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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by shangkhang, Dec 10, 2015.

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    Dear All, it seems that everything I write here is ridiculed, attacked or misinterpreted, not by hundreds of people, but from the usual 5 or so "respectable members", who I refer as the Neo Nazi. Why Neo Nazi? Because they have granted to themselves the right of protecting this board from whoiever is perceived dangerous, stupid, whatever. I
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    So protecting the board from scammers & bathtub brewers is wrong? Lol gtfoh your pathetic...
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  3. VaginaShark

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    It might be the same ones speaking up against you, but rest assured, we're all in agreement that you're not welcome here
  4. MindlessWork

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    We all are laughing AT you Mr. Shangkhang...not WITH you. Get my drift? We don't want or need the placebos you are selling.
  5. bickel29

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    Personally, I think you are giving this "neo nazi" group you speak of too much credit. I do not think that they influence as many people as you think they do. There are plenty of us here who are capable of, and willing to, make up our own mind based on what we see and learn for ourselves.

    The "neo nazi" group you speak of are the vocal minority. However, there are hundreds of people that pass through here everyday that make up the silent majority. They are not as easily influenced by 5 people as you think they are.

    Are you not hearing from the silent majority? Are they not contacting you? Are they not ordering from you?
    Since that's obviously the case, I would chalk that up as a "you problem". Blaming potential customers for not becoming your customers is misplacing the blame. There is something about your product, price and place you are promoting it that is not yielding the results you are looking for. Again, that is a YOU problem.

    Blame the haters if you want. But your competition on true source boards are making sales every hour. Why aren't you? Is it your potential customers fault for not ordering - or your fault for not overcoming the obstacles to motivate them to buy?
  6. shangkhang

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    I realize a portion of this message was posted 30 minutes ago...I might have hit the wrong button...anyway, this is the entire message I was writing.

    Dear All, it seems that everything I write here is ridiculed, attacked or misinterpreted, not by hundreds of people, but from the usual 5 or so "respectable members", who I refer as the Neo Nazis. Why Neo Nazis? Because they have granted to themselves the right to protect this board from whoever they perceive dangerous, stupid, different, whatever. And that is OK, if done professionally, as moderators do. Unfortunately, there is a very thin line between genuinely help noobs and act as the Gestapo, attacking in the most violent way whoever doesn't fit with their views, avoiding any attempt of discussion and trying to run this board as a dictatorship. I suppose they misinterpreted the basic rules of this forum below:

    "The "Steroid Underground" forum is intended for members only to share good and bad experiences ordering anabolic steroids on the internet black market, to provide steroid source reviews, to share links and ask questions about third party websites selling steroids, to talk about underground labs (UGLs) and to report steroid scammers.
    You have my promise that no one will be protected from the truth.
    Opinions and experiences - good and bad - regarding steroid sources and underground labs (UGLs) will not be censored at all.
    Members will not be banned for anything that is said about sources."

    The Neo Nazis got this wrong and took it to a further level: no source can say anything, nobody can express views different from theirs, discussion about sources is discouraged, and the most common post one can read here is about hatred and/or racism, pure and simple. No freedom of expression, racism, hatred, verbal violence, censorship: reminds of Germany during the Third Reich.

    Some of the ultra violent replies I got in my previous thread clearly show these guys are not normal in the head: I mean, if the reaction is disproportionate to the alleged crime, something is dangerously wrong. A fine examples:

    "I would go to your parents house, walk in without knocking, not say anything, go straight to the bathroom, take a huge shit, not flush, wash my hands, dry them on someones personal towel, and gather your family to let them know that you suck."

    "fuck off and die"

    Anyhow, I can live with my personal shit storm, I'm used to it. I reply to the Neo Nazis only sometimes, just to bump the thread. But today I see other people joining my thread and adding their views, without barking insults; hence this long post.

    A few points I'd like to share:

    1. a few people have inquired by PM about what I do etc. So far I haven't met any "gear whores". I take this chance to inform all of you that I don't ship anything for free. So I don't sponsor gear whores. Never did. Gear whores are not welcome at my shop.

