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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by shangkhang, Dec 10, 2015.

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    Hey jerk off, the only member here interested CF asked you for a request. Product with a Meso sign. So put up or gtfoh! Simple...
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  2. MindlessWork

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    Oh almost forgot about that...

    So Shangkhang please comply with this simple request.
  3. shangkhang

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    You are right. I left for 2 months and totally forgot about that. These are the products on my desk right now, ready to be packaged and shipped to my few customers from here. I never understood what this exercise is for, but I comply with your legitimate request.

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  4. D-Ballin

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    Did you guys want to see my stash box too? It's bigger. You should paypal me your next paycheck immediately. :rolleyes:

    It is a pretty stupid request. When you're photographing four bottles.
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  5. D-Ballin

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    Has anyone actually taken a look at this website? Have a peek, let us know what you think. I like that inquiry submission. Makes me feel secure.

    I think it smells funny. We go from paypal, to running a source check for your company on our board, and then to misunderstanding the stock photos (whether deliberate or intentional). Not to mention barging onto every board that won't immediately ban you, looking for free advertising without any respect or knowledge of the culture or rules.

    I thought you did this for a living?

    It's funny that you feel so fucking entitled to be here. But yeah, we're definitely the assholes.

    Truth is, you're nothing special. At all. Out of the ten or so asia ug reshippers I know of operating, there's maybe four I would buy from. There's maybe one or two with the intelligence, maturity, and skill set that they would be welcome here (eventually, if ever). So why don't they try here? Because they've done this long enough that they know it isn't worth it. They do a roaring trade through the "legitimate" channels, and don't need the drama or the sales?

    So why are you so desperate for your spot here? I think it's because you're a leech. A bottom feeder. You know you can't compete through the normal boards, so you're cleaning up the big dog's scraps.

    Something is off with this little fuck. Whether it just be ignorance, arrogance, or something more sinister.

    And, more than anything, you're a dick sucking, arrogant little asshole. Know your place. You little clowns are just like cockroaches. LE swats one of you, and four more come scuttling out of the shadows to eat your fucking carcass and take your place. You want to be here, you had best be here to compete with those who both know what they are doing, and who show respect. You plan on doing any business here other than hopeless noobs, then it's time to learn to kiss ass a lot better.
  6. jaymaximus

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    What the fuck are you talking about? Your FB page had a post asking if anyone wanted to sale steroids in their gym and had a phone number to call.

    The reason you left for 2 months is because you were over your head and your family full of trannys and hermaphrodites business picked up selling sex to tourists. Your mom / dad (theyre the same person) made you come back and earn some money.

    You can spout all the bullshit you want, but you have no idea what youre doing. Its obvious to ALMOST everyone.

    And keep whining like a little bitch that people are being mean to you, its the lady part of your tranny-ness coming out.
  7. shangkhang

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    You seem to confuse respect with ass-licking. I never kissed any ass and never will. No need for that if you know what you're doing and you're a honest person. What is off with me is that I have no fear, because I'm not here to scam anyone. My products/prices are good and I can pass customs. And my prices and terms of conditions are better than the big guys, unlike many others before me, probably.
    Anyway thank you for visiting my website. I'm updating it today following your and other members' advice. You never stop learning something, even if it's taught with insutls.
    Why I'm here taking your shit blizzard? Because:
    1. this forum is n. 1 on google;
    2. I'm selling to members;
    3. I quite enjoy spending some time answering posts of Neanderthals like you.
  8. shangkhang

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    Call that number and see who answers. The all thing is fake, but I needed a link. Obviously you're not a sales & marketing guy. I wonder what you do for a living. Drive a bus? Construction worker? Never mind. I notice you always mention sex and ladybodys in your posts. Do you miss Thailand that much? If you plan to visit Bangkok I'll take you to the right places, so you can enjoy whatever you like to bang. And I'll show you my operation, so you can see how I work. Unfortunately for you, I know what I'm doing and with time it'll be obvious to EVERYBODY you are a spectacular fool. The village's fool, actually.
  9. D-Ballin

    D-Ballin Member

    "Know what you're doing".

    "Honest person".

    Bold statements from a little retard on the internet.

    How's that four bottle inventory going? Did you move it yet? Some are still waiting for an actual stock photo, though I could personally give a fuck.

    Tell us about your pgp process? How do you prefer to tumble your coin? If I place two orders over the course of the month, will my btc be sent to the same wallet?
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  10. jaymaximus

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    I hope your gear is better than your insults.

    If I ever come back to thailand I will let you know. Im not far now. I went there a few weeks ago for sex tourism. Got some head from a pretty lady. Took her pants off. She had a huge weiner. And a vagina. I was pissed, but I had already paid. So rammed it. Not for a long time. Just until I came...3 times.

    That hermaphrodite was your mom. And your dad. He/she told me about your operation. Thats how I got my info. We're still FB friends.

    As far as your marketing, Im willing to bet thats not working out too well. Otherwise you wouldnt be having these deals and begging a "respected" member to vouch for you.

