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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by opti, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. Shyster

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    I'll be pulling a serum test within the next few days, maybe Monday at the latest. Following up with an igf-1 test couple weeks later.
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  2. Wood4days

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    We can compare both yours and @penche

    If all goes will I’m placing my orders for a couple kits.

    Thanks guys for doing this
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  3. opti

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    @penche, @BrianNOLA70065, and @Shyster I look forward to your results. If you guys don't mind, when you post your blood results for igf could you also let us know what AAS-cycle you are on?

    Excellent points @bolder, thank you for taking the time in giving me your opinion. I appreciate the kind words and will definitely take this into consideration. You gentleman have any preference in regards to the two testing sources available to us in the steroid lab testing forum?
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  4. taco33150

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    Get Er done ..
  5. taco33150

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    Still using that screen name aren’t ya
  6. movingiron88

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    Better watch yourself. @BrianNOLA70065 is a badass on the keyboard. You might not want to get on his bad side. From what he says, he is pretty much the toughest guy on the internet.
  7. taco33150

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    If he is I know where to find him
  8. eje1990

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    Man... You guys got me wanting to try some HGH
  9. Xragexx

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    Totally should @eje1990
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  10. penche

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    All the cool kids are doing it! Lol but by the looks of your shredded legs I think you’re good my dude!
  11. Shyster

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    Pack landed, packaged nicely. 3 day T/A. Comms on point, will be pulling serum test on Monday. igf-1 couple weeks later. Thanks @opti
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  12. Got my kit from opti. Getting igf 1 bloods on the 14th will post results 20181228_191007.jpg

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  13. opti

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    Looking forward to your results @Shyster & @BrianNOLA70065.
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  14. Wood4days

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    Can’t wait to see the bloods
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  15. Fecalhead

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    Thanks brother! Unbelievable, coin to post office within 5 hrs with tracking.
    I have a good feeling about this transaction.
    None of that I have it in stock crap and have to wait a month because the stock is actually in China but going to reship domestic bullshit!
    Wishing you the best brother to a fruitful future
    I know I’ve never really posted here before but I’ve been in the forms for a long time.
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  16. MiaRage22

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    I’d also like to try some, but those everyday pins..... :eek:
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  17. bolder

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    Way easier to pin hgh everyday then short esters cycles lol. For me anyway.
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  18. Xragexx

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    Slin pin to the belly is nothing like an AAS cycle
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  19. Wood4days

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    HGH is so easy to pin. I pinned everyday for a year.

    Tiny ass needles
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  20. MiaRage22

    MiaRage22 Member

    How big are your pins tho? I've used 1/2" slin pins for delts, although it's nothing crazy I still don't know how I feel about pinning those everyday lol.... Is the belly the only spot?
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