    2. the reason why I created the Neo Nazis nickname comes from some PMs I've got: people are interested in my services, buy very scared to inquire openly, because of the shit storm that will fall on them from the local Gestapo. So even established members are afraid to end up on the wrong side of the board and be attacked/ridiculed for talking to me. Censored boards suck? Sure. But this board is censored too, by the Neo Nazis, who have managed to create an atmosphere of fear. To reply to somebody who earlier mentioned open communications visible to all: I'm here in the open, willing to answer questions and explain what I do, and taking shit in the process: are you willing to discuss with me openly and join my shit storm? If yes, let's do it. If not, PM me.

    3. regardless of what Jaymaximus & Co believe, people are capable of using their brains and evaluate a new source. And test the product, the stealth shipping, and the overall service. They are forced to do it privately by PM and asked me to keep it confidential. So yes, Jaymaxiumus, I will never have anyone vouching openly for me, they are too scared of you! But this doesn't mean they are not buying from me. And this is something you and your Gestapo gang can't control or prevent, and that piss you off, does it not? I'm not here for the glory, like you, I'm here for the biz. So I keep selling discreetly and privately, you keep barking your hatred, and we'll be fine. Believe me: if my time spent here dealing with your shit did not yield any order, I would be long gone. It's the lack of interest in the business that scares away a source, not your pathetic replies to my threads.

    4. I always welcome any serious discussion about products, methods of payments, online marketing strategies, shipping, Thai UG labs. I will always reply to such inquiries. We can talk, we can disagree, we can share info. I think this is what a forum is for.

    Enough for today. I have orders to process...
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    Perhaps meso should setup a safe space like every college campus has done for you not to be triggered or feel threatened :rolleyes:.
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  8. CdnGuy

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    Well the people that you say are scared, are probably the one's getting burned! So that's their problem. You are trying to source on a non source board. And will continue to be so called "attacked" Enjoy man ;)
  9. mkulltra58

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    Damn! Does that mean I'm not getting the free gear I PM'd you about because I was too scared to post here??

    I'm just kidding. I follow everything those five Neo Nazis, as you call them say. Hey Jay, am I allowed to take a shit now because it's been three days and you haven't PMed me back??
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    These usual people are respected cus most of us don't wanna bother with your bullshit, but for these guys to take the time of their busy schedule to warn others. So yeah that's why everyone listens, they've been around and can sniff the bullshit in the air when it comes
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    I agree with the stupid part
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    Well put, bickel. It goes back to Sales 101 ;)
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  13. bickel29

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    Exactly. Using that old "4 P's" model we learned in high school business class, his "Place" is all wrong to begin with, although we have seen UGL's have success selling here. But you have to be on your game, and you have to be resilient.
    A current example of this is 24k.

    Blaming the naysayers and terming them Neo-Nazi's would be an example of the opposite of resilient! :rolleyes::rolleyes:
    It is weak minded, and a sign that you're dealing with an amateur. Experienced sources have their stuff together, and their spine intact.
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  14. MindlessWork

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    Yep, the successful sources here know their limitations in operating here but aren't attacking people because of it but managing things properly.
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  15. rpbb

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    than they get to sell a bunch of stuff with no cost for advertising. evidently, they think it's like the paid source boards and we should be kissing their ass or be banned
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  16. shangkhang

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    I disagree. They can't sniff anything, neither the good nor the bad. They have nothing constructive to add. But they surely make my threads entertaining, I give you that.
  17. Capt Forest

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    Post pics of your products with paper written on it with your meso name. This was requested of you previously and never done
  18. MindlessWork

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    Shankhang is signing up on other boards I noticed. Pathetic.
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  19. shangkhang

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    It's called online marketing and it's a part of SEO work to promote a website. What is needed is visibility (for people) and links (for search engines). That is why nowadays you need FB page, PInterest, forum links, B2B portal links and so on. Not to sell, just to have the link pointing at the website, regardless of the product. Only morons like you and your friends keep thinking I sell steroids on PInterest/FB/instagram and put real addresses and phone numbers. Not even LE are so stupid. The site is anonymously hosted. PP accounts receiving payments are all anonymous. What is pathetic is your lack of understanding of the procedures behind all this. You just see the surface.
  20. MindlessWork

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    What is pathetic is are marketing products that are worthless and wasting peoples money.