1. FutureMrO

    Bulking diet tips

    Okay so I'm doing a lean bulk! The end of my cut went like this got to 1750cals a day at 200p 120c 60f I was running low dosage of clen for 2-3 weeks and doing about 60 mins cardio 30 morning 30Pow! Iv started my test e cycle 500mg a week and bumped my cals to 2003 (still low I know) all Iv...
  2. Eman

    The Deconstruction of a SHW Powerlifter

    The Deconstruction of a SHW Powerlifter When I went to military school in the 1970’s, the school motto was, “The making of a cadet is the making of a man!” Now, in those days all I cared about is what I had to do to not get swats (getting your ass beat with a swat board) and the amount of...
  3. ATR713

    Eat healthy or just eat...?

    5'8 170lbs Stuck in a rut. I've always been a hardgainer and right now I'm at 3000-3500 calories a day and can't move the scale one bit. I've been eating pretty clean lately and am wondering since my metabolism is so damn fast should I just eat everything I can or atleast 3000 clean calories...
  4. YouKnowIRUN

    Calories to consume?? Newb question

    I want to put on as much muscle as possible, is there a certain calorie sweet spot that would let me gain all the muscle I want and little to no body fat?? I eat 3000 cals on a natty bulk! THANKS
  5. Rock119

    Would like to make a comeback transformation..

    My teenage years I was about 400+lbs until I hit 17 and decided to drop some weight. I did it naturally. Took me 8 months. I hate nothing but turkey burgers and dropped down to 250lbs. At 250 I took a little juice (anadrol, winny, anavar)for 3 weeks which got me so muscular I decided that it was...
  6. Abac80

    Diet - advice and reviews needed

    Hey guys. In the middle of a cut and not really seeing any progress. What was working for a while has somewhat plateaued, I'll put all my stats, training, and nutrition info below. I know my shit, and it has worked well for sometime now (23%bf at 230lbs to 14% at 210) but just anything you feel...
  7. IronTagger

    Asking for Vet advice on custome diet.

    (Thread title supposed to be "custom diet" as opposed to "custome diet") I am 32 years young, 5'11 and 185lbs. I wish I could tell you my bf composition but I havent got an exact number, however, based on pics of other dieters I would say I am around 15%. I am running test e, and tren ace...
  8. Abac80

    Anavar & Diet questions

    I know there is a lot of information on these forums already, and I have done tons (months) of research before posting this. However, my situation is a bit unique so it is difficult to compile others' logs/experiences/posts into something that will be relevant to mine. I am 25 years old, 6'2...
  9. mafaon

    Looking To Start My First Cycle With Less Than 3 Months Experience in the Gym

    OK so I'm gonna be straight up with you guys. Before you lay into me, just please bear in mind I'm not looking for anyone's validation. I am prepared for whatever scrutiny this community has to offer. This is my story: I'm a 28 yr old black dude. For all my life I've been the thin weak nerdy...
  10. J

    New start diet with Var (eq?, Clen?) questions

    I have a personal trainer and have been working with him for over a year. I compete in golf competitions and am looking to cut my 30% body fat in half as well as gain muscle and an awesome physique/abs!! I have not really seen a big difference in my body as I am still hovering between 27-30%...