1. S

    First Cycle: EQ 300mg/Test Mix 500mg

    Hello, im new to this forum, im new to AAS too. However i have done my research on AAS and i think im ready to start my first cycle. I am looking to bulk and maintain a good appetite - hence why EQ is in this cycle. I will cycle for 10 weeks (pinning every monday, max 3ml @first 2 wks), and i...
  2. C

    PCT Testosterone cyptionate only

    First off, I'm 18, lifting for about 2 years and 8 months, I know this is not recommended for anyone under 25, consider this me just educating myself on the subject, if i was to consider a 12 week testosterone cypionate cycle (inject) of 500mg per week, (250 twice) what side effects post cycle...
  3. FutureMrO

    How longs a test e vial last

    Iv got 2 test e vials they're 10ml 250mg I'm doing 500 a week 2cc how many weeks will It last? 5 weeks?
  4. BigSky

    Is it really that easy?

    So iv been doing a lot of research on this topic because I figure at one point it will be better to brew my own because I'll know exactly what it is and it will not be under doses or bunk, unless I get schemed on the raws. But is it really as easy as I think it is Mix BA and raws, and BB if...
  5. KingAlfred

    PCOS any way to lower T besides birth control?

    My sister has PCOS and says birth control gives her heart palpitations or something. That is the most common treatment so what I'm wondering is if there is anything to lower Testosterone. The research I've done all seems that testosterone is much harder to control than estrogen where you can...
  6. thebulk420

    2nd cycle advice

    Hi guys, I just started my 2nd cycle last week after being off for around 11months, it looks like this... Week 1-10-200mgs test mon+thurs Week 1-4- 20mgs turinabol (test 400 so mixed esters) Now, i have a little pre-existing gyno from my last cycle (i was on cycle for around 20weeks while not...
  7. The Roman

    Am I Screwed?

    I'm 21 now, turning 22 at the beginning of next year. I hopped on gear a couple months after my 18th birthday (because stupidity) and have been blasting and cruising since (cruising a bit more than blasting). Planning on commissioning in the marine reserves once I get my degree and I obviously...
  8. S

    15 week test e/EQ cycle with blood work results

    Ran my cycle at 750mg/wk test e with 600mg/wk of eq. Split my shots into sun/wed and took arrimidex mostly around 1mg daily. Gear I was using was Logics, local around my area. My stats: Height 6'4, Starting weight was 207lbs and finishing weight was 218. My goal was to add some lean size which...
  9. 213

    new to the board, glad to be here:

    what's up folks- newbie here. 25, 6'0', 230lbs @ 28% bf, working on it. currently 1 hour of fasted cardio 5x/week. PPL 2x/week. 2400 kcal- 220p 200c and 70f (bmr ~2000kcal, tdee 2800kcal) considering a PSMF because I respond well to low-carb dieting/have had success with it in the past...
  10. bmanstrong

    Help! Is this normal?

    I've been on TRT for 3 years now. 200mg wk. My TRT doctor is really cool and knows his stuff. Here's the thing, he writes me a prescription every six months and I only see him twice a year. He writes his prescriptions to allow me to refill up to 6 times each prescription. That's one refill a...
  11. Tom

    Test Base price from Toronto

    Anyone who has purchased Test Base from the company, called "Toronto"? Their email is torresch@interlog.com It happens to know their price of Test Base is USD110/5g and USD880/50g.
  12. Thesauceboss

    Tren and test ratio

    Just womdering what your guys's thoughts are on a dosing tren enanthate at 600mg ew and test enanthate at 400mg ew? Considering switching it up this time.
  13. Mr.Pazloe

    PIP FREE Injections. A Beginner's Guide

    Whatsup bros. Pazloe here. This is my intro post. It is long but will be very beneficial to new lifters and cyclists. There is substance here so stick it out and it will definitely be worth the time you put in reading it. I’ve been lurking in the bushes across the street, stalking you all for...
  14. J

    Need advice

    My 4th week of my 12 week first cycle starts Monday - this is my routine Monday: Chest Tuesday: Back Wednesday: Legs Thursday: Shoulders Friday: Bis Tris Saturday off Sunday off My arms are lacking, if you guys could maybe offer a new routine for me that u think would be good id appreciate it...
  15. Kobrah

    Is 500mg /ml Test even possible ???

    I've been told by "The guys at the gym" that it isn't possible to get 500/mg in a CC of test, and that if it was possible anything over 300ish would fucking hurt. I tried to research it just out of curiosity.. Here's the only real links that have people actually talking about it. Would love to...
  16. Romero

    Testosterone Enanthate (Test E) + Turinabol (Tbol) Cycle

    Testosterone Enanthate, Turinabol Cycle Hey guys, I'm going to write a detailed log of my progression whilst on cycle. Cycle Testosterone Enanthate (Prochem) - Weeks 1 - 2 (300mg) (Low dose to get my body used to it)...
  17. Romero

    Cycle log and discussion: Testosterone Enanthate, Turinabol and DNP

    Testosterone Enanthate, Turinabol Cycle with DNP Hey guys, I'm going to write a detailed log of my progression whilst on cycle. Cycle Testosterone Enanthate (Prochem) - Weeks 1 - 2 (300mg) To get my body used to it. Two shots a week Weeks 3 - 10 (500/600mg) Two shots a week Turinabol Week 2 -...
  18. Big pump

    M4bteam test cyp250 review (fake)

    Ok everyone about me. 39 yr old, 5'11" 210 lb bf%? 3 aas cycles 15 yrs on/off working out Normal test levels are in the 800s while No recent blood work it's done every six months when I visit my doctor. Cycle Weeks 1-12 Test cyp 800mg week Weeks 4-10 Tren ace 400mg week I've been on Trt...
  19. T

    First cycle, adding a compound

    Hello guys, doing my first steroid cycle next week. Stats: 75kg 1.72cm tall ~12% bf Lift: Bench 120kg x3 Deadlift 180x1 Squat 140x5 Diet on point, 200g protein a day, on a cut id eat 200g carbs, or i would adjust accordingly to how im feeling. Ill be doing 100mg test p EOD. Got nolvadex just...
  20. T

    Testim working, but thinking of shots.

    I've been using Testim, with good results, for 8 years now. I switched to the generic Testim last year because my insurance wouldn't cover brand Testim. My last TT was 720 (Labcorp 348-1197) using 1/2 tube daily of the generic. It was 979 on 1/2 tube of brand Testim. The reason I'm thinking of...