spoken like a True Scammer! If you can't speak openly here FUCK OFF scammer!
  2. You think insulting members is a good reaction to our vetting?

    HangWang sells AAS openly on facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Does that pass your vetting process too?

    What about the fact that he accepts Paypal? Paypal will cooperate with LE and their transaction records are stored forever. It's one of the most high-risk ways to buy AAS and should never be used.

    What you're proposing falls under the banner gear whoring. In fact, it's actually a creative way to try to get around the accusation of gear whoring but it's still gear whoring. The fact you offer to pay later - if it's gtg - is irrelevant. You are still using your reputation for personal gain, i.e., eliminating any risk to yourself while simultaneously increasing the chances that you'll receive legit gear.

    Because a startup needs positive feedback, the chances that you will receive legit gear is very high. But that in no way guarantees that the hordes of noobs that will order because of your so-called review will receive the same quality. And when those noobs get bunk gear or scammed outright, you're the one who is going to get blamed for it because you open the door to this loser by using your reputation to "review" his gear.

    Even worse is the fact that HangWang has no regard for customer security. As senior members, we have an obligation to educate noobs about the risks of the online AAS marketplace, just as we were educated by those who came before us, and one of the first lessons is that we strongly discourage noobs from using sources that accept Paypal, or advertise on social media.

    If you're willing to take a chance with this startup - in spite of his non-existent security practices, pay for your gear upfront and take your chances like everyone else rather than trying to use your status for special privileges that are unavailable to new members.

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  3. It won't make any difference to your sales. Any review given by CF will not be accepted as legit because of the conditions surrounding the gear's acquisition.
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    You are right.

    More in-depth response to come later
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  5. Unnecessary. You got my point and seem to be in agreement so that's good enough for me.
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    Damn. Straight Gear whoring. But im sure you have GREAT reason. I hope the dose not hold you back.

    @Nutpuncher and @MindlessWork, you "like" this. Or are we just scrolling hitting it for everything?

    Ouch. Neo Nazi's? Jerks? Youre so mean. Howre the sells going? :D
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    One of my all time favorite posts by @Capt Forest. I guess what he meant was help himself to gear and contribute a log for a shitty source
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    My bad, fixed it. Thanks for pointing out my mistake and your knowledge indicates the post wasn't really a good thing
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    Not trying to be an asshole (comes naturally), but yeah the "like's" might make a person think you agree with them bro.
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    No worries, if someone criticizes me for something glad to make it right.
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    I liked it because I didnt think anybody would take shanking's offer.

    But I didn't think how others may interpret it. I understand now.
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    Ditto...think I may have misinterpreted it as well. Well now that it is clear that CF is taking Shankhang on his offer that makes his post rather pointless.
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    There's ALWAYS someone willing to use their name to get something free / discount (usually involves some sob story). Look at the pct-shop thread. All those people stuck up for hin because he includes freebies.
    Most of the people just do it through PM. Thats why unless there's bloods, etc no one should trust anyone giving gear reviews.
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    I'm interested to see CF's in-depth response. It's pretty cut & dry no ? o_O
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    He just might say shit's fire lol
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    Any talk between us needs to be open.
    I am at work. I will wright it tomorrow
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    Did you get your free gear yet, I sure hope so, that'll go a long way to confirming that you are a DOUCHEBAG
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    I saw that post the was made by @jaymaximus about superbolic and how he should send the gear and charge after. This source then said thats fine. I saw him make no mention of this being open to only reputable members such as myself or other wkm. If he would have stated only wkm are able to do this i would have just kept scrolling. As i understood it anyone with as many as 0 posts could take advantage of this.

    I see how my enthusiasm to log the cycle would be misconstrued into me attempting to convince this guy to front me the gear. As i said before i though that everyone was open to this deal he and Jaymaximus briefly outlined.

    I agree with the entire well written post cbs made about how we the seasoned members of this board have a responsibility to keep shit 100% I have gone way over my fair share to do that. So lets not be so fucking fast to burn my ass at the stake and forget the contributions i have made. I have always kept my integrity intact.

    worthless post. no i have not gotten "my free gear yet."

    This is good well written post. and should be how respectable members of this community address each other when a questionable situation arises. Thank you for the respect cbs we are on the same team.

    Also i do think sometimes our members should have some name calling thrown back at em. Thats just me. We are a tough bunch here we can take it.

    Read opening comment in this post.

    I am grateful that you have taken notice of my character on this forum. I have been to battle with members on this form to keep shit honest. I could have just send this source a pm and avoided all this but i put it out in the open cause my intentions were honest. I did not take the perspective cbs pointed out. I do now. Fight the right battles and allow me to admit that i did not use good judgment.
  19. Free samples and senior members using their reputation for personal gain is a touchy subject around here because it took a long time and a lot of bitter arguing to get people to understand why it's bad. Members tend to react quickly and harshly whenever it comes up because they understand what a slippery slop it would become once someone starts doing it. It's a sad reality that there are many here who would do it if they could.

    Jaymaximus kind of took the leading roll with this source and I know from personal experience how frustrating it can be when one guy comes along it it looks like he's undoing all your hard work, so I understand why he reacted the way he did, and from the sound of your post, I think you do too.

    Anyway, like I said last night, you seem to get it now so that's good enough for me. Thanks for clarifying.

    If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that...:eek:
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    It's not touchy at all, it's bullshit, and removes all credibility of the person accepting it
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