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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by shangkhang, Dec 10, 2015.

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    You got it right on not doing it for me.

    But for some reason, there seems to be interest in yet another fucking asia ug reshipper. And if you're going to stick around, then you will conform to the process, and be vetted properly. Deal with it. No one wants to see your four bottles of dbol. Oils, orals, everything.

    And, just so we're clear, you don't even keep a running inventory? Just buying shit from the pharmacy and reshipping eh? I thought you guys were "distributors"?
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    Let's not be giving this asshat the time of day as we are just feeding his ego. Don't even think of reasons to respond to his trollacious claptrap.
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    Of course you are. Nice first post btw :rolleyes:

    @shangkhang I think I've made my point but you obviously have interest from people wanting to see your stock pics so I'd get those up in your next post
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    This thread is now about (fill in the blanks)
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  5. rpbb

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    this source takes being a douche to a whole new level. he stocks nothing, has no idea what he's shipping out, and is an asshole on top of it. i don't care if he takes pics of some mysterious inventory, it's all bullshit
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    Spot on. Just another asshat to laugh at
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    But a perfect source for ButtcrackBilly though ;)
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  8. Nutpuncher

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    The reason why I will not do business with you is because you said
    "Would you like to try yourself the business model you've smartly pointed out? I can do it. Everybody is welcome. I have nothing to hide, noth much to lose, and a lot to gain in the long term."

    I have a lot to lose. Your statement is careless.
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  9. rem03

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    As someone who relies heavily on the internet search engines for business, what your saying about SEO is true (links back to website rewards higher placement in search functions) but why are you trying to rank higher on search engines for something that is mostly illegal for clients to purchase. Wouldn't you want to stay low key and be off the radar to protect you and your potential clients. I would think a website would be more for reference than marketing for something like this.
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  10. D-Ballin

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    He takes fucking paypal. I doubt he's that worried about staying low key.

    For the record, I have no interest in vetting him, his stock pics, or anything else he has to offer. But somebody went and let him think he has a foot in the door. And he's already caught himself in one lie. There's a reason we do this. Better to have the info out there, than just giving him free advertising and a higher ranking on Google.

    Still waiting on that warehouse pic, mister pharmacy distributor.
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  11. shangkhang

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    I was referring to the business model (sending pills and being paid after they arrive to show trust). In case the prospective customer is a freeloader and doesn't pay, there is not much to lose on my side. Just a few pills and shipping costs. This was the meaning of the sentence. I don't know why you have a lot to lose, but good luck anyway.
  12. kap73

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    So you talk about business and marketing, yet u take orders and payment for products you dont have in stock?? Then hope your order comes thru so you can supply products to your clients.... Thats piss poor business if you ask me especially when this is an illegal transaction... No source or should i say proffesional trusted sourse would take payment for items out of stock..
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  13. shangkhang

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    Right. This is how it works:
    1. you place an order and pay me;
    2. I make a phone call and everything is delivered to me within 3-48 hours;
    3. order is packaged and shipped in another 24-36 hours. You receive a tracking number.
    Nobody keeps any large stock (apart from manufacturers, of course) for 2 obvious reasons:
    1. better to be liquid than having $$$ stuck in stock;
    2. fear of Police inspections. Before they used to harass pharmacies, now also distributors. They know who does what. They want bribes to leave things as they are.
    Everybody involved in pharma products (steroids, viagra, Kamagra, slimming pills, everything non FDA approved) , from street vendors of fakes to UG labs, has to pay the cops to stay in business. As raids are more and more common, nobody wants to be caught with hundreds of unlicensed products in stock. So things moves only when there is an order. Motorbike couriers deliver around Bangkok 24/7.
    Feel free to believe the above or call it bullshit. This is how I work and so far nobody has ever complained. I can assure you this is not the difficult part of the trade where you should be concerned.
  14. D-Ballin

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    Yep. A pharmacy distributor who buys on a retail scale. Believable. Supply chain logistics are pretty similar cross borders, regardless of your local tariffs and hush money. Your website's claims of being a pharmacy distributor is bogus.

    Furthermore, if you're doing such a legitimate business, where are the ancillary drugs? The BP and ED meds?

    I don't just call bullshit. I'm calling you a fucking liar. Which is one step away from thief and snitch in my book. You're nothing but a punk ass little reshipper with a slick mouth, desperately trying to get his foot in the market by marginally undercutting his competition.

    Bottom feeder.

    Any member thinking of ordering from this punk should carefully evaluate his line of bullshit. He does not check out. By any standard, on any board. This little cocksucker couldn't even get himself approved on reddit with this piss poor showing. He can't supply inventory pics because he has no inventory. Do the math on that. . .

    Choose your sources wisely gentleman. And bear in mind, he has a lot of competition. Who don't have all of these integrity and inventory issues.
  15. MindlessWork

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    Never mind a supplier with mental issues :rolleyes:
  16. VaginaShark

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    This pretty much sums it up.

    Just to add to it, he is actually a snitch by his own admission. Words that he deleted from his website after being called out on it.
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    The people here on Meso Rx stick together. This is something you won't find on any other board. If you aren't keeping it real, you don't stand a chance in hell.
  18. Flounder

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    Works for both sources and members. Good post BTW.
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    Great post and sums up the philosophy of this site well :)
  20. shangkhang

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    Great post. You have finally summarized the results of your vetting process and farted your final sentence. I suppose there is no appeal. You have warned the good members of the forum against shangkhang the Thai liar/scammer/etc etc. Now the forum is a safer place. Congratulations. I bet you feel good: you caught another criminal. Strangely enough, I keep receiving emails from people interested in my products, so everything is good on my side. So what happens now?