    P.S. I pooped on your mom-dad. Didnt want to. Thought it was gross. But thats what he-she likes.
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  11. shangkhang

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    Version: GnuPG v1

    I tumble at helix http://grams7enufi7jmdl.onion/helix/ but before I used bitcoinfog
    I have many wallets, online and offline. No payment goes to the same one. Every transaction goes through tumblers.
    When I post a stock photo you will say it's all fake products. Or a photoshop work. You guys are hard to please lol
  12. VaginaShark

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    This is a quote right off of the website. So if anything went sour with you and the source, this guy says right out he'll give away your personal details... fuck that noise

    "d. in case you open a dispute/claim before the 30 days period, we will contact Paypal Customer Service. This will lead to an immediate limitation of your account for a period of 180 days, during which Paypal will investigate both parties’ claims. We will fully cooperate with Paypal and do whatever possible to stop, delay and/or void the refund process. Moreover, your personal details will be made public to all major online databases of scammers and blacklisted steroid buyers."
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  13. shangkhang

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    Hi Vagina, thank you for visiting my new website. That piece of terms and conditions is necessary to scare away freeloaders and scammers. But the sad reality is that once somebody pays by a stealth PayPal there is very little a seller can do, apart from taking the loss. Yes I can report the name to the scammer section of a forum but nothing will happen to the fucker. If you know how to manipulate paypal it is very easy to scam any seller. But if you focus on such details it means you have a scam in mind. Otherwise why bother? If you dont use paypal that is none of your concern. And apparently here everybody hates the thought of buying gear with Pp. Why don't you say something about pricelist and products rather than focusing on things that are theoretical?
  14. VaginaShark

    VaginaShark Member

    It's absolutely not necessary. No good source that I've seen so far has ever threatened to do that.

    Whatever the reason would be. Not only is it a scumbag move but when you give out people's personal information you put everyone at risk.
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  15. VaginaShark

    VaginaShark Member

    And I bring it up because it proves that you're a rat.
    No matter the payment method used you would still have your customers names and addresses.
    Point being you can't be trusted with sensitive information since you're willing to give it up.
    You say you would "fully cooperate" with a PayPal investigation. So what would stop you from doing that with an LE investigation to save your own ass or to get back at someone you had beef with?

    This should be a big red flag to everyone.
  16. D-Ballin

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    Stock photo. We'll be the ones to decide it it's bullshit, thanks.
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  17. MindlessWork

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    I would say yes it is bullshit
  18. Junior Member

    still waiting to hear from you :)
  19. shangkhang

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    I have been accused of so many things here, and to be accused of being a rat cooperating with LE is the icing on the cake. Vagina, I'll take your advice and I'll remove that part, which may give the wrong impression to other people. However, as many "terms and conditions" you read on websites, they are there because they have to be. But in reality they are useless. Do you honestly think I will expose myself and my business to Paypal and LE to hurt a asshole over a few bucks? And how to do that? Send an email to the DEA? Dear Sir, I'm a reliable steroid seller and got scammed by Mr So and So? You are so eager to find the "shangkhang scam" that you miss the point, like Jaymaximus with the FB phone number and address etc etc. Focus on reality, which is: can this guy deliver? Is the gear real or fake? Can I trust him with my money, as I have to pay in advance with a non-reversible form of payment (WU, MG, BTC) because I'm unable to use a stealth PP account?
    I know you don't give a shit about my business and you'll never buy from me, but for the sake of discussion, this is how I see it. Both buyer and seller are involved in a deal that is illegal on both sides. Each one has its own risks. Either party should protect his own side. LE follow the money on one side and the gear on the other. I used to accept WU and MG only: 10% of the people who paid me used a third party to transfer the funds. 90% used their real names. Needless to say, I had a "receiver" to go and cash the funds at WU counter. Why? To blackmail my customers and rat to LE? Yes, I had names/addresses of my customers. So what? I'm sure that you know how to protect yourself when you buy illegal items, online or in the street. If other people are unable to do that, it's none of my concern. But it doesn't mean I'll use my advantage to hurt them. Why should I? Without happy customers doing "word of mouth marketing" there is no future. Instead, my main concern is to pass customs, because if the package goes through, there are no CDs, no dramas, no LE involved.
    I have to admit that accepting Paypal was a spectacular mistake. Now I see the damage very clearly. I thought it was a good idea, but a good portion of the shit storm I've got is related to it. You won't believe how many people in the past refused to buy from me because I was not accepting Paypal, that is why I thought I'll catch also that market segment. Well, one way to learn is to make mistakes. And to listen to what people have to say.
  20. shangkhang

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    So what exactly do you want to see? 10 bottles? 100 bottles? Oils? Orals? I'm not a lab. I don't have machinery, liters of oils, kilos of raw powders. I buy and resell. You place an order, I place it with the factory, receive it, have it packaged, and ship it. The pics I uploaded this morning showed 2 small orders being processed. Should I go to buy 100 Danabol DS just to take a pic for you? And if I do what you ask, what do I get? Your apologies/trust/appreciation (which mean nothing to me)? I'm sure you'll come up with something creative to prove the gear is fake, or the pic is fake, or whatever else your paranoid mind can produce. But still, I'll see what I can do. Not for you, but for the silent majority reading all this.